Misplaced love.

Disclaimer: I am addressing a specific person. They know who they are. Silly arguments in the name of 'you are discriminating against Indian Graduate Students!' will be laughed at and put up for public humiliation. You stand warned.

Dear Indian graduate student with the lavender tee, skin-tight jeans and bright white shoes,

First of all, welcome to the USA, the land of the free and the brave.

It must have been mighty hard for you to adjust to this alien concept of freedom, which people in the States seem to revel in. Back at home, in your little village of Jhumratalaiya or Gummudipundi (forgive me if I make palpable mistakes in naming your village) the wimmin’ folk would be sentient of their role in the household and they would respectfully slave away in the kitchen or indulge in other servile household activities. Back in your village, life must have been a blissful haven of ignorance and you must have been its poster child.

I know that you resent the women from the big cities or the developed smaller cities in India. Those vile modern women with the loose morals! They wear pants *shudder*! They speak to men *the whores*! They don’t cover their faces in the presence of their godly men folk! Chee Chee! And that is why you stubbornly resisted the idea of going to college in a big city because your non-existent self esteem would sink even lower (if that’s even possible) in the presence of the ‘city-bred’ women. If I may be so preposterous, I would also like to add that you have secretly coveted such women, but the hate you have nurtured for women exercising their right to be human seems to be a stumbling block in the way of your ‘feelings’ and it has also taken over your very being.

The States must have been a different ballgame altogether. Not only were women asserting their independence, the men seemed to allow this blasphemy! They did not beat their women around, nor did they indulge in the ‘teaching-women-a-lesson-because-they-daredtocough-in-front-of-their-men’ system.

You tried to adapt. You resigned yourself to the fact that firangi women are ‘character-less’ and ‘loose-moral-ed’ at birth and you chose to take it in your stride. You decided to indulge in the services offered by the pornstitution instead, read: strip clubs and the like. Since approaching the other gender civilly was an alien concept to you (and we both know that nobody would waste a second glance in your direction) you decided to whole-heartedly indulge in an establishment which reduced women to tits and ass, not unlike the cattle you used to herd in India. You nobly supported these ventures by visiting them religiously, right after you prayed to the pictures of Durga Mata and Lakshmi Devi you have in your apartment. FYI: My powers of observation are far better than you think they are. I’ve had the misfortune of setting foot in your apartment ( because I had to return the textbook I borrowed from your normal roommate) and witness the frenzied plans you were making for your outing.

But when it came to the Desi women, you put your foot down. How can they emulate the *ahem* shameless firangi women? How will their parents react if they find out that their daughters actually have the gall *gasp* to be independent? So you decided to righteously assume the role of moral policeman of our university.

You elected your puke-inducing cronies as your subordinates in the WAR against ‘desi women asserting their independence’ and you also came up with an impressive plan of action, filled with the right amounts of slander, defamation, verbal abuse and vile rumors.

I should have known that I would be at the top of your hit list or should I say ‘hate-list’, as I flaunted my independence by committing the most vile, degenerate act of swimming (crime 1) in a one-piece swimsuit (crime 2) ! I am sorry. Good desi women do not swim. If they do, they swim in a nine-yard sari or a modest salwar-kurta. So being the moral policeman that you are….you decided to broadcast rumors around campus that I swim naked and if people wanted to witness live-porn (quoting you), they should head down to the university swimming pool.

Your magnanimity knows no bounds. I am a little shocked that you have so wisely suggested career options for me in the prostitution field and you and your cronies have also done the groundwork for me by telling other people like ‘you’ that I invite men to my apartment for ‘services’.

But you did not stop there. You became quite the career services counselor by suggesting professional options in prostitution for my friends as well.

I hope you read this letter. Nay, I WANT you to read this letter.

And then I hope you kill yourself.

Yours truly,

The punkster.

Post Script: For some of you who may have doubts about this person's gender (even though I thought I made myself perfectly clear) , this lavender tee toting person is a HE.

Yeah, it's a GUY.

Any other questions?


P.P.S: On a totally unrelated note:

Just when you thought things couldn't get stupid-er, this happens.

Is there a limit for ineffable dumbness?


Sriram said...

You know what would have topped this off? his name and address, so that I can do a little number on him, incase i ever set foot in detroit!

Sriram said...

On second thought, how DARE you profane such wonderful "forward" thinking indian graduate students? dont you realise that by virtue of being in a grad school in the US, they are wayyyyyy better than anyone on earth and whatever they say should be made as a rule without second thought? poor little silly girl :P

chandni said...

what a total bastard man!!!

God!! These are the most irritiating of all....

the post is not enough...please go up to him and give hima solid chamaat...

Patrix said...

Bravo! Better still, print it and hand it to him...i.e. if he can read English.

WishfulThinker said...

Ah, such a brilliant piece of character assassination. Characters like this are meant to be assassinated anyways. I hope he reads this too!!

naVee said...

Your univ's career counseling cell should hire this guy, why don't you recommend his case.

Don't be selfish, let others also use his 'wisdom'.

Reema said...

we need his name...I would flirt with him ;)...I hope he reads the comments as well!

Swapna said...

What a jerk !

Give it to him girl! I do hope he reads this.

Da Rodent said...

ah.. these fckers exist everywhere. They cant stand something., when they cant do the same. They are just desperate in the bottom of their hearts about their inability.

They dont have the balls to ask a girl out on a date., and hence call women who go out as whores. They dont have the balls to step into the dance floor., and hence pass dirty comments on how close a couple is dancing.

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Umm.. could you please bitchslap the living fuck out of this guy?
I am dead serious about this. This is just not funny and he needs to feel the sting when the blood rushes to his shameless cheeks to realise that.

SJ said...

What an a-hole. However am I right in thinking that he has picked on the wrong girl? He will running for his life soon :)

RT said...

What a psycho..!
Moral policemen, well they are a part of life and you find them everywhere. In parks, in ministries, temples, schools and cemetries, in foes, friends and relatives.
With that attrocious dress sense, no woman would give him 1/16th of a glance. Poor psycho, he cant help being the way he is. Megha, you should not be so harsh on him, you know.;-)

G said...

the moral outrage of the sexually repressed can be a very ugly thing indeed.....to slightly rephrase Sammy Johnson, " self-righteous braying is the last refuge of the under-sexed"...Quaint post indeed....by the way, just out of curiosity can your new friend swim? If not, I suggest he learn fast....

sapphire said...

Can u please pretty please smash his\their balls(if they have any)??
You will be doing one huge favour...please

iyer education said...

take his case man... prove that you are a true PWOP member... bobbitize him or something... but do something to this guy... just posts arent enough...

None said...


lavender tee, as i see it, is clearly a case of low esteem, has a painful sense of inadequacy and tries to make it up by denying reality! or as we indians explain it, "Inferiority complex" :)
you know, "want to but cannot?!" LoL


The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

I have no words. Except Plaster the walls of your school with this.

B o o said...

Its so unfair! How come only you get to know all the "interesting" types?!! :)
"Hit-the-nail" post, awesome!

Eleventy Seven said...

Oh my my... what an outrage.
I wish that guy/girl reads this. If not then please print it and put it up on all the bulletin boards will ya!

Girl Interrupted said...

Where do u find such people? But good job with the post. That was a very painful low blow! I bet the person to whom this wasa decicated to will be still groaning....

Vincent said...

I find it disturbing. This is an everyday occurrence here too, I think its something thats ingrained in every frustrated self-righteous desi. Its so easy to dismiss it off a case of sour grapes but there's more to it. To be respected by our desi friend here, Indian women should be traditional bharatiya naari types or they're labeled as whores. There's absolutely no opinion in between.

Ambar said...

Howlarious and a WTF at the same time.

"Dear Indian graduate student with the lavender tee, skin-tight jeans and bright white shoes,"

I thought you were speaking of a female after reading just the first line!

shark said...

"Moral Police"? he..he.. real funny some people are.
But one question.. How come you find such interesting people around? NOT FAIR! I never get to find even one such guy/gal!

Aishwarya said...

It's hard to decide who has committed the greater crime here. You, an Indian woman chose to (*shuddergasp!*) swim, but he...wore lavender!

Da Rodent said...

@aishwarya: 'lavendar' man... hehehe.. obviously.

thebigsleep said...

What the hell??? Must have been a terrible experience even though you have obviously written a very humorous post. Of course I can sense the bitterness. Hope you get your revenge.

AYTIDA said...

sounds like an ahole alright but what kinda person wears "lavender tee, skin-tight jeans and bright white shoes"!!!

he is definitely an ahole of the highest degree!!

anna-rchy said...

haha lavender d***! he should read this in his durga mata filled apartment.. no, since so many of these guys are mom-obsessed, why not ask mommy dearest to read it out to her sonny boy ?

Sriram said...

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" said a wise one.. so what the hell are you waiting for?

jinal said...

the white shoes got me !

Madame Mahima said...

Okay first of all lavender-tee guy, you are such a sad case.

girls (and some boys) all over the world laugh at people like you because you are such hypocritical JOKES.

wonder how durga mata would feel about you getting a load of tits and ass in your face while you feverishly go back home and pray for her to smite people like megha.

grow a dick, asshole.

Mint Chutney said...

Hold your head up high grasshopper cos these sorts are always going to be out there. Just think what you have to look forward to: One day you may be happily married for 7 years and have 2 wonderful kids but some idiot will spread rumors in blogland that you are looking for an "internet fling".

I saw your "team" my friend and you are in good company. : )

Grafxgurl said...

ok so im going to add you to my list of caffeinators..


..when i first arrived in Canada...and made friends with some indians...also "fresh off the boat"...i had a hard time convincing them that it WAS ok for guys and girls to have a little more freedom..and that it wasnt going to send them all to hell.

they like to watch....but they dont want you to know it.

my life.... said...

damn it! such guys ought to be gun down ...such a pudden headed guy with a low class mentality abt city bred women??? city bred women also have emotions and feelings as well! we are not toys to be meddle with and abuse our feelings!

my life.... said...

anyway would like to say a BIG HI to u...i like yr style of writing...i am lalitha from Sg@ Singapore

Anonymous said...

Lavender tee ! Skin tight jeans ! WHITE SHOES !


(G was last reported to have jumped out the window having visualized the horror or horrors)


Ragnell said...

If he doesn't kill himself, I'm sure someone else will.

Freaky Chakra said...

What's the matter with you Megha? I mean what kinda of a sadistic pleasure do u get in ripping apart people on the blogosphere where scores of others can laugh at their misery. What's more they dont even have a chance to retaliate, so you think u are really powerful & might & all !! You are just displaying what a coward you are, i bet you cudnt say this on his face now cud you?

PS: just joking. my sympathies :) lol

The Draconian Devil said...

i think your way of approach was a bit too umm....spiteful?? I mean, haven't you heard the saying "let dogs be. You don't bite them back if they bite you."

Such people are best ignored. the more you pay heed to them, and react to their worthless comments, the more they get instigated and the more they find reason to get on your case.

And plus, do you really need to stoop down as low as the person to show her (i presume its a her, though a lot of comments say 'he') what a bytch she is?

Being spiteful is not the solution to such things (so says a tiny 16 yr old). The moment you ignore them, they will get tired of this hit-and-hurt game and find someone else to pick upon.

But considering what a jerk this person is, I really can't but the total blame on you.

How do they allow admission of such people into US universities? And it's weird that people still consider India to live in the Prehistoric era. People do move ahead, as hard to believe as it sounds, but its amazing how some people just manage to walk back in time. Sad; i kind of pity you. OK, maybe her more than you.

wrapping up,
by the way,, just in case you didn't recognize me, c'est moi: Shayeri

PS: I still think you should have adopted the ignorance path. But **sigh**, each to his own. And if your method does manage to shut her up, then who am I to complain??

PPS: Can we have the name please?? It's a request!!!!! and can you get the person to read this post AND comment too??!!!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ sriram: I have committed a blasphemy. Kill me Sriram please, now.

@ chandni: oh I wish I did. I really do.

@ patrix: His english language skills arent that developed. Think " clouss" for "class". thats his pronounciation skills.

@ wishful: character assasinations are my forte. I indulge in them..:D

@ navee: If our univ hires him, they might have to shut down the whole dept:P

@ reema: Reema, I wouldnt wish such a torture on even my worst enemy...come on now:)

@ swapna: He is the WORST kind Sapna. eugh.

@ Da Rodent: CLAP CLAP CLAP! I LURRRVE youe analogy! Brilliant....gosh...

@ Jupe: Oh dont you worry, I did something which you would approve of, will fill you in on gtalk:P

@ sj: true. poor sod. He really does not know who he is messing with. however cheesy that sounds.:P

@ rt: I know! The thing is Im sick of self proclaimed moral hypocritical policemen. And this guy hit too close to home. He was asking for it all along.:)

@ G: brava! I love that saying! brava, again!

@ sapphire: ouch! but the idea is kinda appealing actually...:p...thanks!

@ iyer education: Ohh the post was just the beginning. dont you worry....:)

@ ramya: snort! I know exactly what you mean! *wink wink*

@ shoefiend: yullow! Ohhh...more ideas...I love it.

@ boo: please yo. You wouldnt want to meet filth like this, trust me.:)

@ saurabh: its a HE. :)

@ girl interrupted: not low enough, not low enough at all...Im afraid...:D

@ vincent: obviously. This is only a throwback to the age old whore or virgin dichotomy. Thats the only rule to judge women. barf.

@ ambar: oh its a MAN. :)

@ shark: please sharkie( I always wanted to call someone that, your handle was perfect!)....you really dont!...:)

@ Aishwarya: gosh! I dunno! why do you confuse me! *wail*

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ the big sleep: thanks. and yes, I really was bitter when I wrote this post. thanks again.:)

@ aytida: a-holes are everywhere. But he just crossing the line into the hall of fame of aholicness. :|

@ pranaadhika: great idea! because their moms are the epitome of womanhood for them anyway, maybe I should get mommy dearest to read this to him.

@ sriram: :)

@ jinal: white tennis shoes ARE horrendous. And I feel your pain, Jinal..I really do.

@ mahi: "grow a dick asshole"...OHHHHH....PRICELESS!

@ minty: youre in good company too! but youre competition....grrrr....:P

@ grafx: did you notice my 'hearites' part in my sidebar? A graphic designer nerd is sitting there now:P.....

@ lalitha: hullo! and *hug* to you too!
and thanks..:)

@ girish: noooooooooo, *sniff....sniff*

@ ragnell: oh I hope so. :)

@ freaky: ahhh freaky...been there done that. Ive spoken all this and much more to his face and the poor sod has gone into hiding.
this is just another nail in his coffin, thats all.

@ shayeri: hullo! And its a HE! A GUY! NOT a women. ITS A GUY.
and no, I wasnt to harsh at all. In fact I was too easy on his sorry ass.

The Draconian Devil said...

o shit!! how could he be a guy???!!! don't girls wear lavender tess and skintight jeans, huh??

aren't girls generally PHd at bitching and sensationalizing??

Oh God, im such a nut.



Madame Mahima said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Madame Mahima said...

shayeri - some people do get tired of bitching when you ignore them, but considering where this asshole is from, they usually take your silence as weakness and acceptance of blame. they are nothing but bullies and bullies only shut up when you let them know that you won't take their shit.
so in my opinion and from personal experience...i reckon megha did good, even more so if the dude reads this blog.

Yogi said...

all i can say is "WHAT YA MAN!"(padaiyappa ishtyle!), you reaally rake em up dont you megha! seriously, one piece, in yamriga, what were you thinking!!hehe

FJ said...

Is he still alive?
- You know me

REFLEX said...

Culture guardians !!!. It is ones own life and they hav all the liberty to do what ever they want. Why don't these people understand this.
It may be like "I am unable to do and how others can do ?" attitude. May be an outcome of jealousy too.
IMHO, you r wasting ur time and thoughts too much on answering them.

Sakshi said...

Girl you absolutely ROCK !!

Maybe you can help against the SIFish gang.

Screw the fuckers happiness, is all I will advice you.

Why Am I said...

crazy ppl!...these types abound everywhere.i remember a frnds frnds who was "seen" by a guys family...guy was modern types...atleast he looked like..andhe had some hundred stupid conditions imposed which are typical of how indian women shud behave////crap!..

imp question...how come no anon comments??!

Ajay said...

in mega form...

Ajay said...

ne way off topic...u like Terry Pratchett? i've heard abt him..not read him tho...

Freaky Chakra said...

did u get the "pun" on my last comment? cuz iam a bit confused by what u had to say about it :)

Grafxgurl said...

@shayeri - HELLO. this is the real world!..there is a time to ignore and a time to NOT spare the ROD!!

that girl in pink said...

shocking!!! who is this creep and what does he have against you? what the fuck is he so pissed off about that he's taking it out on you in such a bad way??

listen, i think he needs worse treatment than this. people who know him should realise what a piece of shit he is. think of something more shaming for him!!!

i have to rush for a meeting now, but rest assured i will be paying absolutely no attention to what the discussions and will only be thinking of vile ways to rub this idiot's face in shit. will get back to you once i have some ideas. toodles!

Vishnupriya said...

we want to know more about this person. do tell. i just love bitchfests.

Vasu the terrible said...

:)... Tell me, does he ever visit your blog ??

and what about my query on autograph ? Care to explain ?

There are all kinds of people in this world, who would say all kinds of things. You are right, they cant say, but is it worth your time to get pissed off everytime some jerk says something ?

At this rate, you would develop hypertension.

I am from gummudipundi.. whats wrong with that ? Yeah, I know there is water shortage, no bus, no road and no cell coverage. But apart from that what else is wrong ?

just kidding. chill punk..Been reading your breathless arguments all summer. I Admit, just couldnt match up. Been fighting my own battles on the blog world.

What is mysoganist about autograph ? you mean the kerala episode ?? I thought sneha handled her role superbly. Dint she ? Or is it the ending, our man strutting all his ex-girlfriends/crushes to his wedding ??

Thats it isnt it ?

Mukund said...

seri oru vishayam sollu....avanukku oru arai koduthaya illaya?

Surya said...


So...people cross seven seas to come to a different continent but their minds and eyes are still shut.

By the way...why the title 'Misplaced Love' for this?

Sriram said...

Baaaah.. i write on fucked-up desi behavior and what do i get? t.r.o.l.l.s!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ shayeri: ahhhh. shayeri, women having Phd in bitchiness is only.a.myth.


men are equally if not more(in some cases) capable of spreading vile rumors.

But I see that Mahi and grafx have answered you perfectly and said everything wayy better than I could have managed so I'll leave it at that.:-)

@ mahi: hughughug.

@ yogi: oi loosu:P. I knoe one-peice???? ABACHARAM. :P

@ fj: I do? Who are you? Email pls!

@ reflex: nah reflex, Im not. These culture guardians will run amok if we turn a blind eye. :D

@ sakshi: yullow fellow team captain! ;)....ohhhh so youve dealt with the SIF jokers too! Of course I'll help! I'll do anything to humiliate those SIF nutjobs....hee hee....
and thank you!

@ why am I: Im surprised too??? wow, peace prevails after all....*phew*...:P

@ ajay: I COMMAND you to start reading Pratchett right away! Ajay padikka arambi, serious a sollaraen. :)

@ freaky: of course I got your pun, silly!:P

@ grafx: hughughug. thanks yo. :)

@ that girl in pink: OOOOOOOO! I want IDEAS! *waits impatiently for girl in pink to return *

@ vishnupriya: glad to be of service...:D. Ohhh and any ideas on inflicting torture and humiliation?...:P

@ vasu: my apologies for not answering your question. :(

Ive been caught up in loads of things, and Ive been ignoring my increasing pile of email...sorry again. As for getting hypertension, Im fine. I repeat, I am fine. I think Ive said this before, but I do not drive myself insane...I am quite happy, infact. Thats just my style and tone of writing. :)

Yes, and that is one of the sexist aspects in Autograph.

@ mukund: avanuku arai laam kudhutha no use, Ive done something much worse...:)

@ surya: look at the title. Read the post. And then look at the title again. It'll make sense...:)

@ sriram: I saw! I saw! Its about time you got a few trolls man! * dodges srirams bullets*


Anonymous said...

I am no way supporting your white shoe 'enemy' ;-).

But, though you've a lot of claps up there, you'll head no where in your life with it.

the wannabe indian punkster said...


why me?

FJ said...

Lets see if u can find who I am. I think u can..just think a bit more.

dead man walkin said...

just came across ur blog tumbling..
n found weired reading ur blog..
m sure..the background u have come from u never needed to bend urself.down..instead of writing it that way if u would have written how to improve the condition of women in india then may be have made some purpose..
no offences..dnt get me wrong...
just felt my opinion...

Surya said...

Misplaced or something else... but is it love?

RefleXtion said...

Beyond the rivers of babylon, past the mystic caves of the wailing maidens and the dead forest there is an island. Sabre Tooth mountain the one with the highest peak has a secret cave that holds what you seek - The Gruffs Medallion. Find it and your world will be rid of all the darkness and these trolls!!!

Ha ha...started reading all these cool norwegian folktales...very neat stuff!

Anna said...

back. no publishable comments on this one. will chat sometime?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ fj: I did! :D

@ dead man walkin: you must have come across this word before...its called COHERENCE. What is your point? And you contradict yourself in your comment.

Really, I give up trying to decipher your comment.

@ surya: errr, that would be SARCASM.
comprendo? :D

@ reflextions: dei! ha ha ha....but it does sound interesting though! Try getting your hands on Norwegian mythology with respect to their Gods and Goddesses, its super-interesting. :)

@ anna: HULLO! Where have you been? And yes we'll chat on gtalk!..:)

Yogi said...

CLAP CLAP down here too anon look look!!:) oh btw neil gaiman rocks, im done with all of them, what do i do now??

Anna said...

megs megs megs.... check this out. tell me if u've seen the bg pic somewhere before????

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ yogi: hee hee, I told you :)

@ anna: oi anna! I did it for him, dumbo! See the template credit :)

LIT said...

You know, while I think this guy is a real jerk and needs to grow up, I must say that I am being "educated" here on the million ways a guy can be insulted and condemned. :)) .. rotflmao

My 3 sisters would have ripped him to shreds by now!!

AYTIDA said...

i've come across a couple of students at my univ here who used to behave this way....... i tried to talk sense into them but those fools never agree to anything other than what they think/do......

luckily i changed apartments last year and havent seen then since....

GOD save them before somebody like you goes and kills them

Deepti said...

Bastard. And the story sure does sound extremely familiar.

jax said...

I am sure that this guy, even if he read your post three times over, assuming that his pea brain gets him past the disclaimer, wouldn't get a clue that you are talking about him. Tell me he religiously carries a lunch-dabba with curd rice and pickles in it to college everyday!

Da Rodent said...

aw.. now even coffee day is not safe?? grr..

Vasu the terrible said...


This is the problem I have. Associations by leaps. Its not a super serious or super offended reaction, but neither is it a trivial or flippant one.

Why do people associate behavioural attributes with cultural indentifiers.

What should being an asshole have to do with carrying a dubba of thairsadham.

An ashole is a universally ocurring creature. You can find him eating vadapav, butterchicken, steak cooked rare and thairsadam.

It is personal. Damm I love my thairsadam as much as chicken tikka.. esp with some nice avakai..

urghbbb ok that was a burp.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ lit: ohhhhh, now I miss my sister...:(

@ aytida: hahahahaha, love the last line in your comment:D

@ deepti: Yullo! Long time! Look whos come out of hibernation!

@ jax: hullo, first of all and welcome to the turf.:)

And I think the poor deranged nut would need a dictionary to decipher what I've written in this post. His errr...english language skills are well....a 'little' rusty you see...:D

@ da rodent: I know, when I read that I was like NO freakin WAY...that is so damn retarded...:'(

@ vasu: oh, come on vasu...lighten up will ya? Its as obvious as daylight that jax was joking.

It was meant in good fun, its only curd rice man, jeez!

ease up!

Twisted DNA said...

I hope he is really from Gummadipudi, in Andhra. I am calling up friends from that place :) I grew up not too far from there.

RefleXtion said...

I don't know dee...you think these guys will give up / grow up if you stop giving them attention and start ignoring them?
All these incidents are so dumb and childish...I mean how old are these people?

Casablanca said...

Slap him I say! Of course he will deny any involvement, but slap him nonetheless. Idiots!

Vignesh said...

What sad, deranged worlds they live in... The fact of the matter though is that, this kinda moral policing is quite rampant these days man... these critters are all over the place -- they were all over college, figured they'd grow up but no... abound even at work... and in most cases the critters are too dumb to even explain such things to... a shotgun at point blank range works best methinkkgs.

One of these days I really ought to land up here sooner than 82 comments :)

Sriram said...

OK. I'm PISSED off right now. I have no access to gmail, yahoomail or webmail from my client's office and I have access to blogspot. does that make sense? also, where the hell are you? seems like you've fallen off the face of the earth. gimme a holler sometime today.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ghost Particle said...

excellent read.

that girl in pink said...

i'm back!
ok, revenge plan- spread the rumour that he's got syphilis. when he's confronted he'll deny it by admitting the truth: that he's a virgin and the only sexual experience he's had is with lap dancers whom he's not allowed to touch.

dead man walkin said...

I never said I am against ur views...
all I said was if u have written it for male bashing....then.....
instead why dnt u come out with which can b done..smth like operation white noise..again thats personal view..

eternal flunky said...

shit! thats some sad shit...do remember though that he's just A guy.... y do these people do this to the rest of their kind?!?! anyway, we'l deal with the mother when he's back in gumidipundi...

eternal flunky said...

and mishtar Deadman... 'why write at all?' why do these dumb nutty journalists and stuff waste their time writing articles and al?!?! y not jus go shoot bush/thakeray? y'm i wasting my time commenting... lets meet up?!? watsay?

Vijayeta said...
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Vijayeta said...

Oh Dear! People like this are crawling out of the woodwork! I know at least 3 such freaks and the only solution to their problems with other ppl's lives/clothes/lifestyles/ career choices is to line them and shoot them.
Ok, that may be a little extreme, but i can totally understand how angry this must make you. Having encountered such kind of people in college, during Post Grad nonetheless. We had them coming from the deep interiors of the cow belt dictating a dress code and moral code to women in the university.
I hope he reads this blog!

Primalsoup said...

Hehe, you sure have all the “luck” in the world!
But seriously, hope the message has reached the intended recipient! And errrm, white shoes??? Ewwww! :D

weedwanderer said...

Hehe..nicely written although a tad overdone.Revenge is a dish served well when its just warm enough.Think you blew up the damn oven with this one.Simmering.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

for this character, NOTHING is overdone. He deserved all this and more.

Hari said...

Yappa.. andha 'YO DUDE' seththannu nenaikkaren..:)
Anyways good post!

La vida Loca said...

hey those ass h@#%s aren't going anywhere.Annnd they are omnipresent.And they need to be castratedI think :D

Little Dandelion "My tomorrows will shine" said...

typical mcp, these upholders of the so called indian culture should get some balls. oh my word.