Lungi longings..........

It's that time of the year.
Tis' the time for reminiscing with a steaming hot cup of coffee, while snow storms rage on and temperatures drop to alarmingly low levels.

But being the freak that I am, I started reminiscing about a hitherto ignored aspect of Tamil culture; the unsung hero of traditional outfits: the snazzy Lungi.
Yes, you heard me right, I said Lungi, and I am proud of this fashion-forward garment, and what it represents.

Allow me to elucidate.

Picture yourself on the roads of Chennai. Look around you. From the milkman, to the dhobhi-wallah, to the incongruous uncle on the street dragging his reluctant kid to school, there is one key element which binds them all, THE LUNGI.
Why? Simply because the lungi is one of the most comfortable garments ever.
I don't need to wear one to know that it's comfortable.

I may be digressing here, but I have to describe the lungi for you unenlightened beings.
Think dhoti, but made with a cheaper material and with *ahem* 'interesting' colors and patterns.

What is so unambiguous about the lungi, you ask?

First and most cardinal, NOTHING is more comfortable than a piece of cloth, when worn properly resembles a sack with a hole cut out in the bottom for feet to come through.
I mean how nifty is that? Its one of those ideas where you go "Now why didn’t I think of that?"
But that is where the brilliance lies. Who would look at a sack and say "Aha….if only people could wear something as shapeless as that, and I can just cut out the bottom...ummm." AND proceed to act upon that stroke of brilliance?

I also have to give kudos to the natty patterns on the lungi. I can safely say that you will NEVER see those patterns on any other boring garments we wear today.
I mean, how about the most famous pattern; thick slate grey and blue checks?
Now really I for one wouldn't have come up with an innovative color combination like that. Being the predictable creature that I am, I would have paired slate grey with red: a bright color with a staple color.
But the lungi designer is one step ahead of us. Knowing that the aam junta of Tamilnadu wears this garment to work, he has paired two solid colors: grey and blue, giving the garment a crisp, professional and polished look (Look at pic for reference) :

As for the other patterns, the Mallu's(sorry, no hard feelings) have made a mockery of the lungi design. Mixing atrocious magenta with green, orange with yellow, I mean come on? Subtlety anyone?
But, that being said, the Mallu's are one step ahead of us. I have seen several women in Kerala, happily wearing lungi's and I cant help but burn with jealousy looking at their fashion-forwardness.
Now I know some of you might be gagging now, I mean come on...WOMEN wearing lungi's?
But that is where the male of the species have scored, women, big time.
We have been given the short end of the stick yet again, by the men.
What garment do we have, to contest the lungi?
Definitely not the darnded sari, which is a six yard long peice of cloth, meant to be tucked in 500 different places in complicated angles, and the end result makes you feel like you've been embalmed and mummified.
Walking in the sari is an event in itself. Try walking in it without looking like an upright fish, thrashing around for dear life.
How about the mental trauma you go through while wearing the saree? On top of the torture of wearing the saree itself, you are constantly in a state of vexation and anxiety as to whether it will fall apart or not, and last but definitely not the least, it is THE single most revealing outfit ever. Not to mention, you are putting yourself out there as bait for the roadside-romeos who will gleefully accost you with shouts of "Aaja mere gaadi mein beit ja chamiya"(come hither sit in my car hot stuff) or "vaa di yean kapa-kazhangu........yean kapa-kazhangu"( come here my hot root vegetable or something as bawdy as that).
Come on women. I feel your pain. I know that you deserve better. And THAT is where the lungi comes in.
How convenient is the lungi? Being the cylindrical garment that it is, you can easily put it on, tie it in a knot around your waist and forget about it. Tying a knot is not your thing? No problemo! Pair it with a spiffy bohemian belt and you're good to go!
The Mallu lungi can also be worn by women to keep away pesky road romeos. Nothing on heaven or earth can match the obnoxiousness of the patterns on a Mallu lungi, and rest assured NO ONE would want to heckle you. You might attract looks of derision however, but it is a small price to pay for anonymity and comfort.
For you club hopping girls, nothing I repeat, nothing is as versatile as the lungi. Have you seen the average rickshaw-wallah in the middle of the afternoon? He would have folded his lungi in half to beat the heat, and there you have it: The desi MINI-SKIRT.
Imagine the looks youll get when you are strutting your stuff in a lungi folded in half, jazzed up with a belt and high heels.
What Indians dont realise is that, with the versatility of the lungi, we can give the fashion houses of the world a run for their money.
Pshaw at Gucci, Prada and Chanel for their arduous and convulted styles!

So join me fellow Indians, in venerating the unmarred lungi. There should be a bill passed in the houses of parliament to honor the lungi as the most conventional and versatile outfit of India, nothing more nothing less.

Whoever you are O' illustrious designer of the
lungi, I salute thee.

Post Script: Comments from the Support the Sari Foundation and The Association of Insensitive Men Who Have Nothing Better to Do Than to Advocate the Pseudo Elegant Sari, will be mercilessly trashed.


ashok said...

out of all things in the world this is the topic i least expected from u megha...u never fail to shock ur readers with ur choice of topic and words and satire!
enjoyed everyline here...ur take on mallu lungi is a treat to read...and so was ur PS!
Iam rolling over here!cheers!
long live the lungi!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

brilliant..you know I somehow saw this coming. I can't explain why.
Here in Bengal,bengali babus use lungi for a different reason. I say this to all men,
Just open your lungi knot, pop your manhood from the lungi and do it.
But I thought I must say this..lol.

Again, hilarious post. Your sense of humor continues to amaze me,
Lionlady of my heart. *Salutes*, *cannon fire*, *tomahawk chops*. This' a brilliant bog or what.

kuttichuvaru said...

ha ha.... hilarious post.... gud to knw tat there is someone in the other gender who admires the lungi so much.... maybe somewhat higher than some of the actual lungi-wearin gender....

Freaky Chakra said...

//lionaldy of my heart// - what the!!! hehe, lol. In fact cant really say - "what the..." enough!!

Good post dear, but u forget the wrap-around. Isnt that the more convinient cousin of the lungi devised for women? Or for that matter, even the long-skirt.

No knot, not bohemian belt... just the miracle of elastic. What say? hehe!

Given your last post... would love to see how the sari defending chauvinists fare on this one :)


Freaky Chakra said...

Oh & btw (i know this isnt related or anything) - isnt London Calling just amazing???

Did u know the cover design (the font) is a direct tribute to Elvis. Anyways... useless trivia!

U carry on... :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Ashok: ha ha, now you know why I call myself punk:D.

@ Aragorn: sheesh!

@ kuttichuvaru: youll find more specimens like me, I guarantee:)!

@ freaky: I know...I know.
But theres something very Indian and Old-school about the lungi. thats why I didnt suggest direct improvements to the lungi itself........LOL
And on a side note:
London calling freakin rocks!
That CD is my baby, I cant listen to it often enough:D

Vincent said...

Hooray for random posts! :)

Siddhu said...

LOL! Hilarious tribute to the lungi.

How about the maddaki-kuththal of the lungi?

If you've watched a mallu movie ever u know that the hero, when enraged, walks forward purposefully, simultaneously lifting his lungi up and tying it into the desi miniskirt. This facilitates:

a) a tasteful display of plump, hairy legs

b) the ability to lift your legs to an angle of 45 degrees to the vertical (the average mal hero can't manage more anyway) in order to kick the baddie's balls.

And lungis can fall off - trust me, I've tried lungis and given up on them

Note # 3: Lungis go well with hawaii chappals. They also serve as good cleaning rags. I still use the remnants of my father's older lungis which my mom tore up and gave me to use (so that my dad could no longer retrieve the old rags and actually weatr them).

Siddhu said...

PS may i blogroll ya?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ vincent: Hurrah!:-)

@ Siddhu: Man! Youre points are spot on as usual.....LOL at the tasteful display of plump hairy legs!

And of course you can blogroll me! You dont need to ask me for that!


Anonymous said...


I was always scandalized when some mallu men on their nightly stroll would simply in the middle of the road, pick UP their lungi and tie it while i go :O:O:O*looks away*

I think it is the Mallu[ or does it include Tamils too?] who have the modified saree version of a lehenga waist length kurti and then a dupatta tied like a saree's palla.

How convenient is THAT?!

confused said...

@Freaky Chakra

Why is someone defending sari a chauvnist? Now that is taking political correctness a bit too far...


Good post, enjoyed you homage, though I have never worn a lungi in my life...

A South Indian friend once told me that the only difference between a rich South Indian and poor South Indian is the ''quality'' of their Lungi...hehehe, now I am quoting from him so please dont flame me as being parochial.

BTW, why would someone who delcares Sari elegant be trashed? Now you always have the right not to wear it(just like the guy wearing a lungi), so whats your problem with it? Just like you without wearing a lungi, delcared it to be so comfortable and elegant, I would be within my right to make the point that Sari is comfortable too-without having ever worn it. Or is it if I dont like it, it must be bad...I hope not.

You sound much more sensible that that.


confused said...

And just add to it, I think anyone sensible knows that how one is dressed has no relation to being eve-teased. But now you blame sari for eve teasing because it is the ''most revealing dress ever''.

Now , that is preety contradictory to what you have said so many times. And no, I wont sue you.lol

Sridhar said...

Nothing beats the elegance of a golden edged silk mundu... lungi's lack the classy factor. I find mund more fashionable.

And females wearing lungi... THAT would be awesome, i mean, no offence, but u will listen more whistles if u wear a lungi in public than when u wear a saree.
I always had my mund pulled by my female friends in college (on ethnic day), its pay back time :P

yuvraj said...

wat a drift?i appreciate that...kick ass..let the lungis fly in ur dream...

payal said...

@confused a.k.a porn-hater

hello again porn-hater,
You've listed "Must enjoy sex" as one of the qualities of a lover in one of your blogposts.
You come here and tell us that you've never viewed a single x-rated movie or surfed porn on the net EVER. Now isn't that "preety" contradictory?
Where does your fondness for sex come from? From the books you read?

KL said...

A Hilarious post :):):)....I was falling off my chair while reading this. And by the way, I don't know about Mallu women, but lungi for women were a fashion craze sometimes in mid-70's/80's, I think. Because, I remember seeing pictures of women of Calcutta wearing Lungis. Perhaps this fashion craze happened only in Bengal!

tilotamma said...

what a topic! where did you get that pic from?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

hmm, well is it really hot there?

but i wud vote for the standard boring vesthi rather than the lungi

confused said...


here we go again...I said I dont like porn...did I ever claim I dont enjoy sex? Did I ever claim I have never touched a female body in my life?

If you are really Payal-which I dont believe then maybe sex for you only means that of the online variety...I thought real was more fun...

Just a word of advise for you ''payal'', when you get married make sure your guy has watched 100 porn movies...otherwise he might never touch you....

Anyone who equates enjoyment of sex with enjoyment of porn is in need of some serious serious help....get the drift?

confused said...

And yes, you actually bothered to read through my old posts to come up with this ''gem''...I really touched a nerve somewhere...

and next time you wana discuss my blog, reply on my space- I would be happy to oblige you.

Now have a good night and happy viewing-you know what...right?

Karthi said...

Your blog is listed in chennai bloggers list. If possible place a link in your blog to chennai bloggers list.


Anonymous said...

Now for my serious comment on the post.

I think the scottish dudes morphed our good 'ole lungi into the thing they wear [the famous scottish skirt worn by men]. I know, it sounds historically ludicrous, but what the heck..
I agree, seriously, the lungi can give the fashion houses a big surprise. If marketed properly [like with Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise...] it can be a global fashion icon.
People here in Bengal decries the lungi. SInce we're so *culture* conscious, lungi wearers are looke down upon as *uncultured*, semi educated lower class bozos who more often than not turn out be a Musalman.

Oh, lungi where art thou..?

Vasu the terrible said...

:)... Simply incredible and I love it... You certainly have some pizazz in your writing punk....

neways I thought I should make some observations.

1) Lungi and sarees have evolved over centuries of trial and error.

2) Some lungis are designed checks with grey slate backgrounds only in the modern day era. Ever wondered what is with the slate grey ? Was it grey to begin with ? or was it white which later became grey ?

3) Fearing the saree would slip up is a matter of personal comfort. Go to the villages and see the fields you wont find people with fear of so much wardrobe malfunction as you would with slick city girls trying out a 6 yard piece. Ask the women in the village, they will swear by the saree. But the churidhar has become a big hit with the new gen in the countriside...

3)With the dhothi I was extremely paranoid of it slipping and falling.. I tried, belts under the shirt and all that. Nothing really helped actually and slowly the discomfort about it falling apart ended. Even if it losend up, I non challently open it up and tie it back. Like Kramer said, its all int he attitude of how non-challently you do it. I needs just getting used to.

4) The dhothi is a pain, gets dirty easily and the fear of it falling apart too. The lungi in that aspect is a next level evolution to the dhothi.

I just enjoyed your style man. Keep it up, once you sober down a little bit with age, do write a book. I will keep an eye out for that in higginbothoms..


Ketaki said...

umm... wrap around skirts are pretty close to the lungi y'know :p so i dont think we're too far behind!

Tawy said...

how come your always bringing up the whole sari thing? I mean don't you think people would've gotten the point by now ? I do.

Deaths Head Roy said...

hehe, good one....
but still, running out of topics??

Nav said...


Now why didn't I think of writing about *momentary pause* the LUNGI?!?!

Though I doubt if I could've achieved the same levels of subtle humor. And the best part is..I still can't figure if you're being sarcastic or if it's a genuine ode to *Momentary pause* the Lungi! which is frankly, quiet brilliant.

Infact you had me laughing right from the bang-on-spot title with just right number of "....."'s.

LOL @ I don't need to wear one to know that it's comfortable.

ROFL @ come here my hot root vegetable

And infact everytime *momentary pause* the LUNGI!, was mentioned, I was pretty much laughing my ass out...

And yeah, you get the picture.So i'll stop. Well done

Crap I'm late for work. All cos of your *momentary pause* Lungi!

I wonder if it'll still be as funny if I read it again at a later point.


Diana said...

its a damn hilarious post for me bt one thing i should say is that, those men in the pictures do not really look very nice in those chippo lungis.

nina said...

girl...u never cease to amaze...u on the mark bout the yucky pink ones though...really...come one!!!but lungi n high heels? i mean i will wear wierd clothes but that? isnt that pushin it? i am sure it will be a hit in the states..but here? we prob wont b allowed into a disc

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@Dee: :O:O:O, yeah me thinks youd better look away if you wannna avoid being traumatised!

@ Confused: Ummmm.....you actually took this post seriously?.....Now thats funny:)

@ Sridhar: you horrible man you! Ill warn the girls:P:P:P

@ yuvraj: Thanks!

@ anon AKA payal: really. stop discussing porn in my space

@ KL: I kinda vaguely knw that it was in fashion at one point of time, but I wasnt too sure:)

@ tilo: I had that pic in my inbox...it was part of a silly forward my friend sent me and I thought it was ridiculous enough to suit this post:P:P:P

@ada paavi: I actually like the veshti too, looks more clean.

@aragorn: :-)

@ vasu: thanks for the praise! And vasu, it just my personal opinion, and this post is not to be taken seriously:).

@ ketaki: ketaki, NOTHING we wear is as good as the lungi...LOL

@ tawy: I dont care about people getting the point or not tawy. I just write what I want to write in my post. And ummm this post is not to be taken seriously....in case you didnt realise...:-)

@ Death heads roy: I dont preplan what I write about. whatever enters my mind at that point of time, I write. So rest assured, Im notrunnig out of topics or anything. I just chose to write on this topic thats all:).

@ nav: awwwww, sorry for making you get late to work:)

@ diana: thats the point. I wanted the pic to be foolish looking:).

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ nina: ease up ,nina...I was kidding:)

Siddhu said...


Sorry I'm so terribly hung-over I just woke up now and saw ur assent.


Freaky Chakra said...

//Why is someone defending sari a chauvnist?//

huh? i was just carrying forward on the vein of the post-script. Dont really think I was taking "political correctness" anywhere.

Mukund said...

hahaha....enjoyed reading this thoroughly :) but u forgot to mention that mallus also have floral prints on their lungis!! unfortunately the lungi is strictly banned in my home, only veshtis allowed!!

incidentally, i'm right now handling a case of a lungi manufacturing company n these guys always turn up in lungis, making our clothes seem rather out of fashion!!

Saltwater Blues said...

wonderful post ... and a most interesting blog.

Btw, Wannabe Indian Punkster? :)

cheers mate!

KK said...

Awesome blog!! Really gives a different perception about lungi....
I love to wear one but I never mastered the art of wearing one....

Ajay said...

funny post, megha...liked it...

4WD said...

I just stumbled on here. Personally i'm strictly north-central indian, and whatever part of me is south-indian, I try and not think about. I've always wondered, what are you supposed to wear under the lungi? like, normal tighty-whiteys? Or is there like a special slip-like thing, like sarees. Can you pair it with sexy underwear?
well, hello anyway.

Anna said...

In spite of being a mallu, and in spite of having sworn to protect and stand by all things mallu and all mallu principles, i will admit this much:- Mallu Lungis have a *gasps , gags and yet manages to spit out the blasphemous words* horrible sense of color and contrast...

nice post in spite of the accusation that however true is still unjust... After all, when you think of those lovely hairy legs, doesnt the shock of colors in the lungi just fade away ?

:-) lol..
Interesting, Megha... as always...

FJ said...

Megha, u rock!!

I have worn lungi at home and its so comfortable. But never used to wear it outside because I thtought its not coll..u know what I mean.

Like with Sari, even lungi has the side effect of coming off at the wrong time and I dont think wearing a belt on lungi is that cool.

But I will vote for a shorts over a lungi anytime because I feel much more comfortable in them.

Ashwini said...

I love your ode to the lungi!
Its sooo funny!

confused said...

@ Megha,

Not the whole post, just a part of it...nyways..no issues.


Relax dude. Point noted.

prope//er said...

Wait till Lola Kutty finds about this. Thanks for the Spiffy belt over lungi imagery, nice to know belts are in vogue. Precariously held lungis create enough tension and anxiety to rival Hitchcock. Prolonged imagery and exposure to precariously held lungis can be hazardous to health.

Quick Gun Murugan
(Gelf Returned)

Da Rodent said...

hmm.. i abandoned the lungi because i could not manage to keep it on my hip., and er.. i love my shorts better.

Well., i know the sari is one of the most uncomfortable things on earth., but er.. it looks pretty.. :-S

Jim said...

Nothing on heaven or earth can match the obnoxiousness of the patterns on a Mallu lungi

Well, there is, the Mallu male who wears a mundu "upstairs" (slang for folded-in-half), rides a cycle and shows off his BRIGHT MAGENTA undies! Beware, it can scar you for life...

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Siddhu: :-)

@ mukund: ewwww.....poor you you must be traumatised....:)

@ saltwater blues: thanks you! And YES its wannabe indian punkster, precious.

@ kk: ha ha kk......i was kidding!

@ ajay: thanks!

@ 4wd: ummm....well Ive never looked under the lungi so to speak....*gasp*

@ anna: *gasp* Im so proud of you for accepting the traversity that is the mallu lungi:D.

@ venkat: hahahaha shorts are infinitely better than lungis any day!

@ Ashwini: thanks for the hat tip to desipundit ashwini!Glad you enjoyed my post:D

@ Propeller: aite quick gun murugan, you spread the word to lola kutty..:)

@ joe steeve: hurrah for shorts! And did you say you supported the sari! Prepare to be trashed!!!!....lol

@ jim: ewwwwwwwww...thanks for scarring me with that imagery jim.:)


Born a Libran said...

I salute thy sense of humor... You rock...

Φ said...

Super..Jambajar fashione spotlightla vachu gowrava paduthinadhu super..

Mylai gaja, Royapettai rengu pondra idara podumakkal sarba..oru salute (lungi katti oodu kattra ishtyle)..


vethalam said...

LUNGI ,one of my fav in the college, though it wont last in my "iduppu" more than an hour ,i simply like it because of the reason i dont have to wash it everday , it may even last for a week !! ha ha ha its my unofficial JEANS , Hey Megha , well who is going to talk about "pavadai"
we use to call few of the old school proffs wearing a bell bottom, they still think thats the hot pick of the girls !!
girls look great in lungi !! but i dont knwo why they are not trying that ? it would be great to see girls wearing Lungi , Not like the "MALLU" way but like the "NORTH MADRAS" rowdi way.....ha ha ha , i tried wearing that once here but michigan weather simply doesnt like it.

Sriram said...

LMAO gal!!! You have waayyyy too much time to spare. Only thing is that I have even more to spare :p..

Pratima said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pratima said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yadbhavishya said...

A good detailed post!

This blog of my friend, where Iam a co-contributor, had a post dedicated to the lungi and its origins.

You will be definitely interested.

Lungi Imperatrix Mundi

confused said...

You said
You posted twice but still didn't answer the question.
Nobody is equating the "enjoyment of sex with enjoyment of porn".''

So, what is your point?

Are you trying to say, if I dont watch porn, I have no right to have real sex too? Were you born this smart or circumstances made you so?
But if you claim to "enjoy sex" so much in your blog, you need to accessorize, be a tad adventurous, experiment a little, maybe learn a thing or two from some movies. You thought so much about sex to make it an important point in 8 qualities you look for in a lover, but you get turned off by any kind of depiction of the act on screen?
One can imagine the unrefined standard moves you have in store. Its a pity that your wife will be deprived of variety because she married an incompetent fool.''

Hahahah, That was the biggest piece of crap I have ever read.

All I said on my blog, was that the girl should enjoy sex because we are doing it, because we both want it? Does that make sense?

Besides that post was written in jest- It also demanded that the girl should be a good driver. Now should I marry someone who runs a driving school?

Second, I think we were talking about porn here-where did this ''any depiction of sex on screen came from?'' -Dont put words in mouth, all rite?

Awww, please go ahead and watch as many porn movies you wana watch and learn your lessons. Now, why dont you star in one? You might learn even new tricks of the trade-infact send me one and I promise to watch it. All rite?

WTF, A simple one line statement had you scurrying on to my blog, searching my archives-Jesus Christ. I never passed any judgments on anyone who watches porn, if you wana watch it-please go ahead and do it. I am not stopping you...

You said
On the other hand, if you were trying to be different by saying "I enjoy all kinds of sex, but I don't watch any kind of porn", you just come off as just another desperate guy waiting to get laid with the next available girl.''

All kinds of sex? WTF does that mean? I prefer humans, you can do it with your dog if you want to...

Sure, I am a desperate guy...but nawwww. I still wont sleep with ye...you will have to find about sex by either starring in porn flicks or watching them-take your pick.

And, yes I learn my lessons from real life. Thank you very much.

Happy? Still not happy-Here's my middle finger...

Apologies, I really feel bad doing this. But people seem to be obsessed with my choice in watching or not watching porn..

I will try to stay away from your blog for sometime, but I enjoy dealing with the moral police so much-its kinda fun.

And yes Pratima/Payal...next time post with yr name....

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ confused: I dont know what the hell is going on and why these people choose to target you.
But Ive decided to trash these comments.
Should have done it earleir....cos its in bad taste but I never got around to it.
You dont have to stop visiting my blog, youre always welcome:)

confused said...


Thanks a lot.I appreciate it. Actually, I just came to your blog to get the link for the pseudo secular site... I read too much about secularism today at Sonia Faleiro's site and my head was spinning...I posted a hell long comment there on her post about manual after bomb blast..donno if she gonna approve...do check if she does...

I will be back, though I dont agree with everything you say-thats the point, right?...you write too well to stay away...lol

Thanks again..

vethalam said...

why people are trying so hard ? to break others???

how come that funny Lungi topic turns into a porn war between people ,well its true "it doesnt matter where it starts , but it ends up THERE "isnt it?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ born a libran: make that 'insane' and a 'little conked in the head' as well!

@ Φ: bullet balaji yum cycle chain kabali yum vitutai? Avanga onum solaileiyaaa......romba varutham aa irrukuu po......:P

@ vethalam: ha ha, tying up a lungi in Michigan weather is suicide, me thinks.

@ Sriram: join the "I have nothin better to do than talk about random things" society!

@ yadbhavishya: thanks for the link!

vethalam said...

well ni sollite oru varthaile that
"Michigan weather is suicide"nu , it happens once in the first year ,i was wearing "veshti" and making alambal , went out the same way to friends place for lunch with the gang ,mICHIGAN Weather is unpredictable too nu enakku theriyathu , nalla kathum mazhaium aduchuthu paru, thank "ME" i never trust my "kattu " so i had a belt to hold that,
parking lot varathukulle, ore seen than "pasange vizhunthu vizhunthu siruchanunge, enakku rombha bejara poiduchu.good one to remember now after a long time..

Anonymous said...

Check it out http://www.friendswithoutborders.org/

Anonymous said...

Forget the lungi I love the new look! Snazzy, vibrant, very much so this season and spring and uber chic and what better a way to bring it in than with a post about lungis! I personally only wear dhotis and the white variety (mundu?)but all good!

Love the post script too... ah drunken commenting... how enjoyable is that!


Sridhar said...

Really kewl looking template... Its been a long time since I saw something good comming out from Frontpage(editor u used to create it).

Chaos And Order - "Satheesh" said...

Nice template..!! It looks more good if I press "Ctrl+A" and read..!! Try it..!! :-)

On lungi thing, no comments.. Mallu lungi is not that bad/good..!! :-)

Lungi or saree, if worn properly it doesnot reveal.. Again its a personal choice..!! Imagine wearing saree and going in a bus and wearing lungi and going in a bicycle..!! Yuvvvaee...!! Circus it is..!!

Take care.. Tamil punkster..!


politically_incorrect_guy said...

Do you find Lungi to be the sign of Indian Feminism? Wonder if you got the idea from Arundathi Roy .... but let me say one thing. In India, Lungi is never going to get off its image of being a garment worn by dirty/uneducated/uncivilised/drunk South Indian.Try to make any one of your Bollywood stars wear lungi in their movies. Can you? And so however you try, you may never get Lungi to be worn by women outside your South Indian Feminist Freaks Circle. But as always, wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

politically_incorrect_guy said...

One more interesting fact i observed is that there seems to be a connnection between lungi and low personal hygeine.

In the city of CHennai, you would invariably find many men urinating on public walls... even if pay and use toilets are nearby. But how is that more than 50% of these folks are lungi wearers?

politically_incorrect_guy said...

Mallus themselves are slowly abandoning the Lungis.... most contemporary women in Malluland aka paradise of Lefties, Feminists and Arundathi Roy lovin freaks dress up like women in rest of india. Wonder if you havent updated with the happenings in contemporary Malluland.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

dah'ling....did you REALLY take this post seriously???....how pathetic....on second thoughts its pretty funny actually.....:D

politically_incorrect_guy said...

Seriously... i only cautioned you on betting on the losing horse unless you want to establish yourself as a freak.

Lungi is not going to be popular with women, given that they have better options. Even small town girls (of South India_ are moving toward Western clothing (read jeans and like) .

Kaps said...

the lungi has lost its appeal in recent times. the educated don't want to be associated with it (atleast they don't acknowledge the same publicly:-).
That's one of the reason for the rebranding exercise embarked some of the Lungi brands (the pic you have posted is one example).
Movies show that rowdies wear lungies.......in real life, more elders wear it.
At the end of the day, the lungi wins hands down bcoz it is comfortable and extremely cheap.

politically_incorrect_guy said...


Lungi is very much a regional outfit... something associated with those south of the Vindhyas.Of course, South India is not mainstream in India and so Lungi gets and will get irrelevant in days to come. But so may be the fate of almost every Indian Apparel.

Artful Badger said...

Heh..a whole new business model..
Nice blog you have here!
Wandered here from god knows where. I think it was a comment on another blog.

vbk said...

hmmm. have to say that mallus spend half their time tying and retying there weird coloured lungis! oh, and u forgot something. lungis are excellent ventilators. and lungi naa thanee gethu. u get a thanee respect in the local society if ur wearing a lungi!
oh. and what a blatantly coloured background i have to say... but overall the revamping is good!!

eternal flunky said...

got here thru the chennai bloggers blog... i dont know if my sentiments have already been expressed on this comments page but reading 74 comments of the nature of LUNGI IS AN EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE PRE-SEX GARMENT is an achievement im frightened to try and achieve. so,
on behalf of mals all over the world (india and the 'gelf') i wish to defend the mallu's sense of aesthetics. i think its a relief to catch sight of the mal, clad in psychedelic lungi, walking out of the juice-shop where he works, breaking the monotony of the darned tamilian's blue and slate-grey existence.... slate grey as u call that- urrrggg! -colour... ok... point made.
p.s. nothing wrong with the pink and black, its nice.. say on clothes, but it makes reading a weee bit diffy.

Kingsley said...

I wore a lungi to fashion school (NIFT) a few times. Freaked everyone out - it was great fun.

Maharajah's Gypsy so true said...

That was just sooo cool! And, me., I'm a crazy enough kaur to actually try to wear one. :) kudos!

Jugular said...

I was trying to figure out how to tie a lungi, so I went online - typed "How to tie a lungi" and this is the first thing that popped up. Didn't really help but thanks for the indepth research or lungi-isms.