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Blogroll, Schmogroll, ok here it is.


Sneha - Suicide help and intervention.
Swayam - Ending violence against women.
Jagori - Lifelines.
Narika - Domestic abuse help.
Rahi - Helping women survivors of incest and abuse.
Tulir - Child abuse FAQ.

Categories! Whee!

Yay! I have categories! I can now feed my anal-ness to the hilt. Oh, the joy.

And yeah, you want to browse posts by category?

Here you go!

+ Being brown

+ Cultural craphola

+ Exasperation

+ Feminisms

+ I want me some alcohol

+ I will call this a 'meme'

+ Manic template change-ings

+ Moral policing

+ Parables of pubescence

+ Random shitiness

+ Say wha?