My ambitious attempts at making New Year Resolutions( which will probably last for.........well two weeks at the most)

I've always found New Year resolutions to be a little lame, just because I do not have the strength to keep them, and I falsely convince myself that I can keep a resolution at any time of the year and I do not need the New Year as an excuse to make a resolution. But as we all know we find ourselves making resolutions or atleast sifting through a few possibilities as the New Year arrives. A few common resolutions which I have made enthusiastically, and broken quite predictably within a few weeks, in the past few years are:
1. Lose 20 pounds in two months( how unrealistic.......I have unsuccessfully resolved to do this time and time again and failed so many times, that I force it out of my mind even if it worms its way into my brain as one of my resolutions)
2. Get over my frog-o-phobia(Yes I fear frogs, and you can stop snickering now)
3. Get over my acquired squid-o-phobia( after I got squirted in the face with squid ink, don't ask, I don't want to re-live the trauma)
4. Cut my hair as short as Annie Lennox( look at the pic for reference). Unfortunately I couldn't even consider this without fearing for my life. I can just imagine the look on my mom's face, turning a shade of putrid green(in terrific anger) before she executes her diabolic plans of murder( The victim: me, of course) .

So these are the resolutions I "try" to make year after year in vain. Maybe next year, I will get over my fear of frogs or Ranidaphobia as only a science nerd( which is what I am) would know. Or maybe I'll face death, brandishing my sword of recklessness and cut my hair..............only time will tell.