Reaching a blah point in life

I know I may sound redundant, Im only 21, but have you ever felt that you've reached this point in your life( actually Ive reached this point several times) where you feel like a machine? There's nothing to look forward to, and youre just going through the motions? I've been feeling like this for the past few weeks, like Im falling through a bottomless chasm of boredom. I watched two movies with my roommate over the weekend in the hopes of bringing my spirits up. As I have a taste for bollywood as well as kollywood movies which are mediocre, I rented the two most mediocre movies I could think of "Siskiyaan" and "Dil Jo Bhi Kahey", but even I wasn't ready for this medieval form of torture I was going to put myself through. I like horribly made movies cos' they make me laugh, but I wasn't ready for the mentally agonising after effects of watching these films.

Where do I start? Let me start with "Siskiyaan". My first question is why is Neha Dhupia still acting? The premise of the story is that a doctor in a relief camp rapes this woman for three days nonstop, that too fourteen times! And the joke is that she is blindfolded so she dosent recognize him by his voice but she can recognize him by his smell! And his beautiful reason for raping her was she was the wife of a sucessful journalist so he wanted to show that he could prove something to rich successful people like that, by raping her. I didnt know whether to cry or to laugh. What kind of premise is this for a movie? A woman identifies her rapist by smell or whatever, and Im sitting here..watching this BS and thinking; isnt this an insult to raped women? Here are these two bad actors Neha Dhupia and Sonu Sood, making a mockery of a sensitive issue like rape, what was the director thinking? Anyway I got through that joke of a movie and I said to myself that "Dil Jo Bhi Kahey" should be better, but I was sadly mistaken as I put myself (and my poor roommate) through another joke of a movie.

" Dil Jo Bhi Kahey" didnt have a bad story - aaah who am I kidding, it was horrible. All I have to say about this movie is that SOMEONE SHOULD BAN THAT CREATURE (THE HERO), permanently from acting.

I actually ended up rolling with laughter looking at this poor guy trying to act cool and everything and suddenly I was gripped with a sense of deja vu. He looked like a fake Shahid Kapoor! Shahid Kapoor himself is a D Grade actor but I actually missed his acting skills while watching this movie.

I do have an early christmas party to go to next week so hopefully I can get out of this rut of boredom Im stuck in (or get drunk or something). So adios for now.


Anonymous said...

you are just burned out try some sun and have a cup of hot chocolate. And little exercise never hurts. If nothing then party and sleep like a log.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I know I went to the christmas party and I feel much better now..............thanks!

FJ said...

I find 2 things really surprising :
1. U watched this movie!!!
2. And you have blogged abt it!!!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Ha Ha Ha!
I know talk about being bored!