School has begun and I can’t be happier. I am one of those uncharacteristic freaks who thrive on rigorous multitasking. Yes, driving myself up the wall while trying to stay afloat like a pochard on roid’s in a deluge of work and classes, actually makes me happy.

If you’re even thinking about going ‘ha ha, what a lamebrain, she likes to WORK’, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. Thrashing about on a couch littered with Dorito crumbs like a sedated walrus does not really scream ‘thatz tha shit yo!’ to me. Well.

Moving on, I realize that I’ve been woefully neglecting my memes (4 at last count?), and yeah, roll your eyes and tut tut all you want, but I do squirm with guilt and remorse if I amass a gargantuan meme backlog. Really.

So without further ado, let me dive headfirst into this simple, nice and positive tag (yes suckers, there’s something positive on this blog! Eat that!) that requires me to list the things I like the most, which Pri has ordered that I must do. And since I’m inherently non-gladiatorial and pacifistic, I shall comply meekly.

And before I begin, just because this tag is positive, that doesn’t mean that I won’t butcher your sense of positivity or what YOU associate with the word ‘like’ with my bizarre quirks or sadomasochistic undertones. Ok? Ok.

1. I absolutely adore abysmal grocery store romance novels and ludicrously campy erotica. You know the books which you wouldn’t be caught dead in public with? Like say Humper County Vampires or the Oklahoma Space Odyssey. Reading books about down home countrified vampires not your thing? Then how about a ‘classy’ romantic novel which indulges in banal stereotypes about Native Americans, like say, Gentle Rogue or A Loving Scoundrel? Of course, books with Fabio on the cover are a shoo-in for taking campiness to unscaled heights. They’re pure gold, I kid you not.

2. Gaming. Yeah, I’m a gaming geek. If you paid attention to the description in my profile, the word ‘gamer’ silently and innocuously appeared alongside my other blogger profile descriptives, a few months ago. Now I’m not talking about the sports games like Forza/Madden/MLB etc. while I do enjoy a sports game every once in a while, that’s not what I *really* play all the time. And a note to people who go around calling themselves gamers and play only the aforementioned sports games. Get over yourself. You.are.not.a.gamer. Yes, now go ahead and have that hissy fit.

Coming back to the gaming genres *I* like (god, I can’t not rant, can I?), I love the action/adventure genre, followed by over the shoulder shooters and then RPGs and then first person shooters. Right, didn’t I tell you I was a gaming geek? Be happy, I haven’t started listing out the games. By console. Yet.

3. I love food and I also love to cook. I have a manic fondness for foie gras (I have only had it four times. Four, glorious times). I know, I'm vile and dreadful and yes, I’m currently sort-of vegetarian, but FOIE GRAS!

4. Swimming.

5. Coffee. In almost all its glorious avatars. Especially Tanzanian Peaberry and Jamaican Blue Mountain, brewed just right and drunk black, of course. Without sugar, though. I hate sugar.

6. A clean house. With clean, dry, restrooms. And before you go oh ‘like you’re so clean, miss spoilt brat’ let me remind you that I am possibly the most anal person on this planet. Yes I am ‘that’ clean and I cannot survive otherwise.

7. TV and rubbish reality shows. I can actually watch ‘I Love New York’ without wanting to fling something at the telly. Although, I must admit that I felt the urge to vomit every five seconds or so. But hey.

8. Anime. Good anime and manga. Please, don’t confuse anime with hentai or borderline hentai type anime or manga with big globs of tentacle porn or questionable sex with lizard men, for god’s sake.

9. Whips.

10. Winter. There’s something about cold weather which makes me deliriously happy.

There. One meme down, three to go (eep!).

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, BUT since this post has become a haven of positivity and all, I want it to reach orgy-ish proportions (see, I want to share the love!), so what I want YOU to do, O’ long suffering readers/ commenters is to leave comments listing out the stuff you like. Yeah, it’s that simple. This way, we can all bask in the saccharine positivity of this post! Woot!

And silent readers (if I have any, bah), this is your opportunity to delurk. So delurk away and tell me what you like. Go on, leave a comment.


The Tattooed Librarian said...


Nits said...

Ahem, Whips? Please elaborate. And I will bless you with some What I likes of my own.

No really, elaborate.

Broom said...

wrt #1 - and you laughed at my Kenny G CD?
# 5 - The Girl is obsessed with coffee too - and she just ordered some Tanzanian Peaberry!

my favourite thing? Kenny G.

anantha said...

Now I’m not talking about the sports games like Forza/Madden/MLB etc. while I do enjoy a sports game every once in a while, that’s not what I *really* play all the time. And a note to people who go around calling themselves gamers and play only the aforementioned sports games. Get over yourself. You.are.not.a.gamer. Yes, now go ahead and have that hissy fit.

Sadly one of the purposes of this meme seems to throw direct jibes at that unfortunate subsection of the brotherhood that plays sports games and sedate drive-a-thons. But one's completely resolute and will not sway from the motto that binds our kind together - Till death makes it impossible to lurk!

More power to lurkers!

Renovatio said...

Not another one, don't get me started on that whole anime thing. It's porno I tell you, porno!

I'm an ex gamer... these days I can't sustain interest in anything not as engaging as planescape or the most horrendously named rpg of them all, divine divinity. Even cs is mundane. People suck at reacting, even if I float around for a bit in front of them.

vanita said...

Delurking here.

I love...ice-cream, dogs, cats, trees, walking home in the rain soaking wet, shoes, haircuts, chai,ladoos, festivals and anything with coconut in it.

That felt good. Thanks punkster.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ TL: Ha ha, theres a long back-story to my fondness for whips, I'll probably fill you in later.

But I will say that it does not involve animals or humans, so you can breathe easy now. :)

@ Nits: LOL! All I will say is this: my fondness for whips does not involve weird fantasies with any sort of living being, human or otherwise. In fact, it has nothing to do with any kind of fantasy or fetishization. Now please tell me what YOU like. :)

@ Broom: Really! The Girl sounds like a person after my own heart. You picked well, broom. :)

And hahaha, you're not going to let go of your beloved Kenny G are you? Fabio is WAYY cooler than Kenny G, IMO. :P

@ Anantha: But my jab worked didn't it? It pushed you to forcibly delurk, muahaha. Now if it only pushes other affronted madden fans to delurk, then my work here is done. :P

@ Renovatio: LOL, oh yes *all* anime is about tentacle porn and anthropomorphic reptile sex. But didn't you know? ;)

And speaking of awfully titled rpg's how about Ephemeral Phantasia? I know it does not suck as much as Divine Divinity (ha ha), but I daresay that it is a close second. But Ephemeral Phantasia has got the be the worst rpg I've ever played. It was an excruciating exercise in monotony, bad graphics and atrocious gameplay. But I guess I am to blame, for putting faith in a game where the title character is called Rummy. Eugh.

@ Vanita: Hello! I'm glad you delurked! And thanks for being the only person on this thread so far, to list out the stuff you like the most! :D

*glares at everyone else*

Shripriya said...

I used to really like adventure games where you had to investigate, talk to this one and that one and collect various things. Like the KQ series which I still think was so cool. But that genre has gone of out style. So sad...

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Shripriya: Bless the internets! Another King's Quest fan! I thought I was the last of the KQ fans! You have NO idea how happy your comment makes me. And *I* still think KQ is cool, so you're not alone. Its completely old school, but whats wrong with that? KQ is sheer awesomeness.

Pri said...

what have you got against couches and doritos and sugar???

and now you're vegetarian?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Pri: Yikes, did I offend a dorito lover?

And I'm trying to stick to vegetarianism. Its been chugging along fine so far, but I do have my weak moments (sushi, kebabs, salami etc. gah). And I have to admit, I do cave in sometimes. :(

I love Lucy said...


And I kinda started the tag here at :

so refraining from being repetitive!

cerebral non-matter said...

Megha! How've you been? I'm not sure if you remember me, but I used to comment here a fair bit at one point as Sirisha. And you would kindly reciprocate with little tidbits of insight on my old blog :) And then one day I shut down my blog and went on an indefinite blogging hiatus, never to be seen again.

Until now! Anyway, I've been reading your blog again for a while now and I love it as much as ever. (That should also resolve any doubts you may have about the existance of silent readers here - I'm sure I'm just one of the many!)

Nath said...

The spirit of King's Quest is alive and well in Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic and the like. Also, all KQ people should play this.

Coffee. In almost all its glorious avatars. Especially Tanzanian Peaberry and Jamaican Blue Mountain, brewed just right and drunk black, of course. Without sugar, though. I hate sugar.

As a starving student-type, I have found myself buying Trader Joe's Costa Rica Tarrazu. Gourmet? No. But pretty darn good.

Drunken Master said...

I was sad to read that the story behind your love for whips does not involve humans. Oh, and C&C floats my boat.

That said, I like
- Fried food.
- Beer. A good hefeweizen on a hot summer day is heaven.
- Sports, playing racquetball, soccer, football, golf and ultimate frisbee while being a diehard fan of Bayern Munich.
- Brown Friday.
- Robots, not crappy humanoids but industrial manipulators.
- Telling my little nephews and nieces all the wrong things (This might bite me in the butt later).
- Running, even when it's 100F+.
- Snickers.
- New York City. OK, I love the place and miss it almost every weekend.
- Roller coasters.

anonymouse said...

Hmmm, things I like:

1 Geeking around, generally

1.1 New ideas
1.2 Books
1.3 Coffee
1.4 Toys (the geek variety)
1.5 Making things scale up

Anonymous said...

am a lurker too. :)
i like jogging n the mornin.
my mothers cookin' shes just too good.
camping, by myself or with buddies.
jus driving, not in cities.
i just wanted to also say, am a fan of urs. :))

Anonymous said...

am a lurker too. :)
i like jogging n the mornin.
my mothers cookin' shes just too good.
camping, by myself or with buddies.
jus driving, not in cities.
i just wanted to also say, am a fan of urs. :))

La vida Loca said...

Lesseeeeee stuff I like:
1. A good yoga session
4.loong telephone convos
5.long drives
6.generally being silly
7.making up words. El awesom-o being the latest.

Thats enough for now

aluchaat said...

What do i like

1. Discussions about food. especially what they do to our emotions. not just tummies. I ADORE discussions about food. even the food that i won't like to eat, I like hearing about it. I like what how it acts a breaking ice device, how it bonds people, the smiles, awwws, sniffle sniffle, gladdened hearts, burps (not farts though) it elicits!

2. I love arguing from both sides!

3. I love love love and love my teeny weeny nephew who was born on 6th September and my brave sister!

4. I love the sight of half dirty room, with 3 books half open, cigarettes, a corner to snuggle in, after closing the door on the world, which ALWAYS makes me forget homesickness, the fact taht i am earning insultingly low money, that i miss having a partner (life partner types) and million of other things...

5. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE blogs. Reading that is. My own blog is an example of gross neglect. But I am a BLOG JUNKIE. I need to have my fix every two hours. I read feminism (rad to mild), hindi blogs (YAY!), Islamic blogs (from the most progressive believers to those who are trying to see beauty in polygyny- no i am NOT passing a judgement) and any thing and everything that catches my fancy. Yes punkster's blogs is ONE of my favourite. It is one of the rare blogs where the comments make me think, educate me, make me angry , entertain me etc etc...ya so i was saying i love this blog and i love you ALL...and no this is NOT my Oscar Speech I am just a polite girl who is DESPERATELY trying to be accepted as a slut!

Spunky Monkey said...

You are anal? You don't say.
From the way your blog reads, which by the way is a breeze, you hardly seem like the sort that had a childhood conflict.
Either I believe Freud way too much, or I am making way too premature a statement.

And, like I said, your blog is easy on the eyes. And head.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some positivity.. delurking

1) clearwater
2) Bowmore (ofcourse Patiala)
3) Guiness, guiness and guiness - preferably black and tan
4) 2 days of belos by a goan beach (beer-dip-beer-dip....)
5) Old monk, old cask and everything old (whatelse but patiala)
6) Feni packed with ice and lemondade
7) Maggie - masala
8) Grilled pomfret, king prawns and fried calamari
9) Thairsadam
10) Bruce lee's - enter the dragon


Nits said...

I must say that doesn't really satisfy my drooling imagination ...of your 5.10" self standing tall, whip in hand...ok, I'll stop.

In short hand, I like (love?) Federer, film - foreign and indie and bollywood and everything in between, cats, reading biographies, tigers, wildlife safaris, blog hopping, red sangria, green talk, museums, street fairs and cooking for my husband.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ I love Lucy: Hello! And you started this tag of positivity? Niiice.

@ Cerebral non-matter: Sirisha! You've started blogging again! YAYYAYYAY! And please, whats that crock about me not remembering you? Why wouldn't I remember you?

Gosh, I'm SO glad you're back!

@ Nath: I love Trader Joes, and even as a coffee snob, I have to admit that their coffee is pretty good. I've bought it many times and Ive always liked it. I cant afford Tanzanian Peaberry or Jamaican Blue Mountain all the time, obviously. Poor student and all that jazz. :)

@ Drunken: Telling my little nephews and nieces all the wrong things (This might bite me in the butt later).

Ha ha, I cant help but do that to my little nieces as well! They'll thank us once they grow up, I have faith. Erm. I hope.

@ A'mouse: Making things scale up? Examples?

@ Anon: Hello and thank you.

@ La Vida Loca: Being silly I like. Its such a de-stresser, I swear.

@ Aluchaat: Very nice! You liking food is a no-brainer, look at your awesome handle. And aww, thank you so much! Ha ha, you have membership in my party, ok? Now wipe those tears. Hee.

@ Spunky Monkey: OK, I love your handle. And erm, thanks (?). My blog is easy on the head? Is that a backhanded compliment? Hmm?

(I'm under-caffeinated, hence the cobwebs, buh)

@ Anon 2: Whee, another de-lurker! Grilled pomfret. Yum. You're making it mighty hard for me to stick to vegetarianism, thats for sure. Sniff.

@ Nits: Who said I didn't wield the whip? I never said that. ;)

Mahogany said...

Let's see...
1. Whisky. Preferably cheap whisky. No prissy single malts please.
2. Liverpool Football Club. Up the reds!
3. Rain. Especially if other people are caught in it. And I''m not. Have you ever ordered pizza delivered while it's raining? Yes, I have a mean streak.
4. My dog!!! She's gorgeous! Yes, I have a softie streak.
5. Good, old-fashioned, long-haired, twin-guitar-and-no-keyboards heavymetal.
That should do to qualify me as an unlurker.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Mahogany: As a lover of single malts, I take umbrage to your jab. Hmpf. ;)

Although, being an impoverished student does not bode well for my taste in whiskey. Meh.

And thanks for de-lurking!

Shimmering Mercury said...

Been lurking lately, as you might have already discovered. So, hello! And I like to read you. Am not much of a commenter, actually.

Am I de-lurked enough?

emma said...


I love: cats, earl grey, hiking, washing my hair, trying food from different countries - even if I dont necessarily like the taste sometimes,growing my own herbs and a basil tomato and mozzarella sandwich on ciabatta bread.

Hope this messy list counts for lurking on this blog until now.

Renovatio said...

Bullshit. I haven't been happier since I turned non-veggie. And if you went veggie (wedgie) for some balance, it's still there. Two people I know went wedgie too, so I've restored the balance for one, and you can do it for the other.

And as far as DD goes, it's bloody brilliant. Almost as good as Planescape. You have played Planescape right?

Anonymous said...

yawn, what a waste of bandwith. please stop blogging, i beg you punkster-what a rubbish name even my 5 year nephew will come up with a better name.This mutual mastrubation and i want attention posts has got to stop.U are the worst on the indian blogs why cant u just whine about men and booze and other shit which girls whine and gossipabout.Thats all what they are suited for anyways. Dont take me personally jus deal with it.Denial will not help you "punk".I like wat you write it makes me laugh so dont stop.


sundar said...

ok what do you want us to do miss positive? your blog is painful to read....depressing why cant you write about something positive.....just a suggestion...dont mind...the ability to take advise shows the greatness of u....

Anurag said...

1. Sports
2. Drinks
3. Sleeping
4. Coffee
5. Peanuts and Calvin/Hobbes
6. Being busy
7. Dogs
8. Fine art
9. Cooking
10. Rains
11. Sunshine
12. Mountains
13. Soaking my feet in rivulets in the forests during hikes
14. Driving (except in India)
15. The fresh feeling after hair cuts
16. John le Carre novels
17. Programming in C++
18. Laughing and making fun of people
19. Specifically, of Senthil (http://feefiefofum.blogspot.com)
20. Much more... life is good.

Anonymous said...

I love long drives, chaat, samosas, kebabs, exercising, yoga, buying new clothes and spending time with my friends. delurking.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Shimmering Mercury: Hello to you too! And gee, thanks! Yes, yes thats enough for delurking. :)

I wont force you to list out your likes, heh.

@ Emma: Hello! And a basil, mozzarella and tomato sandwich on Ciabatta bread is heavenly. Yum.

@ Renovatio: Well I'm trying to stick to vegetarianism and its not super hard for me, but for certain tantalizing meat involving dishes (hee). And yes, I've played and loved Planescape (torment) and I have to say that it has probably one of my favorite storylines for a game. And um, whats the bullshit for?

@ Blogreader (haaa ha): Oh wow, Mr.schizo, I must take tips from you then about creating a more attractive handle! I mean, if the brilliant creativity that went behind your innovative handle is any indication, then I'm in good hands. Also shitwad, make up your mind as to what you want me to do, please.

@ Sundar: Oho, we have a philanthropist over here y'all! Yes yes, listening to 'advise' shows the 'greatness of me'. Wow, am I the only one who finds this statement howlariously funny?

@ Anurag: Ha ha ha I wonder what poor Senthil did to deserve your ire.

@ Anon: Thank you!

Renovatio said...

Not sure if I just commented or not, suppose that's one of the catches when you link to some 50 odd blogs and read them regularly.

Either way, 'bullshit' was to the whole vegetarian thing. And man, I'm in love with planescape. They need a sequel. Though I suppose it would be hard to bring back ol 'finally dead' and make him do stuff.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Renovatio: Yup. But as far as I know, there are no plans for a sequel. It upsets me greatly as I loved planescape: torment, the amount of glitches in the game notwithstanding.

Vincent said...

I've realised getting bogged down by deadlines at work affects your judgement a lot.
Music - I like it when I get to listen to anything that goes with the scenery. Like when the shuffle serves up a Jon Brion film score as you're walking up the stairs cos the elevator's out or like the time you were driving real fast to reach office on time and the radio played Nsync's Bye Bye Bye, you sang along and it sounded good. No? That was just me? Ok.
Movies - I'm a fan of the survival horror subgenre.. you know, get home late at night, turn on on HBO they're showing a movie where the cast is stuck in strange house/industrial facility/planet/city sharing screentime with scary ghosts/aliens/serial killers/assorted mutations after their ass. I want the surviving cast member to be female.shoot enemies with shotgun. slip into catsuit with front zipper that comes off at some point during the movie etc
I could fill your commentspace listing my preferences in everything from favorite programming language to coolest videogame game character but I take too much time with comments and slacking off today is not a very good idea.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Vince: N' Sync's Bye Bye Bye??? Excuse me while I take a moment to guffaw.

Oh kay, I'll admit, I used to love Boyzone (the only boyband I have ever liked) as a tween into my early teens and I still cannot bring myself to hate them.

And for that confession, I shall now go and hang myself.

anonymouse said...

Oh, I merely like to do stuff like making the Internet work, designing and implementing large server farms to handle web|mail traffic.

Security, performance issues ...

Getting more done with less humans involved.

Perhaps I shall do something in city planning as well (cars are evil in cities, mass transit scales a lot better).

Or maybe get humanity into space.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ A'mouse: Getting humans into space. Now thats a splendid idea. I book one for Uranus please.

Preetha said...

Here I go...

Lovely Rains
My ganesha idol collection
Loooong drives sans traffic jams ( phew...mes a bangalorean so mayb im askin for too much)
Calvin & Hobbes
English - i think its an amazing language ( will probably take a literature course somtime)
spicy desi food
yea i lurve winter too
methinks this list is endless so lemme stop...

A regular at ya blog but this it the first time im postin...just cudnt stop myself from listin ma fav things

Ur blog rawksss :)....


Renovatio said...

I just knew you'd appreciate this .

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Preetha: Thank you Preetha!

@ Renovatio: Bwahahahaha, priceless. That about sums up the sports gamer attitude doesn't it? ;)

anonymouse said...

Done. That will be 25 million USD.

Anonymous said...

I Love - (in no particular order)

1. Pav Bhaji (with loads of fat oozing out! None of that ready to eat stuff)
2. Visiting my sister
3. Crocheting stuff
4. Coffee Day cappucino
5. Italian Ice
6. Baking
7. Running around in the rain
8. Reading, OMG, READING (I read even at traffic signals, waiting for the light to change!)
9. My husband, there are days when I feel like clunking him on the head, but I can't imagine life without him.
10. That despite all responsibilities, a woman never forgets to dream, however small the dream may be.
11. How amused my niece gets when I call her cookie!
12. The idea of motherhood
13. Pavarotti's Pagliacci
14. Planning vacations
15. A clean place to live, I love houses that look like someone is living there, not those that are so perfect that it looks like an 'open-house' day!
16. Cotton saris

There, my sweet sixteen! There are a bunch more, but that should do for the tag! :)

Do a 'things I hate' thing next.. that would be good to get out too! :))


Rohini said...

"inherently non-gladiatorial and pacifistic" ROTFL!

With you on the penny romances. Can't explain it but I need to read one of those once in a while. And when I was pregnant, I never craved for food but I craved for these literary works of art and must have read atleast 50 before the hormones finally settled down!

The other thing is that they make such good, light travel reading fare but the problem is reading while traveling involves being seen in public with said books...

CrazyDiamond said...

hehe..that sort-of-vegetarian attitiude never really lives up does it?...there's always foie gras, mutton biryani et all- though, I reckon sea food should be out of the equation...its decently neutral to both sides.

wonder if there's something like a seafoodarian..

Renovatio said...

There. Restored font size.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ A'mouse: Extortion!

@ Mockingbird: omg omg I think crocheting is so cool! And I'm NOT being sarcastic, I've always wanted to knit and crochet and do macramé. But I have the average attention span of a warble fly, so my attempts at any of the above mentioned activities thus far has been terribly unsuccessful. Sigh.

@ Rohini: I'm a peaceful person, am I not? ;)

But amen on the cheapy romance novels. My only problem is being caught in public with them, especially the ones with Fabio on the cover or the ones with names like 'soulful strut' (real book btw, I am not making the name up) ha ha.

@ Crazydiamond: See, I belong to the 'alive = not vegetarian' camp, although I would gladly be a seafoodarian if there ever was such a classification. :D

@ Renovatio: Yay! Soulmates!

anonymouse said...

Extortion? That's the price for the one way ticket. MUHAHAHAHA

But humanity has to grow off this planet to survive. All eggs in one basket is a bad idea.

Nath said...

See, I belong to the 'alive = not vegetarian' camp...

Doesn't that make it sort of difficult not to starve to death? Vegetables also tend to be alive at some point.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ A'mouse: I agree, but with your prices...

@ Nath: I meant animal flesh (poultry, meat, seafood) and I thought it was understood, come on now, I don't have to check myself for every word I type, do I? Pbffffft. =D

cerebral non-matter said...

Hey! Sorry, haven't really been online much for a whole week. And nope, I'm not about to abandon my blogs anytime soon. Yes, blogs :D I've been writing another one apart from cerebralnonmatter (which as you know I only just started last week). This other one is basically a revamped version of the almostsirisha blog and I've been writing it for a while now. The url is: http://thisismrsm.blogspot.com

Despite the supposed revamping, it's still mindless and egotistical as ever so be warned!

(And by the way, yes, a few months back I went and married the boyfriend :D and have now moved from s'pore to the YEW YES YAY!)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Sirisha: Youre in the yoo yess? Drop me a line! My email is
wannabe[dot]punkster[at]gmail[dot]com. Do it! :)

Unmana said...


I like:
Going on drives. Can't drive well enough yet, I'm afraid, so have to rely on the Guy for my fix.
Eating. Hog on fried food (banana chips and french fries), chocolate, Maggi, and anything with mushrooms, cheese, or paneer (preferably bland and not Indian). Yes, I'm vegetarian.
Playing Age of Empires. That's the only one I play, but I make up for it by playing it a lot.
Cooking. At least I used to, till the Guy learned to cook and keeps upstaging me!
Tea. Coffee, too. I have tea at home and cofee when I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the Silent reader territory:). Here's what I like:

1. working out
2. Talking
3. Watching HGTV
4. Teaching kids
5. Travel
6. Reading blogs, novels, magazines and ...well reading
7. Window-shopping
8. cozing up next to my hubby
9. Looking and feeling good
10. Pampering myself - sleep, good food, spa, manicure, etc

PS: I like the way you write.

Anonymous said...

There are really so many things to love, it is inspiring to list them:

1) I also love winter, and walking in the forest finding dark green wintergreen leave to crack and smell
2) tjmaxx
3) the beach in wintertime
4) feeling warm and cozy just when I wake up in the morning
5) the smell of rain
6) dogs, in general, always make me smile
7) the sound of wind through the dried up oak tree leaves still on their branches
8) fall, and halloween in particular
9) headstands
10) ironing the wrinkles out of tiny pieces of fabric