Abhor, hate, animus, loath, detest

I have decided to walk down a path I scarcely tread: The RANDOM post.

Somehow even when Im not talking about serious issues....my posts are NEVER random. I always have a focus, some focus, however frivolous it may be.
Come to think of it, even this post has some form of direction!

Well well ramblings aside......isnt it time I took a break from feminism? From religion? From politics? From patriarchy?........
I know I get very edgy and restless. There are things which irk me, and blogging is like a barf bag. Some issues are like vomit, they make my stomach churn and my brain numb and I need a symbolic ‘brown bag’ to get the feeling of squirming unease out of my system, and therefore I blog.

Nauseating analogies aside, I have decided to succumb to yet another TAG by Manish (again).

This time I have to list the things I hate.

Oh boy, this is what I need.

So lets go off the deep end, shall we?

1. I hate frogs. I think they should be eradicated from the face of this earth. They are slimy, with horrifically bulbous eyes, disgusting hind limbs, and some of them have bright colors(yeech!). And yet the horror doesn’t end there. They JUMP. They leap at you when you least expect it, all lumpy and green(or other colors) and gooey and UGH! I think I should stop now. I don’t want to traumatize myself.

2. I hate sari’s. Yes yes, I am an Indian ‘naari’….how can I not like sari’s? Oh what blasphemy! The sari is so elegant and it is traditional, blah blah…… I know. So spare me the lecture and hear me out will ya?
It happened when I was in India about two years ago. I had come down to India for my cousin’s marriage and I was forced to wear a sari. Not that it looked bad on me or anything *AHEM*.........but I was mighty uncomfortable. A sari is SO revealing! Girls I repeat, a sari is the most revealing outfit you can wear. It reveals your waist, your navel, parts of your cleavage *ahem* *ahem*, and your back!
So getting back to the story, my family had left earlier, leaving me and my sister behind because being young frivolous girls that we are, we took almost three hours getting ready, so we(my sis and I) decided to go to the marriage just in time for the muhurat. My parents had taken the car, so we decided to take an auto( I know.....I know.....don’t ask).
As soon as we get into the auto, the auto driver strategically adjusts his rear view mirror, so as to try and sneak looks at us.
We tried our level best to ignore him, but as he started giving us more and more lascivious looks, I just couldn’t take it anymore, the situation became too appalling for me to ignore so I yelled “road a pathu otunga!”
Translation: "Will you PLEASE look at the road and drive!"
He thankfully stopped looking, but our relief was short-lived. He then proceeded to hum the most crass, loathsome song I’ve ever heard “adadaa halwa thundhu iduppu! won iddupu!” over and over again.
Tanslation: “ahahahaha your hips are like halwa! Your hips are like a piece of halwa!”
At that point I lost it. I yelled at the top of my lungs for him to stop, by which time a few passers by had stopped as well. So thankfully he stopped and the marriage hall was at the end of the road, so we decided to walk.
Unfortunately a few road romeos proceeded to follow us, whistling and gesturing obscenely, so by the time we reached the marriage hall, we were a wreck, we had had enough of sari’s and the male species ( I was craving a martini pretty badly at that point!).
I have never EVER been eve-teased this badly when I’m in a pair of jeans.
That’s when I decided, that a sari is the worst garment on earth. And my war with the sari began.

3. I hate sugar and chocolates.( don’t gasp in shock).

4. Serena William’s butt. I HATE IT. for some of you sorry beings who think I’m jealous, PUH-LEASE. Having a nice butt a la J-Lo is one thing, but having a butt with a life of its own is alarming. Look at it:

It looks as if she’s incongruously stuffed a pillow in her tennis outfit as a butt pad.
It’s like every time she tries to sit down, her poor butt screams for mercy.
I hate it.

5. I hate fake people, so called ‘holier than thou’ girls, and guys who treat girls like cattle or sex machines.

6. Patriarchy. (no surprises here).

7. Gender wars. You might be surprised there. you might think Oh My God.....she who talks of women’s rights, patriarchy and gender inequalities, how can she say that?
Let me elucidate:
Gender wars usually run along these lines:
Men are greater than women.
Women are superior to men.
I believe in neither. I think both points are crap. I am what you call a neo-feminist.
I believe in equality of the sexes. Equal rights for men and women; socially, economically and politically. Is that too much to ask? I dont think so.
And that is why I hate gender wars.

8. Emraan Hashmi. Of all the filthy, lecherous, wanton, raunchy creatures in Bollywood, he is the most obscene. The worst thing about him is his
" I-want-to-lick-you-all-over-and-your-mama-too" expression. I know hes an actor, and I know he's MADE to act that way. But still. *SHUDDERS*.

9. Bappi Lahiri. Oh where do I begin? Do I talk about his 700 chins and all the gold which adorns it? Do I talk about his third rate music the likes of which are "You are my chicken fry...you are my fish fry!"...? Do I talk about his atrocious attempts at pop music?
Do I? Do I? I rest my case.

10. I absolutely detest Indian politicians who turn on women, everytime there's a serious problem to focus on in the state. For example look at the Kushboo controversy, when Tamilnadu was blamed for the alarming rise in AIDS cases...PRESTO! Find a scapegoat, which is Kushboo in this case, stir a controversy and voila! Everybody forgets about AIDS. Another example: There was a huge problem in Maharashtra a little while ago, with constant power outtages and the state government was repeatedly being blamed for it. So what do they do? Focus on the girls in the dance bars instead! Create a controversy without focusing on the issue in hand, and yayy! Issue avoided!
Women are always used as scapegoats for covering up a government's inadequacies.....when will this ever end? .............*SIGH*.

Thats my hate list. Let me tell you...........it was freakin hard to reduce it to ten points and I am mighty proud of myself that I could do it.........*Pats herself on the back*.

I am not going to add to someone elses misery by tagging them :-), so if youre one of those strange creatures who wanna be tagged.....I am making this an open TAG. Go on TAG yourself if ya want to.

Post Script: On a totally unrelated topic:
People! Make some Blank noise!
So, here's something interesting:
The Blank noise project deals with eve-teasing and the abuse of women. They're hosting a BLOG-A-THON to mark their one year foray into the blogworld, by increasing awareness and by helping us stay angry about the ever persistent evil of street harassment/eve teasing.
So PUH-LEASE join the initiative peeps, and for more info as to what to do and how to join click on their name(above) and MAKE SOME NOISE!


Idull Boy said...

haha...serena william's butt...hilarious...although must agree,has a life of its own...but still couldnt see how the post was random...

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Exactly! Dont you see??? I started off by saying it was random but I realised that it definitely had direction!:)

Idull Boy said...

i got thrown off by the "I have decided to walk down the path scarcely followed thing"...i didnt realise that you realised so the realization that your realisation had occured did not occer to me...pretty lame comment..oh well :-p

FJ said...

hate list was too good..except for the frogs..poor little creatures..humans need to be bit more considerate..especially the sari story..ha ha..another one of those contradictions in India..

Negative Creep said...

You do not insult BappiDa.. OMG!!!111 BAPPIDA IS TEH GOD!!!1!!1


Good post...

Although J Lo does NOT have a good butt...

kaushik said...

hey. first time here..
nice hate list...
frogs? i would include all the reptiles, yuck, from the lizard on the wall to those snakes...just cant tolerate them
serena williams: hate the whole package. i have a category for serena and venus: "animals" tennis. hate everythin about them..
chennai autos: hate them. not for the reasons u said, but because they ask arbit rates and give even more shittier reasons for asking those arbit rates
politicians: kuch bolne ka hi nahi hai!!

great post!!

Prmod Bafna said...

Loool lovely hate list! found serena williams' butt quite funny! loooool! wonder how i never noticed that :p

Vikram H said...

lol...lol...lol...Alva thundu iduppu! Man tat was so funny! And yeah i too agree that the sari is one of the most revealing outfits!

And i never even once guessed that u were from chennai! :O

ada-paavi!!!! said...

tht was an entertainin read, nice list,

the thingbut the saree i agree, frogs mottum irukku, wht bout worms etc??

Negative Creep said...

I thought of writing something like this. started it off too. but then i realised it'd take me the better half of a week to complete and i'm not THAT vella.

confused said...

Good list..I enjoyed it...

Frogs...I hate snakes too...I hate every creature which is slimy ...

Sari...how can you hate it? Its revealing...sexy.....so whats wrong? You cant hate a dress jsut because of one autowaalah....its the most elegant dress invented.period

@ Serena's butt...lollll nice observation I must say...but i guess I dont really follow her too much...

@ gender wars...cool I am happy to note you are not a venom spewing man hating ...blah blah but believe in equality..fair enufff

@ Emraan haashmi....lol....come on..he has kissed more gals onscreen than most men manage offscreen in a life time!!!! but ye I dt like him too..infact hate his movies...lucky bastard if u ask me ..lol


Anna said...
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Freaky Chakra said...

"ur thighs are like halwa" - wow, dint know they cud ever write songs like that... hahhaha!!

"Serial Kisser" - did u know Emraan wore that tee in his last movie & it was supposedly the USP for the flick!! (wow)

& lastly, u like J-LO's butt!!?? Crap, cant stand that female. It's one thing if fans are obsessed wth it... but her music videos & her slutty adjustin panty acts... crap!!

it's like... "come-hither, see-how-hot-my-latino-butt-is" written all across her face (yecch)

Anna said...

@confused.. sari is not just one of the most revealing dresses.. its also one of the most uncomfortable ones.. and so disconcertingly 'airy'... donno if you'll get my drift...

great post.. tho, i must say.. i hate chennai's lecherous male population more than i hate saris...
and i so totally hate number 5 as well... especially the first part...
and i didn't just gasp at number 3... i was shocked speechless... how can you hate chocolates?:-(

9:34 AM

tilotamma said...

Yo! I hate candy and choclates too not to speak of the setting-my-teeth on edge
Desi sweets!!

Saris - I just look bad in them :-), so I hate those and someone always has to help me wear one.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@Idull boy: Hah! Good to know you got the gist:)

@ Venkat: Thank you! Thank you!

@ Negative creep: Lol!!! I thought that J-los butt was a better butt than Serena Williams any day, even if it is freakin huge...atleast it looks like its part of her body:-)

@ Kaushik: Welcome to the turf! And thanks!

@ XfreakX: Lol..thanks! And keep visiting!

@ Vikram: didnt you? I was born and raised in Chennai, but Ive been in the states for the past 6 to 7 years.:)

@ Ada paavi!: Worms are kinda ok, I can live with them, but I cant even look at a frog! UGH!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ confused: ha ha ha.......if you envy Emraan Hashmi.....well may the force be with you....lol:-)

@ Freaky Chakra: Yea a song like that exists! Disgusting isnt it! And again J-los' butt atleast looks like its part of her body....not like Serena's butt which looks like a lower life form...lol

@ Anna: I second that! A sari is not only revealing it is the MOST uncomfortable outfit ever.
And yes I hate suger and chocolates for the exact reasons Tilo mentioned....cant stand them:).

@ Tilo: ha ha ha. I cant wear a sari either! I need someone to tie it for me! Sheesh...why bother:)

kuttichuvaru said...

tat was a nice hate list!! Serena's butt....... lol!! I personally like women in sarees, well, not for the revealin part, but never knew it was so uncomfy.....

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Sari's are so uncomfortable....they constantly feel like theyre gonna fall apart!.....UGH:)

confused said...

@ Anna

I guess I like seeing gals in Sari...maybe you guys are right...it might be uncomfortable...Have to believe what comes from horses mouth lol...

@ Megha

Nawww... I dont envy Hashmi...Just think he is one lucky bastard. Means the same?...maybe ..check my nick...I am officialy confused...

I dont like his movies because they are crap...Hashmi or no Hashmi..unfortunately porn of either soft or hard variety has never attracted me...only time I ever watched a porn movie..in college..I lasted about 3 minutes before I almost puked..

Vincent said...

I hate sugar too especially when copious amounts are added to a glass of plain milk? yuck!! No sugar in my milk, thank you!

.. but I love chocolates !! Come on!! Very few things come close to a Snickers bar.

Vincent said...

confused - "unfortunately porn of either soft or hard variety has never attracted me"

dude, really? :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Exactly...I hate sugar in milk, or coffee actually...I drink my coffee black with no milk and no sugar....

And in my freshman year...I was addicted to snickers. I used to have bout three bars a day. That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I used to starve otherwise. But then one day it hit me that I hated it, hated the sight, the gooeyness, the smell. And i stopped eating chocolates after that.
I dont mind really dark bitter chocolate though....;)

Ajay said...

hate serena williams' butt?..i hate her altogether...

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Yea I gotta agree with you on that.
and about the books Ajay, I read a lot and I read very fast.
I can finish a 1000 page book in two days max. MAX. And I dont read continuously....give or take 5 hours a day.
I kinda got it from my mother actually she reads like a machine!

Dawdler said...

Hate list with a reason,.... I find it hard enuf to think abt reasons y i hate stuff... still pretty hot one at that..

Anonymous said...

Well for all the randomness in the world u managed to keep the i hate list to ten! Great effort...Mine would be in tens of thousands!

I cant say i hate that butt im kinda jealous, man those glutes... imgine how much weight she can sqaut! and neg creep hates J lo's rear end.. that boy has issues!

I had no idea who the emraan dude was and all i can say is he looks kinda gay!

and i agree on the sugar and chocolates bit.. way too many calories...

i better get back to my books... adios amiga

have a nice day

confused said...

Yo Vincent

Believe it or not...Whats there to like in them? I mean how can you enjoy the same ''action'', the same grunts (know they are supposed to be orgasmic) for hours?

I have nothing against them...I just enjoy them like some people dt enjoy chocs...fact of life...


Marc said...

//Whats there to like in them? I mean how can you enjoy the same ''action'', the same grunts (know they are supposed to be orgasmic) for hours?//

first of all, there have been a lot of new releases in various genres of porn since the first movie you watched in college. some even have storylines. as I understand, you don't like hard or soft porn, none of the MMS scandals interested you, not even the leaked celeb tapes and you have never browsed porn on the internet... basically any video of the nude male and female form engaged in sexual congress on screen repulses you? is that what you're saying?

//"same ''action'', the same grunts "??// i'm sorry you feel that way about it man. is that your idea about real-life sex too?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Ummm can we NOT have a PORN discussion here. Please.
Thank you.

Ajay said...

5 hrs...seems a lot to me...me a lazy reader...

Sridhar said...

hmmm a list of things you hate... my take on them..
1)frogs!!! I hate anything smaller than a pup and larger than an elephant. frog legs are a goan delicacy though...never tasted it(am a veggie).

2)I love sarees for the same reason you hate them... they are soo revealing, adds a tinge of sensuality to the persona of women.

3)I am totally neutral abt food ... give me any crap.. burnt,spoilt but veggie, i'll have it.

4)serena?? who is she :P

5)I hate fake people too and its a total turn off... like the girls who order a salad.

6 & 7) no comments :P i dont wanna get thrashed

rest of the points dont bother me.they dont exist in my world.

and the PS... I would give my right hand to get eve teased :P

the wannabe indian punkster said...

He he Sridhar, wise decision on 6 and 7....lol!
And would you? for the P.S.....wait let me call some of my friends....:P

confused said...

@ Marc

Thats what exactly what I am saying..and ye for the last time I have NEVER browsed porn on the internet..is that a big deal? And since I dont keep myself updated on the ''latest'', I have no idea if they have a story line...You might know better...

About celebrity stuff, only thing I ever watched was Kareens's video because someone sent it to me...seemed morphed to me

I would have thought there was some difference between on screen and off screen... or on screen is what you propose to do for the rest of your life?

I had no intention of sparking off a porn discussion here but I dont get whats wrong if I dont enjoy it..afterall I am not passing any judgment on anyone...please refrain from passing one on me...I could argue with you all night but this is not my space and I have to respect the blow owners' viewpoint.

Discussion closed from my side.

@ Megha

Just thought I should clarify myself for the last time...
My bad

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ confused: thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for observing my butt. Now I have more fans to see me, and not my game..!!

I hate all buttless people!! :-)

Butty aur bublee,
Serena "butt" williams

Deepti said...

Awesome post!! I like sarees ..but u are right.. ppl to tend to lech like crazy when you wear one!! The worst part of it all is that self defense is a little bit of a dicey thing, what with the fear that it just might slip off!!! And the politicians.. oh yeah... I wish RDB were reality with most of 'em ..No correlation..but it reminds of this Arjun movie I think I saw a long time back.. in which any lawyer who took up the case of a criminal would be shot dead..so slowly the law fraternity stops representing 'em and then crime is eliminated from TN 'cause politicans and criminals knowing that henceforth they would be made accountable for their actions!!! Wierd correlation.. I know !!As for creatures I hate.. add cockroaches, beetles, moths, ladybirds, catterpillars, worms, moths , butterflies... the list never ends!!! :( :( *sigh*

Nahuatl said...

Hey there!

Liked ur list, in fact, noted some missing points in my life :PP

But hey, why do u detest saari if idiots eve tease u? I think, every new kind of dress will make u feel uncomfortable for first few times. But then, its ur opinion.. u think. I think saari makes a woman look more graceful. Revealing? Talk abt revealing dresses =)) I can chat so much :DDD

AND THAT BAPPI da puppy.. I don't like his music, let alone him.

Vasu the terrible said...

I swear... I was lauging my heads off... you have a very very refined sense of humour.. the bappi lahri bit is a bit too much for me to handle.. I am not going to read your post henceforth unless I am really depressed or something.. cos I cant handle incessent laughter..

just a point of order. Though I am not prone to too much "butt worship" Serena's butt is interesting... I swear you cant ignore such things when they play on a court. Whoever says, I watch women's tennis for the competition is a liar.. Whom are we kidding ? Why do you think so many people are sania's fans ? why ? why ? why ? Having said that, I dont pay too much of a big deal about physical assets of a woman. It does catch my eye, but thats just momentary.. Unlike a saree or like a saree a lot can be hidden and projected as per needs. The real deal all across the world is kind of on the same levels..

I was just told about the underwire conspiracy in tee-bras... Is it really true ??

cheating... cheating...


Negative Creep said...

//AND THAT BAPPI da puppy.. I don't like his music, let alone him.//

You do not insult the BappiDa. BappiDa is kvlt. he make cool music that make me wanna shake my body. He also rip-off half of the american music industry and then sue 50 cent for stealing his music. He tr00 representative of OUR NATIONAL music scene. You desh drohi. you shut up.

Bleh, i'm bored...

And then there's the guy who doesn't like porn. i mean dude, seriously??

ashok said...

hate 4 made me laugh like hell..cheers

ashok said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Anon AKA Serena: OMG sorry Serena.......but I did you a favor didnt I? Now people are forced to look at your hideous butt.:D

@ Deepti: Thanks! And I kinda see where youre going with the co-relation.....:)

@ Nayan: Ha ha Bappi Da never quits does he?:)

@ Vasu: Ha ha thanks! And about the underwire thingie.....*my mouth is sealed*.

@ Negative creep: You have been crowned as Bappi's number 1 fan!

@ Ashok: Thank you!

Jim said...

Maybe this is why sarees are so popular in sex-starved, jobless-freak laden India.

Bappi... just the name gives me hives.

Snickers? That's not chocolate! More like "processed chocloatey-peanuty-gooey product". You may change your mind after a couple of hundred Lindt liqueur fills... but it may not be an entirely conscious decision.

Good going, you got folks like Sridhar quaking in fear. Neo-feminist? Hmpf! Men and women are equal. Yes, I agree. Now go make me a sammich, wench!

Sriram Ramamurthy said...

Hey Megha I think ur opinions abt the 'Saree' is very biased. I just have a few questions

In one of ur previous posts titled drunked debauchery and yada yada yada.... u described ur attire as 'clubbing finery; ironed hair, makeup, halter tops, skirts...the works', What do u think ur desi fellows and partyholics were trying to do?? expressing brotherly love??

They were obviously giving u lascivious looks and what do u think is more teasing? staring at u thro a rear view mirror or trying to gain ur direct attention and tapping on your shoulder every 5 minutes, making u scream and gulp a tequila to forget it.

I hope u dnt take it seriously. I just want to tell you that these freaks in the club r no better than those road side romeos and auto drivers, it's just tht we have tuned ourselves to have fixed opinions.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ jim...hah ha ha LOL! After YOU make me dinner, Ill think about makin you your sammwich, precious!

@ Sriram: dude seriously, what is up with the comparisons? I never said those guys are better then these guys.....I didnt even mean to compare!
And how can you say my opinion is biased on the saree? Its MY opinion and thats how I feel about the saree. I think Im entitled to have personal likes and dislikes?I did not say "all Indian women hate sarees!". And yes a saree is very revealing, whichever way you look at it. Check out the other comments from the girls, they have all agreed with me.
So it might be elegant to the EYE.
But not to the wearer.
And please dont say older women wear a saree, blah blah...they dont feel uncomfortable .blah blah....
If a woman has been wearing a saree all her life, she will definitely be comfortable in it. But Im not.
So really, its my opinion and its up to you if you wanna take it or leave it.

Nav said...

Arghh. Alright. let's take on point after the other-

1) Frogs - well I see your point. But they taste so good with seasonings and with fries on the side.ahahaha.

2) Saris - ROFL @ road a pathu otanga. Priceless.I'm going to be a "guy" here and say - if a girl is comfortable with her body and wearing a sari, then go for it. But if you're not, then sometimes it's good to cover-up. This applies to all forms of clothing and also to both men and women. No I dont mean men should wear saris!!! All I meant was nobody wants to see a guy with a big belly wearing a tight T-shirt. So dress accordingly.

3.I agree with you here.

4.Serena william's butt looks just fine. That picture does not present her in the best possible way. But still. Her butt is propotionate with her overall body structure. Once again, here we have an example of how ill-fitted clothing can make you look stupid. To be read along with the 2nd counter point.

5. Hey! What about girls who treat guys like sex machines?!? Well you won't find any..cos none of the guys are complaining.LoL

6. Patriarchy..hmm *looks up the word*

7. Gender wars..Alright i'm gonna be serious for once..I totally agree with equal rights for all. No two ways about it.

8. Emraan Hashmi is hot! ahaha. or Not. But you got to hand it to the dude. He's a sex Icon..and he is neither sexy nor iconic. Just lucky.

9. LMAO @ 700 chins. But in all fairness..he provided the Background music for this movie called 'Iqbal'. Did an Okay job.

10. Fuck Politicans and their Polictical ways. But that being said...why weren't any big celebrities or personalities suporting Kushboo may I ask? Where was Kamal Hassan? Superstar Rajnikanth? anybody from the tamil film industry? Or somebody else like Arundathi roy? Nobody has the balls. And to against dirty politicians who probably are single-handedly responsible for the increase in AIDS in south-east Asia! Ahem..Sorry, but picking on innocent targets is a touchy subject.

Phew. Good post. *pats your back too*

An Open tag...hmm tempting..

Dang..this is a long comment.

Anna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anna said...

something's wrong with blogger my comments keep getting deleted.. :-(
most girls, today, have for all their lives been wearing shorts, jeans or salwars... what is the common factor in these? they all have 'legs' and 'elastic/buttons/nada/something-to-keep-them-there at the waist'... a sari is just tucked in at the waist... with no sure guarantee of staying there(only flimsy lil safety pins)... when suddenly a girl is expected to be a 'women' and wear a sari, its kinda difficult to expect her to be comfortable in a long peice of cloth yard and yards long, draped around her.. especially when she has to be so conscious abt it all the time,whether its all in place and not falling apart... it may seem very 'sexy' and 'elegant' and 'graceful' and it is true that most women look good in a sari.. but the trauma of first going thru the long, hot, (the fans need to be off) (if you're getting someone to put it one for you - embarrassing) process of wearing it, then having worn it, trying to walk in it gracefully (at least without stepping on some part of it and tripping yourself and pulling the sari off in the process) and to make sure that once you're ready to take it off, remembering where all the pins are so that you don't (in your haste to just GET IT OFF) tear it- influences most girls in their opinions of the SARI. so i guess you are right.. megha is biased against the sari... and for the record... so am i... :-)

ps- skirts also dont have legs but they are so comfy compared to wearing a long peice of cloth which you feel is falling off all the time.. so they don't count...:-)

Vasu the terrible said...

ya... it took me a while to cajole someone and get to know the art of women's dressing. I was just too curious..


Aravinthan said...

hmm.. nice to read all these comments in here...
@Jim :"Maybe this is why sarees are so popular in sex-starved, jobless-freak laden India."

1. I dont agree.. either india is sex-starved! where do you get one billion of population from? Did Jesus Christ made them from heaven?

2. Jobless-freak laden India!! Have you even been to india ever b4? Or the your choice of places in india were bad!

Negative Creep said...

Add to the list the people who rape the english language. i mean TyPiN' lIk3 DIS IS Nt Kewl man.
Nor is retarded sentence formation or a total disregard for grammar.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Nav: Thanks for the pat on my back!

@ Anna: Thank you! I couldnt have worded it better myself!

@ Vasu: romba over curiosity illai?

@Aravinthan: nice to see you here again.:)

@ Negative creep: hear! hear!

Anonymous said...

How I agree with you. Hilarious.
1. A saree worn in right way, like we bengalis do, can be very conservative. But yes, a saree can be the most revealing [after bikini, of course] and most sexiest dress if worn in the way u did.

2.Emraan Hashmi. What could I say about him? I always had the feeling girls hate that 'I'll lick you clean' image.
3. BAppi Lahiri. A 'has been', filthy rich, fat and obnoxious guy.
Great post.
PS.. Why do a blog post always have to be about politics, religion etc. Have a break, have a kit kat...lol.

Tawy said...

Hey !
The only thing I disagree with there is the frog thing. poor them. and well, on the sari subject maybe you should be hating sick perverted creepy auto drivers instead of the sari because he would have checked out a girl in a tight ish t shirt just the same im sure. desperate.
And couldn't agree more about the corrupt politicians. It disgusts me the way they act so self righteous.
What about hating people who act as if they are above others and are judgemental ? Snobs, basically. The ones who are so unadjusting to slightly uncomfortable situations and who act as if speaking their own mother tongue is something their incapable of. Why can't we be proud of and embrace our culture, the good aspects of it atleast?

renegadefade said...

bappida ijh bheri bheri ekshillent. kya kamaal ka mujhik banata vo.

Bappida rocks! what a dress sense! the original blingmeister!

Manish said...

well what a relief.... after a long time some different sort of hate list is there... sorry wasn't able to see it earlier.... was sort of busy... neways... i too say.. curse that Emraan Hashmi... he looks disgustin... n actin is crap...
newyas.. something new is always welcome :)
Keep smilin

Venky said...

seriyana differentana list...obviously non-exhaustive, idukku mela 10 more items irundha adhula definitea chennai autos and parochial-minded people add panniko:-)


Da Rodent said...

ah ok.. the frogs.. heh. and well., you hate choclates.. your bf is so lucky..

the wannabe indian punkster said...

ha ha Im glad you got the 'frogs' part:D!

nina said...

u will not believe this but the coll where we (sush, anna et all) study in...if we break the dress code more than thrice n are caught we are forced to wear a sari for an entire week...i mean really...in jeans n a tee u reveal less....

politically_incorrect_guy said...

Just cant understand some folks telling INdians are sex starved , becos we have billion people. give me a break. With 1.3 billion people why is China not considered to be sex starved?

Being sex starved has nothing to do with population. We(India) is only one of the two places in this planet where civilised society has been in existence (on a subcontinental scale) without break for over 5000 years... the other one being China. IT is this huge history that is behind the large population. Our higher birthrate is not due to being sex starved or something but because family planning has failed to take off in India.