Get off the Britney Bashers Bandwagon, please.

Boy, am I stark raving mad. And personally going through the two worst days of my entire year does not bleeping help.

Anyway, I sat through the VMA’s and I’m thinking god, how awful was this year’s ludicrous we’re going to stick a camera in different rooms and watch OTHER people get wasted and have fun, yo excuse of a legitimate theme, even for an award show as laidback as the VMA’s.

[And I have to say that that’s really not the reason for my ire. Oh no, it isn’t.]

So I watched Britney’s over-hyped opening performance and it was basically lackluster and banal and frankly I thought she looked a little wasted and possibly a wee bit high. Even her lip-syncing was atrocious, and how disoriented must you be to truly botch lip-syncing? But nowhere and I repeat nowhere, did I look at her and go OHMYGAWD SHE’S OBESE, GROSS!

But apparently there are a lot of folks out there, who are bent on doling out harsh and unforgiving critiques on her oh-so-flabby body along with criticizing her performance.

If you refuse to believe me and mulishly choose to state that none of the critiques on her performance mentioned her weight, then slither out of your hole of denial and do a simple exercise. Google search her performance. Watch any news show. Case in point: Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Watch clips on YouTube. Look at the comments if you can bear to stomach them.

And if you still don’t cringe, and maintain that all this is just marvelously funny, then read on, buttwipe. This post is for the likes of pond scum like you.

It is apparent that Britney does not look like she did before. This is obviously a huge crime in Hollywood land and in the eyes of the general populace; because how dare she not maintain the scarily taut fembot-like body she used to sport as a teenager and actually look healthy and fertile. Since she has curves now (oh the horror), and however good or lovely her curves may look, curves = miserably fat by popular standards these days. Who cares about the fact that she, with her so called fat-ass, in her bikini, would still look better than 99% of the hand-wringers sitting on their couches and howling derisively or having convulsive fits at her imaginary rolls of fat, can ever hope to look. Heck I’ll go all out on a limb and say that she probably looked better and hotter than any of us for that matter in her sparkly bikini.

By all means, I have nothing against critiquing her performance at the VMA’s, but pond scum, this does not mean that you get to pile on her for being ‘obese’ or for ‘being a bad mother’ or even saying that she’s worse than that fucking tool K-Fed.

So here’s how you criticize her performance:

- Pick on her dancing. Or the lack thereof.

- Observe that her lip-syncing went awry.

- Get nitpicky about her tacky outfit and her evident lack of practicing her song or rehearsing her moves.

Here’s how you don’t criticize her performance:

- Derisively howling at her so called rolls of fat or indignantly claiming that she’d better start hitting the gym and working on losing her paunch. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Where is this apocryphal paunch you seem to be rabidly harping on about? And why the fuck doesn’t anyone pick on a male artist for sporting a jolly old paunch or flab or a double chin? Screw all of that, when was the last time someone criticized a male musician or pop star for not having washboard abs and a chiseled physique? Reuben Stoddard anyone? Or Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band? Oh, I can feel the outrage already, how dare I call Dave Matthews fat, he looks so normal blah blah, spare me the sermon, please. If I judge Dave Matthews by the unrealistic and execrable standards with which you pond scum trash Britney, then he’s positively schlubby and gross. Do you see it now?

- Calling her a bad mother. So, she’s not a perfect mother. Who the fuck is? She is as good or as bad a mother as any other mother is. Just because she’s a celebrity and just because buttwipes like you can’t leave her the heck alone, that doesn’t make her a bad parent. That makes her human. *

It’s positively disquieting to see how it’s all fun and games now, when somebody crashes and burns in front of our eyes. How it’s A-ok to point contemptuously and roll with mirth at a woman who has clearly become a victim of the very Madonna/whore dichotomy she was made to represent, by being the teenage dewy eyed innocent virgin with the taut body who sang songs like ‘hit me baby one more time’.

As soon as she grew out of the virtuous but dirty schoolgirl image, hand-wringers and pond scum and men who paroxysmally threw a fit at her supposed fat ass while gleefully jacking off to her 17-18 year old image, climbed on to the disingenuous Britney Bashers Bandwagon.

We put her up on an unrealistic fembot pedestal and now that she’s proven herself to be human, we snigger mockingly and heap piles of shame on her. Yeah, this is what we’ve come to.

Now lets howl at Britney's fat ass.


*For more reading on how Britney's actually human, make your way to these excellent posts by Sue and the Mad Momma.


Aravind said...

Can we comment on her godawful talent? I once saw her childhood performance when she was about 13 and was mesmerized, she should have stopped making music and just sung.

FYI, Clare Oliver a 26 year old in Australia died of a melanoma caused due to a solarium session.

Media unfortunately makes all kinds of beauty descriptions for us.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Agree with most of what u said.

Though, it is impossible to decide whether she is a good mom or not requires some more facts than what the critics or the general public has.

Szerelem said...

SO agree with you on this. 100%
I didn't watch the show but I was so shocked that people called here obese....I mean WTF?????
In fact she looked trimmer than she has in the past...
There's a limit to being mean to someone, no?

??! said...

Two things -
1) Agreed, the 'fat' factor was overdone, but then considering Britney sold herself all those years on exactly that platform (being sexy, oh hit me), then isn't the criticism justified. Yes, it's wrong to call her fat, but she had some of it coming by pretending to be skinny-assed. Especially in that...costume.

2) Don't excuse her parenting. Forget the seatless driving, etc - can you imagine growing up and being mocked at by being shown pictures of your mom's crotch being publicly aired?

Renovatio said...

Or making out with lindsay lohan et al for that matter.

Drunken Master said...

Britney is the product of a great marketing machine, as are most "pop artistes". The bigger and more clueless they are, the harder they fall.

I laughed when I saw her clip on CNN because I saw I could dance waaaaayy better than that, but I never thought she was fat!

As someone who doesn't mind little pasta pouches in the right places on his girl, I had no qualms about her shape (though I never found her very good looking to begin with). By that standard, most "hot" girls I know are practically obese!

And the less said about Sarah Silverman the better. How the hell can anyone call her talented?????

DufusMaximus said...

Can't imagine a whole post on Britney stuff and can't imagine I am replying to this, but ...

There is a different set of standards for Britney and all those 'fembots' who've managed to earn so much money without real musical talent. They *are* a LOT about the image, the figure, the icons of nubile s*xual temptation. And yeah, rolls of fat do interfere with that image and deserve to be called out, albeit not in terms like "obese" etc.

And btw, if you didn't pick on the (grossly apparent) distinction in beauty standards for guys and girls, welcome to the real world.

The Stig said...

"Calling her a bad mother. So, she’s not a perfect mother. Who the fuck is?"

Pardon me, but she has screwed up a LOT of times. Driving with a baby in her lap to me screams bad parent. And I give that to anyone who does such a thing, which you know. But she did pick a horrendous outfit and glad to know I'm not the only one who thought she looked a bit... high. That said, I hope she sorts herself out and takes better care of her kids, especially considering all the child custody malarky with K-Fed (don't even get me started on him!!)

Falstaff said...

I'm a little confused - what has anything that people say about Britney Spears got to do with musicians?

Indian Stallion said...

Well Britney has been using her sexuality and her hot body to sell her music all these years.

Nothing wrong with that, except that it isn't unreasonable for her to be now criticized for doing the exact same thing now, you can't have it both ways.

The media gives and the media taketh away.

La vida Loca said...

No Britney is not fat. I have no comment on her parenting skills. Like you say she is human.
But she has given a LOT of tabloid fodder. And crotch shots. That was a bad idea.

shark said...

I seriously pity her! I mean come on... just 26 years old and what all she has to go thru.

That belly (or paunch to be specific) thing was simply too much!

I think we should have encouraged her more after she came back rehab and a suicide attempt.. .but we are doing this to her... more of pushing her back to it I guess!

Anurag said...

Oh come on! I don't know of a single guy having access to the net (including me) who did not want to check out her crotch shots. It then seems a little hypocritical to me to criticize her about it. Those shots would never have made it to tabloids had it not been for men.

Secondly, we Indians should not complain about her being a bad mom for driving with her kid outside the seat. I mean, how many people do you find buckled up here? Every single day I come across someone letting a kid steer the car or hold the handle of the bikes (yes, while driving). Who cares whether she is a bad mom or not? She is not my mom, and I definitely don't care.

However, I have no opinion about people calling her fat.

Rohini said...

Hmmm... *runs away to hide her 'paunch' under a baggy T-shirt*

Spunky Monkey said...

All too true, punkster.
Again the media is to blame. The Ryan Seacrests and the Giuliana(?) Depandis of the world would go out of work and SO out of shape if they did not pick on people who have already been picked on enough.
A flat note, uninspired singing, ridiculous lyrics..NO, they do not merit criticism. But, a 0.1 mm paunch, and a slightly bleh bikini(oh the UNIMAGINABLE horror) makes them convulse like rabid dogs on extra-strong convulsants(if there is such a thing).

Meh. Gah. Bah. Whatever.

Nice post you.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Aravind: Hello! And yes, I really don’t have an issue with people discussing her awful talent or the lack thereof, but when it degenerates into fat-bashing or worse, then that’s when I think it gets ugly and quite frankly, wrong. Heck I’m not perfect, but come on.

@ Blogger Bhaiyya: Thanks. And that’s perfectly valid.

@ Szerelem: I know! And obviously she’s not going to have the body of a 17 year old for f**k’s sake! She’s given birth to two kids and she’s 25-26 people, it’s not humanly possible for her to have the body she had when she was a teen! And she’s not FAT by any standards. I am so with you on this one.

@ ??!: 1) Agreed, the 'fat' factor was overdone, but then considering Britney sold herself all those years on exactly that platform (being sexy, oh hit me), then isn't the criticism justified. Yes, it's wrong to call her fat, but she had some of it coming by pretending to be skinny-assed. Especially in that...costume.

She’s not seventeen anymore. She’s had two kids and she’s 26. It is impossible for her to look the way she did when she was a teen. And she looks great now, pregnancy or not. She has a few curves now, but *eyeroll*, curves are evil. And why is the criticism justified? Women who don’t meet pornified standards for beauty need to be shamed now?

It’s funny because I didn’t get the memo giving me social permission to project all sorts of hate and derision onto Spears just because she dared to flaunt her slender body before and oh noes!, she's gained a few pounds now. And I thought it was a good thing to celebrate her curves. But hey, that’s just me I guess.

2) Don't excuse her parenting. Forget the seatless driving, etc - can you imagine growing up and being mocked at by being shown pictures of your mom's crotch being publicly aired?

If you looked at the post closely, nowhere did I excuse her parenting. But I honestly don’t think that she deserves the hate and the flak and the ‘lets take her kids away’ rabidness she gets for it. Not every parent is perfect and as Indians, it’s even more ridiculous for us to harp on about the lack of a seatbelt or people holding their kids in the front seat. Nobody wears a seatbelt in India and I’ve personally seen people let their little kids sit in the front, hold the steering wheel, sit and steer a bike while the adult changed the gears etc, the list goes on and on.

And as for her crotch shots, do you honestly think that that’s the worst thing which will affect her children? How about an awful marriage with a tool like K-Fed? And while were piling on Britney, lets pile on all the pornstars and Madonna and Demi Moore and all the other women who dared to have children after flaunting their bodies, and collectively scarlet letter them. Why don’t we also start picking on the awful dad’s out there?

@ Renovatio: Making out with Madonna, you mean. :)

@ Drunken: Thank you! And Sarah Silverman exudes meanness. I cannot see how she is funny, by any stretch of the imagination. I totally agree.

@ Dufusmaximus: But tell me, where are these rolls of fat? As far as I can see she doesn’t have any, she looks great.

@ The Stig: Please pile on K-Fed no, pretty please. :D

@ Falstaff : Ah, but by popular standards, she is considered a musician (ok, soporific pop star would be more accurate), however ludicrous it may seem. I was just going with the flow. Oh well, I try. Heh.

@ Indian Stallion: Refer to my answer to ??!’s comment. And come on, just because the media taketh, giveth er, whatever, that doesn’t make it right or give us an excuse to pile on her.

@ La Vida Loca: Yup, but I honestly don’t think that her crotch shots are worth the piles of attention its been getting.

@ Shark: True. I thought she looked fantastic and healthy at the VMA’s but hey I guess I’m part of a woeful minority.

@ Anurag: So damn true. You took the words right out of my mouth. *bows*

@ Rohini: lol! You look great, shut up you. :P

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Spunky monkey (god I love your handle): Many thanks! Oh yeah, lets pick on her imaginary paunch and act all outraged, because how dare she gain a few pounds and not meet pornstar standards! The blasphemy, I tell you. It makes me want to tear my hair out.

Renovatio said...

Oh whatever, she made out with another woman, and I love her to death for that. Regardless of how annoying and talentless she and her music are.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Renovatio: And I shall go yay, you! for echoing my sentiments, more or less. :D

Renovatio said...

No no, I just meant it for the 'whole making out with another woman' part. I don't care enough about her to have an opinion about how she looked at the awards thingie.

Oh wait, she looked pretty good... shit.

And you seem to have no faith in my updating ability.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Renovatio: Ack! You're fast! And doesn't she look quite good? I don't think shes fat at all, by any means.

Renovatio said...

You're faster, actually. She's not 'quite' good yet, needs more... curves.

Falstaff said...

punkster: I'm not so sure anyone takes her seriously as a musician. Which, I suspect, is why nobody's bothering to criticize her performance per se - the fact that she sucks is not news. We already knew that. The only surprising thing is that she (supposedly) doesn't look perfectly toned. Which is why it's inviting so much comment.

The larger point is that I'm not sure this is a male / female thing so much as it is a talented musician vs. shallow celebrity thing. Which is why the Dave Matthews comparison doesn't work. Would anyone care if say, Tracy Chapman or Dolores O'Riordan put on a few pounds (I'm not even going to start on opera sopranos)? I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong. Would it be great if we lived in a world where people didn't objectify women or hold them to ridiculous standards of "beauty"? Absolutely. Would it be wonderful if musicians were judged on the basis of their musical talent and not on how they looked / their personal lives. Sure. Would we ever have heard of Britney Spears in a world like that? I seriously doubt it.

Besides, these are the MTV awards we're talking about. The whole channel is built on a subculture of superficial showmanship and stereotypical body image. Why would anyone who wasn't that shallow be watching the show at all? What's ridiculous is that the mainstream media would even waste time on so trivial a story. I mean really, so let's say Britney has grown fat and is a bad mother. Who cares?

Aravind said...

Megha, thank you for voicing such concerns against the media. Did you happen to see the youtube video of the guy who was really upset about this whole affair? Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc

It was reported by The Age (newspaper here in Aus) and it was the most viewed article for 24 hours straight.

Meanwhile the terror attack in Hyderabad did not get reported.

??! said...

Right there with Falsie.
As you said, she looks quite well for a 26-year-old mother-of-two. But the point is, she was trying to make out that she wasn't. She tried to pull off this whole "oh-look-at-me" act, and it didn't match to what she had been portraying herself as all these years, and it backfired. Spectacularly.

And yes, you can almost see the pressure getting to her. She froze. It's probably that simple.

The Dude said...

hmmm.. well cant say i disagree with you on any count..
didnt really watch her performance myself but yeah, theres been a lot of fat brit jokes floatin around pretty much everywhere.
personally i hate pop music and the bubblegum and lovey dovey type more then all others, but have always disliked the obsession with the celebs themselves and more so the need to abuse them...
it seems to be a hallmark of human nature to destroy their idols, in fact there was this poem i liked a lot awhile back that was something like this:
they put him on a pedestal,
a narrow and a tall one.
then they sat and watched his fall,
a hard and a long one.
(or something along those lines)
but i figure thats what people do, we crave heroes and idols but eventually theres some kinda jealousy or somethin and we have to tear them apart.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Renovatio: Ah, your standards are too exacting, sir.

@ Falstaff: When you say performance, do you mean singing ability or the ability to put on a good show or both? A performance does not involve just singing, at least when it comes to mainstream pop stars, right? We all know that Britney is not known for her terrific singing voice, but she has been credited for giving some decent high energy performances before, with tons of over-the-top effects and dancing, for which she has never gotten any flak in the past.

I’m not too sure as to how you came to the conclusion that nobody seems to bother with criticizing her performance, because that’s not entirely accurate. Everybody has criticized her performance and along with criticizing her performance, they’ve taken it upon themselves to pile on her weight and harp on about how she’s an awful mom. And that’s basically what I have a problem with.

I don’t entirely agree with you about your talented musician vs. shallow celebrity thing. First of all who constitutes who a real ‘musician’ is as opposed to who is not? Maybe to folks like you or me, Britney does not entirely constitute a ‘real musician’ but there are tons of people out there that fervently believe that she is. And in the same vein, I don’t really think that the music belted out by Dave Matthews or his band is good by any means, or suggestive of ‘talent’. It’s completely bland, and frankly I don’t think they have any business of classifying their music as ‘alternative rock’ for crying out loud. Again this boils down to perceptions, what you think constitutes as ‘good’ music, may not be good for others. And if you think that the comparison doesn’t work for you then fine, you can switch Dave Matthews with Sean Kingston or Reuben Stoddard (I’ve mentioned him in the post) or even Justin Timberlake or any member of the laughable Good Charlotte or Fall Out Boy.

You could also argue that Britney is all about her image in comparison to Tracy Chapman who is not, and I agree. But the thing is, it is humanly impossible to expect her to maintain that fembotish, I’m pure but I’m also slutty type image she had as a seventeen year old. Part of the appeal of that image was the fact that she was a teen. She’s not a teen anymore and people should just lay off and allow her to grow.

I’m also surprised that you don’t think it is about sexism. Of course it is, because you don’t see anyone go up in arms about Justin Timberlake and his constant routine of power partying or Joel Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte. Joel Madden was with Hilary Duff for two years. He suddenly dumped her and started dating Nicole Richie who within weeks of dating him, announced that she was pregnant with Joel’s baby. And don’t even get me started on K-Fed and his shenanigans. But when it comes to Britney, she’s not allowed to make normal mistakes that pretty much all of us make to varying degrees.

It is interesting to see that the actions of male pop stars or musicians or whatever are more easily accepted and accomodated by our culture. If thats not representative of a double standard, then I dont know what is.

(yikes, this is a long comment)

@ Aravind: Erm, thanks!

@ ??!: And that criticism is perfectly valid, but calling her fat or a bad mother is a low blow. That has nothing to do with her performance, anyway.

@ The dude: Yup. And hello!

Falstaff said...

punkster: The point is that if you make a career based on an image of being "I’m pure but I’m also slutty" then it's valid for other people to criticize you for not living up to that image. What Britney is offering her fans (or at least some portion of her fans - I find it hard to believe that anyone is catatonic enough to consider what she does music, but I'll take your word for it - I clearly know a lot less about this whole 'pop' thing) is an impossible fembotish image, so it's not a low blow to slam her for not living up to it, it's a valid criticism for her not delivering on the expectations she's been instrumental in creating. And my stores of sympathy are too small to waste them on no-talent pop stars who first perpetuate this kind of ridiculous objectification and are then upset because it comes back to bite them.

And the point isn't that people aren't criticizing her performance, the point is that criticizing her performance is not news. They still say it, but they need more. Imagine if you wrote a piece saying "Britney performed at the VMA and guess what! she has no talent!" - I find it hard to believe that anyone would consider this surprising / news. People are picking on this other stuff, because Britney's music is not and has never been interesting enough to be worth discussing.

Finally, on sexism - I guess for me there's a distinction between the general sexism of women getting objectified more than men (which clearly exists, and is clearly wrong) and any particular victimization of Britney because she's a woman (which I don't see). I don't see women artists automatically getting held to some artificial standard of sexiness (at least not in this example) - which is the point of the Tracy Chapman example. All I see is women artists who choose to perpetuate the myth of their own impossible sexiness (a choice that I find deeply troubling) getting held to that as a standard. I can't really speak to whether male artists who do the same get more slack, partly since I don't know enough about them, but partly because the larger sexism means that they're just fewer of them around. As far as I'm concerned, though, if Justin Whatshisname puts on five pounds before his next performance the media should go after him for having a paunch as well.

Also, for the record, I'm focusing on the Britney being fat criticism, I'm with you on criticisms of her abilities as a mother being ridiculous, though I have to say that the comparison you implicitly make between neglecting a child and breaking up with an adult (I confess to not knowing, and not caring, what "power partying" is) is a little silly.

Sparsh said...

I think it's high time celebrities be treated like humans. Then we wont give a damn about their being a bad parent/being fat/not being their best some days. Just because you praised them once does not give you the right to bash them this way.

Media can definitely do her a favor n leave her alone, and let those who *really* care for her and her life deal with her kids and her personal issues.

Drunken Master channeling Lifeboat said...

If Britney really wuz good mother, she wud not wear her undergarments in public men. If she was good mother she wud be at home with her chilren. There is nuthing wrong with being fat but showing off in public is so unwomanly.

Why doesnt she learn to cook like every other good wife men? She thinks just because she is divorce she can go out and do anything? She need good men to teach her how to behave, just like you need one.

Britney wuz my fav singer because she have good songs and was virgin till wedding night. Now I will never listen to her again.

Renovatio said...

Oh and why not, being god's greatest gift to womankind gives me some right to be choosy ya know.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Falstaff:
What you call ‘valid’ criticism, I find it hard to digest. She’s had two children and she’s 26. I really don’t think it’s possible for her to look the way she did when she was seventeen. How is the criticism ‘valid’ when you are criticizing her for something she is not (fat) and for not living up to something which is quite impossible (her teen body), when she’s obviously not a teen anymore and she’s a mother of two kids? What I find disturbing is the fact that she was processed and spoilt and made to look hyper sexualized while she was a teen, and now that she’s grown up and grown out of that image (as people are wont to do) she gets degraded and punished for it. When it comes to weight, women in show business are given little or no room for so called ‘mistakes’. Go below the highly improbable ‘correct’ weight range and the media will wax eloquent about how ‘concerned’ they are about their anorexia (or the lack thereof) indulging in several cringeworthy speculations; dare to go above the acceptable ‘limit’ and the same women will get slammed for being grossly overweight. Instead of blaming her for her non-existent paunch or her imaginary rolls of fat, criticizing her poor outfit choice would have made much more sense. As far as I can see, the unflattering outfit seems to be the real culprit here, not her ‘grossly overweight’ body.

Now, while her earlier VMA appearances were indeed newsworthy, she was never slammed for her performance because, dare I say it? She has never put on a bad performance. Her appearances have always been well rehearsed and scrupulously planned spectacles to showcase cleverly packaged music. This time however, her performance was indeed awful (disoriented and unrehearsed) and predictably the media pounced on it. I think that slamming her for everything else along with her performance has become a sort of macabre sport, as every action of hers has been scrutinized to the nth degree so far, her bad performance was just the catalyst they needed to revisit all her past ‘mistakes’ and pile on her some more. And just because it happens, that doesn’t mean its right, by any means.

Also, I cannot understand how you have come to the conclusion that pop-stars like Britney Spears ‘choose’ out of their own deep seated accord, to perpetuate their own sexiness. So you’re saying that these pop-stars in their adulthood should be held accountable to a standard which they represented in their teens (or early adolescence in some cases). Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe they were playing up to an insidious cultural standard, which expects young women to exude sexiness, but be approachable, pure and innocent all at the same time? That stars like Britney were taught and made to sing songs which represented just that, a muddled Madonna/ whore personage in pre-pubescent girls clothing? I say ‘taught’ and ‘made to’ because I cannot blame her for what she represented as a young teen. I hated what she represented, but I don’t think it’s valid on my part to blame a teenager for it, I would probably blame her vast team, her managers and her handlers who fed her that image and told her to belt it out.

I am not absolving Spears of anything, nor am I saying that she should not be blamed at all. I am only shocked at the hypocrisy and the dangerous precedent set by people calling her ‘fat’ when she isn’t, and expecting her to magically maintain her teen body postpartum, when in fact she’s no longer a teen. She’s grown up. She has a grown woman’s body. People should stop feigning outrage and accept the impossibility of a grown woman having a teen’s body, especially postpartum.

Oh and about the example, I intended to expand on it, by asking you to switch the roles and imagine the horrendous media frenzy that would occur had it been Britney who dumped her ‘boyfriend’ and announced that she was pregnant with another guy’s baby, within weeks of dumping her boyfriend. That’s what I was going for and I admit I could have been clearer. My apologies.

@ Sparsh: No Sparsh, they don't deserve to be treated decently. We will exploit the crap out of them when we want and then enjoy their grand fall and heap shame on them, accordingly. It's painful is what it is.

@ Drunken: Bwahahahahaha! oh my god, I bow to your greatness, lifeboat channelizer! And you do make some decent points while channelizing lifeboat, although nobody can attempt to be as smart as him.

@ Renovatio: Oh, yes. I totally forgot about the 'gods greatest gift to womankind' bit, in that case you can be as exacting as you want. I will not begrudge your choices. :D

Falstaff said...

punkster: So what it comes down to is whether Britney is to be held responsible for the image she's been projecting all the years. If one believes that she's been forced to adopt the image against her will, then I completely agree that she deserves sympathy. But I don't buy that. Yes, I am saying that people should be held accountable for the actions they take. Of course she's playing up to an insidious cultural standard - but that's a choice she's making. No one's forcing her to do so (I don't know what you mean by "made to sing songs" - who's holding this notional gun to her head?). And where does all this guff about adolescence come into it. She's still doing it, isn't she? If she hates it so much why doesn't she quit? Why didn't she quit 10 years ago? Spinelessness and greed are not, in my books, cause for sympathy.

At any rate, it's clear that where you see a helpless victim of some sexist conspiracy I see an ambitious young woman who used a retrograde image to catapult herself to success despite her lack of talent, and does not deserve any sympathy for the fact that other people are now beating her at her own game. I'm entirely with you on the fact that this kind of unrealistic image obsession is disgusting and ridiculous, but I see Britney as being fully complicit in the perpetuation of that image and therefore think she deserves all the criticism she's getting. I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree on that.

Renovatio said...

What do you mean you forgot?!? Wasn't it wholly apparent from the sheer sexiness oozing out of all typed words?

You give and you give and you give, and they forget all about your alias being 'sezzieness personified'. Sheesh.

LiFeBoAt said...

I did not want to comment here again. but whn ur friends start insultin' thats when i cant be quiet n silent. come on man drinkin master please tell me wht i have done to u....I think punksters ideas are not good and touchy-feely and idiotic... a blog is public so I leave comments tellin her. what is ur place in this?if she has a problem or she is scared then she should not blog. if she blogs then a blog is public so ppl like me will tell her she is wrong that is my right....wht is ur problem in all of this.punkstr tell ur friends to mind their words.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Falstaff: It’s not about holding a gun to anyone’s head, inasmuch as I find it uncomfortable to judge someone based on the choices they made as a teen. Having said that though, I do have to admit that I understand where you’re coming from, and I see your point.

I do know that Britney’s not a teen anymore and I also know that she was complicit in making an ass of herself at the VMA’s. Why agree to appear at all, when you’re evidently not ready, mentally or otherwise? And I guess I do have a larger reserve of sympathy than you do (heh), because I feel that she suicidally does what she does since I really don’t think she knows any better. After all, not everyone is a Madonna (who I think is no better than Britney in the talent department, only infinitely shrewder) who religiously and cleverly reinvents herself with unerring precision, constantly. And another evidence of my stores of sympathy (ok I’m loving this phrase more and more), is in the fact that while you think she deserves the criticism she gets because she was complicit in propagating a defunct, horrible standard, I see her as becoming a victim of the very same standard she used to represent and that’s where my sympathy reserves kick in.

And I still maintain that I don’t see anything wrong with criticizing her performance or her choices (K-Fed should be a prime example). I draw the line at calling her a bad mother or more importantly, fat. Calling her fat just seems so horribly inaccurate to me especially when in actuality, she’s not fat by any stretch of the imagination. And I cannot buy the standard (teen body) with which she’s being judged against, because that standard to me just seems erroneous. It is absolutely unrealistic to expect a grown woman with two kids to look like she did when she was seventeen or eighteen. So I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that. :-)

@ Renovatio: My bad, Mr.Saxyhawtness, this will not happen again. And I am ashamed, I should have known better. We are after all, sans serif soul-mates.


@ Lifeboat: Oh look who's coming here and crying uncle about how horribly they're being treated! You, Mr. Lifeboat, come here and make ad hominem attacks on whoever you deem worthy and then you have the nerve to ask me to control other people who comment over here.

You're such a riot lifeboat, you really really are.

Renovatio said...

That's more like it. Why the wailing though?

I love this lifeboat bugger, finally got out of his bloody shell? I'm curious though, didn't it promise to never come here again? It's funny that the moment someone channeled it, it seemed to pop up again. Damnit pal, I know having a thorny rose stem up your ass is uncomfortable, but the key's to not yank it.

nevermind said...

How utterly intriguing- your post and especially the reactions and responses that it's evoked. Don't close the thread/post again, will you? Will be back as soon as I get some work finished. 48 hrs, please. Weirdly, we seem to be thinking on similar lines, me in the Kate McCann context and you in this.

Vincent said...

Reuben and Dave Matthews(atleast before Everyday) are selling their music. They are not required to be physically fit unless they're going to strut about unclothed on album covers and videos.

In that wasted Britney clip-
britney: "HUH??!!"
"have you seen Back to the Future. is that possible to time travel speed.."
"i feel like i've been missing out on life.. "

Forget training in music, stage performance or Motherhood 101..
She needs help.

Drunken Master said...

Since you went into retirement, Lifeboat, old buddy, I was only telling that punk what I thought you would say had you not gone back into your cave. Please remember that you are my hero!

My idea was to further your cause, to tell the women of the world how they should really think, behave and act and I'm very hurt and upset that you are hurt and upset with me. This was never my intention (I'm sobbing as I write this, like I expect a good Indian woman should while watching a Saas-Bahu soap).

But the real questions for me lie here, my guru, do you disagree with my comment channeling you? Have I done you wrong? Have I tarnished your legacy forever? Please O learned one, let me know, I can't live without knowing.

Rohini said...

I know... just being silly :)

Anonymous said...

What is wrong in clling britne fat. Infact she is. Flabby and absolutely stoned. And whats wrong if she is a bad mother ? She is one, isnt she ?

Why do you get so upset about these things ? I guess you need to understand how showbiz works. Bitching takes you up the ladder and one day the very same bitching gets you down.

As for why male singers arent judged for their physique where as female singers are ? I can understand your angst and sympathise for the fact that women singers are judged differently. Cos thats show biz. Music sells mainly to the sexual hunger of man and emotional hunger of woman. So we need the britneys and aguilera to wriggle their perky bottoms right in front of my fat face for records to sell.

Women are more intelligent and sophesticated in their tastes, they actually feel the lyrics and enjoy the music.

This aint changing snytime soon. So stop your sobstory and gimme me more britney. I like fat women so that I can pinch and bite that extra fat.


Anonymous said...

It is inaccurate to call her fat, but at the same time her choice of outfit was unflattering and totally disastrous. She certainly could have done better in picking an outfit which was better suited for her current body-shape, and at the same time was sexy too (an image which she has knowingly cultivated and clearly wants to still maintain).

But I think that the media needs to ease up now, though it has nothing to do with her gender or celebrity. Earlier perhaps her behavior was justified fodder for the tabloids, a celebrity going wild and all. But over time - if one looks at the entire string of episodes as a continuous chain, what I see right now is an individual who is crashing. An individual who is perhaps going through the worst patch in her life, who needs help to be pulled out of it. So we need to stop laughing now because that would be hitting someone who is already down, and where's the decency in that?


Anonymous said...

It is inaccurate to call her fat, but at the same time her choice of outfit was unflattering and totally disastrous. She certainly could have done better in picking an outfit which was better suited for her current body-shape, and at the same time was sexy too (an image which she has knowingly cultivated and clearly wants to still maintain).

But I think that the media needs to ease up now, though it has nothing to do with her gender or celebrity. Earlier perhaps her behavior was justified fodder for the tabloids, a celebrity going wild and all. But over time - if one looks at the entire string of episodes as a continuous chain, what I see right now is an individual who is crashing. An individual who is perhaps going through the worst patch in her life, who needs help to be pulled out of it. So we need to stop laughing now because that would be hitting someone who is already down, and where's the decency in that?


the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Renovatio: The wailing was for me forgetting that you are Mr. saxyhawtness, get it? :P

@ Nevermind: Yay, you've finally resurfaced! I wont close this thread don't worry. All I have to do now, is to hold my breath and wait for your views. :)

@ Vince: Yes. I do think that this is a person who clearly needs all the help she can get. The least we (media, tabloids, general populace etc.) can do is to leave her alone. But thats like expecting the world to suddenly go flat.

@ Drunken: What did you do to deserve lifeboat's ire? Shame on you.

@ Rohini: Hee hee, silliness is fun. :D

@ Anon: Ok Mr. Industry-pundit, just because the industry works that way, that doesn't make it right. And as for your perversions, I would like it very much if you kept them to yourself. I just had my lunch and I don't want to vomit all over my keyboard, thanks.

@ ~N: Oh yes. What does that say about us? We pumped her up and put her on a pedestal when it was fun for us, and when she started her decline, we pile heaps of shame on her or howl derisively at her. Why is socially acceptable to hope that someone fails and then howl at them when they fall?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

why is it*

Gah, I cant type.

Mahogany said...

It would be really interesting to see what happens if Britney goes back to the studio with a decent producer and cuts a new album. She does have talent, and some good new music would simply make all the sniping about her appearance irrelevant. She certainly has the talent to pull it off.

Unfortunately for her, she's become the media's favorite bitch. They set the expectation that Britney can be the person that she was 10 years ago, but she's not. She's 10 years older. And when she tries to bethe person she was, she inevitably fails.

Cristina Aguilera seems to have figured out how to get out of that trap (or at least she has a smart manager who figured it out for her).

Renovatio said...

How do you forget something like that?!? How is it even conceivable. Shame on you!

I have to say, I'm going to continue to feel uppity towards M(r)s. Spears, she's just not put on enough weight. Curvy I say, curvy!

(Sexiness Personified likes curvy women)

Well Heeled said...

So she's gone over the bend a bit! The tabloid culture thrives on it. Which brings in more crazy from her. And so the circle continues.

But there has to be a point where we get rational, draw a line and say enough.

But until then, the voyeurs will enjoy the perverse circus!

Nits said...

write something...me bored.

Broom said...

I agree - leave Britney alone. Let's all listen to more of Kenny G, instead.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Whether or not you have kids, you can never look the way you did when you were a teenager. I thought Britney looked pretty good for recently having two children BUT I she is an awful mother. Aside from what the tabloids report, let's look at some of the facts, driving around with your baby on your lap is an absolute NO NO, Standing right next to your baby, with a cigarette in your hand right near your baby's face is an absolute NO NO as well (I was truly horrified when I saw this pic). Those are the two that I am going to comment on because there are pictures to prove it. She can be drunk, hopped up on drugs whatever but to neglect safety habits for her kids is unacceptable. They are rightly picking on her parental skills because she has none. Who else is going to bring to attention the plight that these kids are in?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Mahogany: Excellent point, Christina Aguilera has indeed figured out how to escape the trap. I'm just going to wait and see how Britney deals with this new debacle.

@ Ren: Uh huh. You do do you? Interesting. *cue mysterious mooshik* :)

@ Well heeled: Isn't it? Its such an awful vicious cycle, I hope it doesn't take a turn for the worse.

@ Nits: Gee thanks! My lackluster presence on the blog is because I've had a brutal week, three exams, one presentation and 2 quizzes. Thanks for thinking about this place though! It really does mean a lot to me and I will definitely have a post up this weekend. I'm actually grinning happily as I type this. :)

@ Broom: Bwahaha, dream on broom, dream on. Your plans of Kenny G world domination will never come to fruition. I shall see to it. Grr.

@ ~ms.cute pants~: Hello! And I'm not denying that shes an awful mother. But I don't think piling on her is warranted. Not every mother is perfect and shes really not the worst of 'em.

Sue said...

Er... can we not focus on the paunches of moms here? Would it not be more charitable to call them our war wounds or something?

Sue said...

You've been judged and found rocking!

Anonymous said...

I feel like laughing at your naivitie.. If you dont have huge tits, big butts, flat abs and flawless complexion. You dont have any business being in show biz.

Care a rats ass for rights and wrongs. Showbiz has no time for morality / ethics. Its about money honey.

nothing personal about it. Why does a man's liking for fat women perverse ?

Pot calling kettle black ??

hedonistic hobo said...

to be fair punkster, i too fin commentaries deriding spears for being 'obese' bordering on the ludicrous. but she choses to sell herself as a fem-bot, as a sexualized object of desire and that too not like beth ditto of gossip but like parisite hilton and her ilk. look at the way she dresses, so condemning her for looking bad which she does (and always did in my opinion. call me a hermit but i have never been to comprehend britney mania.). she has also earned the accolade of bad mother and there are plenty instances to cite, driving around without a valid licence, the drugs and alcohol abuse, the obvious mental instability. i empathize with her because she is losing what she had--the fame and her family, but there's only so much i can care about with regards to her.

as for her body right now, i see nothing wrong with it but plenty wrong with the way she dresses. i don't think the woman has a clue about how to grow up. not that i'm complaining, the sooner talentless schmucklets like her get weeded out of the system, the better.

as for sarah silverman. when will the system weed her out? why is obnoxiousness and bad humour being celebrated by the american populace? that potshot she took at both paris hilton and britney were patently hostile and abusive. not funny. i think people think she's funny simply because she says things that most people have far too much dignity to either think or say.

i wish the same frenzied media attention is lavished on the bodies of nicole richie, the olsen twins, kate bosworth and others. nicole kidman for that matter. those are ugly frightful bodies.

hedonistic hobo said...

i don't think britney's a victim, i think she's just pathetic at media management. she gets photographed everywhere she goes, but there are many other celebrities out there who don't. in terms of beauty and talent i'd put someone like natalie portman waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy above britney and yet you never find her gettign in to the same shit as britney and the other 'it' girls seem. or at least we never hear about them. they release sex tapes, flash their crotches and blah blah.

i have mor sympathy for lindsay lohan. she's just being a kid who likes to party and they've crucified her for it. cocaine and alcohol addiction is a serious problem and needs to be addressed but to vilify her the way the media has is unpardonable. i hate perezhilton. stopped reading him too. that man is the archetype of the current media culture. he picks on kirsten dunst for beign too skinny when she clearly has some muscle tone and then publishes pictures of her eating under 'gross'. what. the. fuck.

baldwin got a lot of flack for bad parenting didn't he? but you're right, men definitely don't get held up to the same standards ever. so what's new.

bah patriarchy. i just wrote on the indian media, but about a different aspect.

i will say this, while celebrity blogs are too vindictive for my liking at least they represent a counter-culture to the fawning obsequious coverage that bollywood stars get in india.

britney is not fat nor obese. she's a mother of two and bodily she looks fine. but if she chooses to continue selling herself on the platform that was set up for her at 17 then she's digging herself a 6ft deep hole.

and i totally agree with your assessment of dave matthews band.

go regina spektor!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Sue: OMFG, thank you! I feel overwhelmed. Really. *blush*

@ Anon: What do I do with critters like you? Hmm?

@ Hobo: Long time! As for Lindsay Lohan, I totally agree with you. Shes just a kid trying to have some fun, but egads, we cant have that, can we? And yay, another Dave Matthews hater, thank god! Lets start a Dave Matthews Sucks Donkey's Balls club.

Oh and Regina Specktor is glorious. I'm also in love with Nouvelle Vague. You will love her if you like Regina Specktor, if you haven't heard about her already.

anonymouse said...

But what has the poor donkey done?

iwanna said...

i dont understand why ppl want to comment on the comments of Ms Spears' performance....
neways i dont understand y u comparing male n spears' in case of der fatness coz
1. dey never wear that type of clothes...
2. most of the males u spkin of are not pop stars whose main source of a song gettin hit is der performance...

also der are other females who are curvier than spears n never called fat (lopez etc.) but they are calling her fat coz it simply doesnt suite her :P i think she really is fat for her structure... i know i know tht she cant be like she was at 17-18 but she can better than this in her comeback performance...

also i donno y u r upset if ppl cal her a bad mother....she really is. its coz of the media wer she was n wer she is.