Why are you always so angry?

I am told that I possess a temperament which would put a corpse to shame. I am told that my ability to take shit transcends all human capabilities and I am also questioned about whether I truly do belong to the human species from time to time. Unfortunately yes, I was not beamed into the earth’s atmosphere from the distant reaches of ESO 325-G004 and I am quite certain that I am made of organic matter just like any other human on this planet.

So now that we have established that I do indeed belong to the sub tribe hominina, I cannot help but possess some characteristics befitting my species, like say feelings for instance. That I will get bitter or angry or upset or just plain irritated in accordance to my mood and also to the situation I am presented with.

Which brings me to the two subspecies (only for classificatory purposes, before you burst a vein) of folks who visit this blog, the openly hostile troll/ psychoanalyst/ culture and heteronormativity warrior and the slightly sneakier faux concern critters. While the formers' agenda can be easily deduced by their rationally challenged comments, the latter is quite proficient in their knavery at least for a little while, until their well-known underskirt starts to show when they lose control and expose their bigotry to all and sundry.

Now I usually don’t get bogged down by either of the above mentioned subspecies’s tomfoolery, but as I have previously tried to establish, I am human. I haven’t holometabolized into a higher species, yet. And that involves getting upset or angry or incensed and amused, especially when someone comes along and points out the obvious as a stunning example of a counter argument, like say “oh wow you must be really angry” or “you are so bitter, how can you live with yourself” and so on. While I do agree that I may very well be bitter or upset when it comes to certain issues; that does not mean that the critters’ (the word critter will be used to refer to the folks populating the troll/ psychoanalyst/ culture and heteronormativity warrior and faux concern type subspecies from now on) angry/bitter woman charge is particularly ingenious or even necessary. It is not an utterly new discovery that a feminist (like me) is wow, bitter or unhappy with certain situations or issues. That someone like me identifies as a feminist because I’m not happy with the status-quo. That for anybody to identify as a feminist, it is probably not a stretch to surmise that they are dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs.

What really gets my proverbial goat however, are some of the reasons thrown around by the said critters as to the cause of my distress or acrimony which led me to become a feminist. And so, this brings me to,

[All exhibits are provided with examples. All the examples I have used are real comments I have gotten and published on this blog. These are actually the milder ones of the lot. And you haven’t even seen the unpublished ones, yet.]

Exhibit number one: The lesbian charge.

“R u a lesb or divorcee ? i dont mean to hurt u, but seriously asking.”

So there are feminists who are lesbians. Does that automatically mean that all feminists are lesbians? Not likely. This point however, is quite interesting as it gives us a valuable insight into how the critter’s mind really works. It shows us the gaping insecurities and the fears that the said critter may have when he (yeah, I said he) realizes that he is in fact, not god’s greatest gift to women, and that women can find love and sexual fulfillment with each other. It shows us how terrified and how irate the critter really is when he tries to wrap his mind around the radical notion that women don’t exist for the sole purpose of turning him on. So critters, as an embittered feminist, just because I don’t agree with you or refuse to indulge in your patriarchal wet dreams, that doesn’t mean I’m averse to men. That means I am averse to assholes.

Exhibit number two: The shrill/ hysterical/ whiny/ manic-depressive feminazi charge.

“now you can get shrill and scream at me or send your fans on me…”

“your blog is painful to read....depressing why cant you write about something positive..”

First of all, a note on the erroneous and cringe worthy feminazi branding. It is a spectacular straw-feminist created and promulgated by sexist, homophobic and all around sanity-phobic critters to besmirch and scare away people from learning what feminism really is about.

As for the hysterical/ shrill/ whiny/ manic-depressive charge, the average critters usually have themselves thoroughly convinced of the fact that women are not supposed to have any emotion unless it has been passed through the patriarchal test of approval. This is to say, women are not considered capable of or allowed to show any kind of strong emotion unless a) They’re mothers ferociously protecting their kids or b) They’re self-righteously reacting and fielding off insults meant for their ‘man’. If, as a woman, you don’t meet either of these wholly impracticable standards for proper displays of emotion, then any other emotional expression will automatically be branded as a hysterical/ shrill/ whiny/ depressing ‘outburst’, or ‘flare-up’.

Exhibit number three: The temptress/ whore/ slut charge.

“punkster... bura math manna.. u need some discipline in your life. Maybe someone who can discipline you. Therey garwale blog nahi padthe kya ? besharam ho thum. you are too provocative. Thank god you just write and not post pics.”

“And you need a man to impregnate you. Othewise your womanhood is incomplete.”

“.so slut is just a female version of a stud..u shud wear that on ur collar instead of complaining!!”

“Jus becos ur parents r liberal that does not mean that u go and remove clothes and smoke on 100 cigs.”

This happens to be, to no ones surprise, my favorite accusation of all. This attitude is exquisitely representative of the critter’s inner demons wherein he dreads the fantastical notion that women can actually be in complete control of their sexuality and they don’t need or want a dudely male of the species to subjugate them or to show them who happens to be the ‘cock of the walk’/ studmuffin/ insert suitable phallic phraseology here. What gets these critters’ chaddis in a twist however, is the fact that feminists throw out the notion that sexual autonomy should only be exercised by the heterosexual male of the species. That women don’t really prefer sub-letting their sexuality only for the purposes of baby making or pandering to the male needs within the extremely dismal heteronormativity construct. Yeah, we’re whores like that.

Exhibit number four: The frigid/ spinster/ sex hater charge.

“Neway its quiet apparent that you havent seen the heights of sexual ecstasy as all your living waking moments ahve been spent on analysing issues on a feminist standpoint. All hope however is not lost. The next time someone fucks you try talking politics, that might get you to cum.”

“Lets know your sex mantra ? If you have none, just cock up and stop criticising others who have.”

“Honestly, you should consider roleplaying a slave, nurse, or an officer beaten to submission by a dungeon lord. You got to get your sloppy tushy whooped back to shape.”

Now this type of bunkum logic takes a special sort of non-aptitude. It is wondrous, but not entirely implausible to see that the average critter accuses feminists of being whores, harlots or floozies one minute, and then turns right around and calls us frigid or cold or man-hating asexual bitches, the next. How can a feminist be frigid and a slut at the same time? The answer lies in this altogether brilliant patriarchal construct called the Madonna/ whore dichotomy (yes yes I’m flogging the undead horse, again) which beautifully categorizes women as either strumpets or virtuous baby machines, thereby eliminating the vast middle ground between these polarized classifications, entirely. According to these critters, a woman should either be an orifice for them to stick their phalluses into i.e. exist solely for male sexual gratification or, she should be an acquiescent, heir producing machine. In plain terms, if a woman openly rejects this insidious dichotomy altogether and takes her sexuality into her own hands, these critters are utterly incapable of processing such an occurrence. If you’re lucky you’ll witness a full blown implosion and that’s when these nut jobs combine the two extremes of the dichotomy and start calling you an ‘asexual whore’ or a ‘frigid cunt’ or a ‘passive prostitute’. Its entirely magnificent in all its oxymoronic glory, I kid you not.

It is problematic for critters like the ones displayed above, that feminists continue to be angry or bitter and openly state their displeasure with the status-quo.

And I understand why.

With brains like theirs and a singularly nonsensical logic to boot, why wouldn’t they actively try to shut outspoken women up, who go against the compulsorily heterosexual patriarchal ideal of what a woman should be, irrespective of whether she identifies as a feminist or not?

Post script:

1. This post was inspired in part, by Broom’s and Rohini’s posts.

2. I don’t want anybody coming along and chastising me for being too sensitive or for giving the trolls ‘what they want’ or any variation of ‘why can’t you ignore them, don’t waste your time’ claptrap. I understand where you’re coming from and forgive me for not being particularly appreciative. I am human, as I have painstakingly tried to prove at the beginning of this post and when you get rape threats on an almost daily basis, at some point the straw will break the camel’s back, so to speak. And no, I refuse to publish those threats. However, you are welcome to browse through my 2006 archives to see live examples of what I’m talking about, in the comments.

3. Finally, a big thank you to Nits and Rohini for prodding me out of my blogging inertia. I really needed it.


La vida Loca said...

oohh yaa! I remember some of those comments :)
But what are you saying Punkster? A very prolific, apparently intelligent, feminist has to be a frigid lesbian no? She needs a dungeon dark lord to whoop her so she can go down on her hands and knees (all kinds of obvious double meaning fully intended) for the MAN si?
If one does not have an intelligent/logical counter arguement they can shake the "oppenent's " hands and congratulate them or one can indulge in mud slinging/ character assasination/ rape. Grace is a difficult attitude to cultivate (this is an understatement or what?).

Anurag said...

Hmmmm, I'd be proud if anybody claimed I could display more than two emotions. Even more than one...

Where are my trolls.

Aravind said...

Thank you for such an honest view of what you think of these critters. I just hope to God that they do not turn into politicians when their body grows up. (Their mind however refuses to anyway.)

Love your writing.

Anonymous said...

Had no idea you had to deal with so much of nastiness in your own space!! Kudos to you for handling it as you do. You're more than justified about being angry about this. In fact, even if you fry some of them critters, they would more than deserve it.


Anonymous said...

rape threats ???
cowards - thats what they are...


neha vish said...

Dei. A little bit of anger is good. And it's only human. You're going to have to react a little bit - it's foolish for anyone to ask you to be indifferent.

That said, I do think you have greater control on your reactions now, than a year back. Which mostly means, that you find it less important to explain or justify yourself.

A little anger makes more sense, than numbness. :)

The Bride said...

Some of these guys come across as poorly-disguied pervs. Specifically exhibit 3 and 4. I'm all for freedom of sexual fantasy but people shouldn't go about masquerading as the guardians of middle-class morality then.

Any way of knowing how many of these 'critters' (if any) are women?

shayeri said...

these are terrible accusations. they just reek of male chauvinism or even female jealousy (assuming that females can be equally vindictive) and i laud your tolerance level. if i had *one* comment like that, i'd probably blow my top...

i, like you, hate the slut accusations the most. apart from the disgusting insinuations the graphic language is creepy too.

and...do you still have these comments on your posts? i'd like to see the replies you have for the critters...eek.

??! said...

girl, girl, girl...the title for this post was begging to be heard - "Punkster ko gussa kyon aata hain?". tchah, one despairs.

It mustn't be easy dealing with this. Hugs.

Broom said...

Wow! And I thought I had it bad with 2 lousy anonymous comments! :)

What you need is to turn on some Kenny G & relax.

Drunken Master said...

What irks me about this post is that you've shamelessly plugged for a few other blogs with your "Award Ceremony"-worthy post script.

I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but are you needy? Are you so insecure that you need validation for everything you do?

But seriously, I guess what's distinct here is that you have a conniption of a level far beyond those seen on other blogs when literate-but-uneducated (I've copyrighted the term) people preach in this space.

And since people are always asking you stupid questions and giving unsolicited advice, here's mine: Shouldn't the title of your post have been "Tamil Punkster Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?"?

Nits said...

Glad to see I inspired this but shocked to read! I guess I should go back to archive posts (can I say how HARD it is to get to them and how you owe me vision benefits for squinting to read the font?) but then I am also technologically challenged.
Regardless, I am disgusted to read the comments. I'm sure these same guys are also the pavam, pathetic, wetting their pants type when face to face. Reminds me of the NBC caper to catch internet trolls courting a 14 year old. It was a production in bad taste but I was shocked to see the number of "respectable" and desi offenders.
I digress. Now off to squinting and 2006.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ La vida loca: Not just a 'frigid lesbian', a 'man-hating whore'. Now how does that really work? And you hit the nail on the head. When they do not have a counter-argument, these statements are their "look ma, I have a trump card" type shticks.

@ Anurag: Ha ha, I'll give you some of mine, if you want. ;)

@ Aravind: Thank you! I think these are good candidates for becoming politicians. I mean they fit the bill perfectly, what with their perversions on one hand and their morality whoring on the other.

@ ~N: Thanks N, I try to really control myself and I did, for a long time, but then some of the recent rape threats (unpublished) got to me, finally.

@ Archana: Yup, the only way to shut you up is by raping you and slitting your throat, type comments.

@ Neha: Yup, I am way more in control than what I used to be, say a year ago. I guess I need to vent every once in a while to maintain a semblance of sanity around here. :)

@ The Bride: Oh yes, especially the perv whose comments I used as examples for number four. He just kept going on and on, and he was acting as if he was doing ME a favor, by ahem, 'liberating' me sexually. Seriously, I didn't know whether I had to laugh or cry at his temerity. I mostly laughed.

@ Shayeri: Thanks! And yes, all the examples are published comments, you'll see them scattered throughout my 07 archives.

@ ??!: Damn. Why did you have to point that out? Now I feel dumb and inadequate for not having come up with that glorious title. Sniff.

And thank you. *hugs back*

@ Drunken: Hah mister, I was just being nice. I can be nice from time to time you know. And needy? Huh? Wha? Yup, I do need validation from the dungeon lord who philanthropically offered to make me his slave. Drat, you exposed my game. Oh and, if I mention other bloggers in any of my posts, I ALWAYS link to her/his name. Thats just the way I function. B-)

@ Nits: Thank a ton, yo. And lol, I'm sorry about the font, I happen to love small sans-serif fonts so yeah, that might be a bit of a struggle. What I can tell you to do is to just press Ctrl+ and the font size will automatically increase on a page. Then you wont have to squint. :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

and @ Broom: You know, one of these days I will just cave in to your constant Kenny G peddling. :D

And when that happens, I only have this humble request. I must not be left alive after I sit through Kenny G. So please make sure of that. Heh.

Anonymous said...

This is something I've long wondered about. why do some men hate women so much? Women have a 100 reasons from supression to chauvinism to hate men. Why do men have such contempt for women? "They are built that way" or patriarchy does not seem enought to explain misogyny.

GettingThereNow said...

WOW! Every time I read your posts I think "This girl can write!" Where can I sign up for lessons on expressing my rage so "efficiently"? Really, when I am outraged I clam up. I can't say even one sentence coherently.

As for troll-bashing... You go, girl!! You show 'em!

The Bride said...

I'm amused to see that one of your commentors seems to have missed the point of this post altogether and has brazenly resumed the 'i know what's best for you, little woman' speech. Too funny!

shark said...

This one was funny! But sorry it was at the expense of you and your blog posts..
But come on.. lesbian? whore? what not!

People automatically think that if we are fighting for a cause then we are somehow the victims!
Why can't I just fight for a cause even though I am happy with what I am? bah!

It's really good that you bashed them up! they deserved it...

But then chill girl :) your blog is too precious to waste on them critters!

Vidya said...

The 'Suck it up and Deal with it advice' is just Machismo with a pink bow.Personal threats, personal attacks and harassment have nothing to do with free speech as many would like to assume. It is just a sign of retroholometabolism(!)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the rape threats: you know, there are ways to track down those commenter(s) and the cops also take cyber stalking more seriously now.

And to all those who stoop to such ugliness: think about this before you post the next nasty comment.


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

So I have been reading regularly, just not commenting. But now I have got to comment on some of the comments you've received.

“your blog is painful to read....depressing why cant you write about something positive..”
Oh, gimme a break! What to blog about is one's personal choice. If you don't like what you are reading, too bad!!

Regarding Exhibit #3 - Men like these need to open their eyes. And start thinking in a more open manner. Seriously.
This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone I met a few months ago. The conversation steered to a married couple living with their parents after they get married. His thoughts -
Him - I would dump my girlfriend if she refused to live with my parents. They are the most important people in my life. I don't care how long we have been dating blah blah blah

Me - So you would expect her to leave her home and her parents and loved ones and come and live with you and your parents.

Him - Of course

Me - Why?

Him - Tradition.

I raised one eye-brow at that and smirked. And of course walked away :-)

About Exhibit #4, I choose not to say anything. Someone evidently does not know the meaning of contradiction :-)

Neha said...

you know most times i cant even get through your comments page because there are so many morons hanging about. seriously, i don't know how you handle it. live and let die, i guess :D

meerkat said...

why are you such a frigid feminazi female-loving fornicator (FFFF)? like 007 you can call yourself quadro F.

seriously though, how greedy of you. kisi ek ko bhi nahi choda, saare naam le liye


the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Anon: I really don't know. And thats a good question, I've always wondered about that. I wonder if it is their supreme sense of entitlement and privilege being threatened by women who dare to assert themselves, or pervasive conditioning from birth, or a mixture of both.

@ Gettingtherenow: Thank you so much! And troll bashing is very cathartic, along with being a lot of fun, heh.

@ The bride: I wonder if the said commenter was actually serious. Hmmm.

@ Shark: Heh, I'm fine now, posting this helped a great deal. :)

@ Vidya: You took my usage of holometabolism and made it sound even cooler! Damn you. :P

@ ~N: Heh, I wish things like that would keep them at bay.

@ Kroopa: Hello! And yay for delurking! As for your friend, I'm sorry but ugh ugh ugh. He needs to cut the umbilical cord, p.r.o.n.t.o. Tradition, my ass.

@ Neha: I know, my comments space scares away a lot of people. BUT, there are some nice folk around here who can express a dissenting opinion decently, so don't stop yourself from expressing your views here! :)

@ Meerkat (Meera): Oh my god, FFFF and what it stands for hits the ionosphere of coolness! We should start a club of some sort and name it the FFFF club for Floozies!

vicky said...

You know, normally your posts make me laugh. This one was just such a bitter pill, it only makes me sad. What kind of a society will I have to send my son out into?

Tanu said...

I think you rock! I love to read your blog when I am depressed. Its wit and sarcasm just makes me wonder if I will ever be able to write like that. The use of language; flow of words; your oozing confidence and clarity of thoughts they are all signs of an amazing writer and never ever get stale. I think you should try writing a book or something (or maybe you have already and I haven't read it yet in which case, I'd prefer to be referred to it :-) ). Do me & everyone a favor...keep writing. :-D

Rohini said...

"That means I am averse to assholes." Amen to that!

Ditto to what Broom said, here was I fretting over some fairly innocuous accusations by a couple of commenters, while the real trolls are trawling your blog!

These prods really work, huh?

anonymouse said...

Threatening rape is a crime. Feel free to pull the cops in. Hell, call them in anyway as a matter of principle.

If this is going to your gmail account, let me know, and I'll poke the good folks at GOOG to keep an eye out for such issues. You'll have to call the cops in anyway, but personal contacts make things go much faster.

Trolls feed on your responding to them. Stop feeding the trolls. That goes for the audience too.

Neha, you should read through the comments. If you don't find them so stupid so as to be funny, you need to change your viewpoint until you do. It's the Internet, everyone can be an asshole and most people will be.

To the people criticising Megha:
Criticising Megha for expressing her viewpoints clearly is just plain wrong. Threating her is criminal.

This is the Internet, she has every right to her opinions and to express them. If you don't like them, then stop visiting this blog. It's another webpage, not your email inbox.

Sue said...

Oh and that was not V. I didn't realise I was logged into his Google a/c. It was me.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Sue: Yeah, its disheartening, is what it is. :(

@ Tanu: Yikes Tanu, then you haven't been reading any good blogs off late, I suppose. :D

But in all seriousness, thank you. I don't know or think I deserve such exuberant praise, but thank you all the same, it really does mean a lot.

@ Rohini: Yes! They actually guilt me into posting, which is awesome. Hee.

@ A'mouse: The worst trolls are the ones I filter out. The decidedly less vile ones are the ones I publish. They don't bog me down at all (make me laugh, perhaps), but the unpublished ones make me uneasy and the last few finally got to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow...you are an angry little girl! The Trolls were right after all!!

anonymouse said...

I know what you are speaking about. I deal with the lowlife of the Internet regularly.

Here's a point though: If you refuse to complain, then the whole machinery of law cannot help you. Use the force, punk!

Threats of rape are not funny (nor is murder).

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Anon: Squee! Now thats some discovery.

@ A'mouse: Whatever gave you that idea? :)

Silvara said...

This post just made me shake my head. Seriously! where do these people get off saying crap like that?

I love your posts - you always put a new spin to an old issue and it's made me sit up and think long and hard on more than one occasion about a lot of things we take for granted in this world. Men don't like strong women - who are not afraid of speaking their mind for it usurps them of their so-called birthright to be the dominant ones. And so they resort to taunts like this.

You'll always have my support Megha, and this trolls should go find themselves a bridge to live under (or throw themselves off - whichever they prefer :P).

To the trolls - her space, her opinions. Don't like it? Leave. Simple.

scudie said...

er.. you go, girl?

Q said...

Wait just a min here. We need to clear some things. You are upset because of some idiots on your blog. ok I understand. But that is why you have moderation?
You have already decided tht you are not going to allow people who dont salute you or scratch your back. So please stop complaining.
When you enabled moderation that is a sure sign that you are afraid. you cannot face criticism and you try to shut down the voices against you.
This is no way to run a blog. A blog is a public place and if people have another opinion, they will say it. If you cannot take it, then why blog?
Am not asking you to quit blogging. but if you dont even let people say anything agianst you then you sure have a problem lady. Am sure that you wont even publish this comment. But I will say what I feel anyway.That is my right.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Silvara: Thank you! I personally prefer the "throw themselves off a bridge part", heh. :)

@ Scudie: Erm, ohh-kayy?

@ q: First of all, lay off with the cheap 'scratch your back, my back ,everyone's back' potshots. Second, I don't have to give you a drawn out explanation as to why I enabled moderation. This is my blog and I can do as I please. Tough luck, I'm afraid. And third, I don't 'shut down' dissenting opinions, as long as they are respectful and they don't turn personal. And no shit, I actually published your comment! Maybe its time for someone to flush their asinine assumptions down the toilet, hmm?

scudie said...

'And no shit, I actually published your comment! Maybe its time for someone to flush their asinine assumptions down the toilet, hmm?'

That is so teenage angst + rebel without a cause..

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I agree with Anon (October 6, 2007 3:29 PM & October 7, 2007 2:59 PM).

Brush aside other stupid/nasty comments all you want, but don't ignore threats totally. Lodge a formal complaint with the cops in your area. At least they will be alert about this issue.


anonymouse said...

q, a blog is not a public place, just like a restaurant. You can start your own blog and respond to punkster there.

GettingThereNow said...

Come see my latest post. Please?


Q said...

Fine. So you published one comment just cuz I dared you to. That does not show anything about your normal ways. If you dont want to understand, lemme try again. You have enabled moderation. If you really support free speech then you need not do that. but you have moderation, and complain bout people not agreeing with you. that is foolish. and that is being a hypocrite.
if you have a controversial blog then there will be ppl who dont like waht you say. That is just normal. By having moderation and comment checking you defeat the purpose. How do you know what other people feel bout what you write?
Why do you get affected if you dont publish those comments? If you are over sensitive then dont blog.You will be criticised for your ideas. Thats why you write it right? If you cant deal then you should think of doing somethin else.

Drunken Master said...

A blog, by definition, is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links (gleaned from dictionary.com)

Q, I think you misinterpret the concept of a blog. Just because it is in the public domain, doesn't mean it is public. It is a personal space and the authors are free to do as they please

From what you've said, a newspaper is obligated to publish every letter it recieves. Is that possible? No. Who decides what letters get published? Why, the Editor of course! Does that prevent people from writing in? Nope.

But if you leave a clear, lucid and thought-provoking comment (like this one, except for the thought-provoking part), maybe, just maybe, you'll have it published and you will finally have something to live for.

Till then, head to the local bar, grab a cold beer and relax. Helps me all the time.

Unmana said...

Delurking to say I'm so sorry and angry that you get that kind of behaviour. And I'm awed by your courage in dealing with it.

anonymouse said...

drunken master, but a blog is not public domain. It may be publicly readable, but it sure isn't publicly writable.

q, you have the right to freedom of speech. But you do not have that right in someone else's space. Create your own blog without moderation if you want.

Q said...

drunken master-Whatever man. This lady writes for an audience, does she not? She writes her contreversial and attention grabbing posts so that people like you can come and read. So if she is willing to listen to praise then she better listen to criticism. She better listen to what I have to say. If she cant handle it then she should not be writing.
You cannot have one without the other. It is hypocritical for her to censor and then cry over spilling milk. I think she and her blog are just a way for her to get attention. In real life she must be lonely so she gets her kicks from here. Thi is not a personal attack, jus my observation. Please tell me, what Indian woman writes like this? Nobody. The other Indian women bloggers all write random things about their lives or kids. Because they dont care bout attention. They dont need it. They dont want it.
To me the overly bold way she writes is proof that there are deeper issues than jus women and their rights.it sounds funny to me. Then she cries about ppl attacking her. Why wont they? If you cant take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. You create the situation then you cry to the sky about it. Some logic.
anon-im too busy to jus start a blog for someone.That is why I come here and let her know how I feel. That’s free speech, if you dont know.

Anonymous said...

If its her own blog and not public let her talk abt her own funs.she mostly points her finger at whole male race and her problem with them,so she has to accept all the critics.
@ drunken ..dont compare her blog with a newspaper.she is not dealin with social issues.

GettingThereNow said...

q: Other Indian women don't write like Megha because maybe they can't. Megha has a rare talent for writing and standing up for her beliefs that I admire a lot. I am an Indian woman and write about stuff that you mentioned other Indian women write. Why? Why don't I write like Megha does? Because I can't. I would love to but I simply don't have that talent.

You say you don't have time to start a blog for anyone else. You seem to have adequate time to read Megha's blog, comment on it, read the comments and reply to them. Why not utilize that time in creating your own blog and addressing these issues there instead of polluting this space? You ever wonder that it is readers like YOU that bring about such posts? Create your own blog, write your frank opinions about everything there and when trolls come by your blog, we'll see how YOU deal with them. And IF you can deal with them any differently, we will talk about your opinion on how others should.

Moreover, bloggers choose to moderate comments for various reasons. One of those reasons IS rude, insensitive jerks who don't know how to express a differing opinion in a civilized manner. I don't see Megha critisizing everyone who differs from her in their opinions, only those who do it in an uncivilized way. Nothing wrong with that.

You are advocating free speech? Free speech comes with responsibility. Just because you have freedom to speak, does not mean you can speak trash to or about someone else. Basic manners, lady. Would you go to someone's house or approach someone in a "public space" IN PERSON and speak as harshly? If only we applied the same rules of ettiquette to our blog comments, that we apply to our conversations with real live people, this issue wouldn't even arise.

The Stig said...

"To me the overly bold way she writes is proof that there are deeper issues than jus women and their rights.it sounds funny to me. Then she cries about ppl attacking her. Why wont they? If you cant take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. You create the situation then you cry to the sky about it. Some logic."

Wow. Ok Sherlock, mind telling us stupid folk what this "proof" is? And way to go with the generalizations. Outstanding job there really.

Drunken Master said...

Anonymouse - I wrote "her blog is *in* the public domain. You might have missed that one word make a world of difference.

Q - I honestly read her work for entertainment (I have no life as you can figure). Since this is her space, she can choose what she wants to publish as a comment and what she doesn't. Sorta like movie trailers, they'll never quote bad reviews! The fact that she doesn't publish certain comments possibly proves that she does read them before making a choice. And you can force a person to hear you, but you can't force them to listen.
Who cares what kind of person she is, how she like to get off or if she's lonely? I think she writes because she feels strongly about something and needs a release. If she writes for attention, she's pretty good at it. And I laughed when I read "No Indian women write like this." What is your definition of an "Indian Woman"? You'd be pretty darn shocked if you read what some "Indian women" have posted.
People can't stop doing something just because others attack them. If she couldn't take the heat, I think she would have stopped writing by now.

Anon - Newspapers report on current events, social issues, gossip, lifestyle and sports. They have columnists that opinionate as well. I think my analogy still holds.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Scudie: No, I was just being sarcastic. I guess that didn't work for you.

@ Gettingtherenow: I saw! I saw! thank you! :D

@ q: Well, you seemed to have missed the point of this post entirely. Did you read the post? Have you read any of my previous posts? Have you gone through the comments? You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I only publish favorable comments and I delete or stifle every dissenting opinion expressed here. I don't know how or where you came to such a spurious conclusion, but that is just unadulterated hyperbole, and not to mention, quite false.

I have no problems with dissenting opinions. Heck I publish almost every single comment which does not agree with my posts or my ideas. I do draw the line however, at personal attacks. Personal attacks are unnecessary and usually vile and I don't think that they are warranted. If you think that I'm stifling 'free speech' by not publishing vile personal attacks then fine, you are entitled to your opinion.

And as for your "no Indian woman writes like this" malarkey, how do you expect Indian women to write? Is there some sort of morally sanctioned template for Indian women to follow while writing blog posts? I missed that memo then, too bad.

But however did your comments get published? Invoked the comment publishing genie, did you?

@ Unmana: Thank you so much. And yay for delurking, you should delurk more often.

@ Anon (10:12 AM): Coherence, please.

@ Gettingtherenow: I bow to your awesomeness. Really. *bows*

@ The Stig: Beautiful no? I'm waiting with bated breath for the same 'proof' that this person (q) supposedly has.

@ Drunken: No no I'm horribly lonely, as shown by honorary blog psychologist, q. I guess I should head down to the local watering hole to drown my sorrows, huh? ;)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ A' mouse: Oh, how dare you ask q to start her/his own blog. Cant you see he/she is so frightfully busy, that they can only leave mile long comments on other people's blogs? Shame on you, tsk tsk.

GettingThereNow said...

Megha: I outdid myself, didn't i? :D I should steal my comment off of here and put it up as a post on my blog. I am soooo proud of myself. **pat pat** *GRINNNN*

Z said...

>>One of those reasons IS rude, insensitive jerks who don't know how to express a differing opinion in a civilized manner. I don't see Megha critisizing everyone who differs from her in their opinions, only those who do it in an uncivilized way

untrue. Sometimes Punk does use pretty rude language against anyone who doesent agree with her. civilised, uncivilised. The proof is there in her past posts. Just check.

Punk certainly has the rights to publish or not any comment she likes. But thats not the point. She is quiet intolerent to someone who disagrees (right or wrong). Well this blog space is her own banana republic. There is no doubt about it.

In any other public forum she would be canned and packed off in a jiffy. But then blogs are created as a sanctuary for those who need protection.

Lest why have moderation ? There existed a punk without moderation once upon a time. Something happened which scared the hell out of her.

The current state is while she can pour viciousness on others she certainly couldnt handle it herself coming from others.

Her writings are extremely predictable. Its the same old oneliners, same old comments ("here comes a shrink"). The same old "blame the penis" debate. Where is the imagination ? where is the talent ? If you find some, let me know. I will fund her new book titled "How to smash a man's head in 30 seconds". God promise.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Cee kay (can I call you that, from now on?): Your comment was glorious and it deserves a blog post in itself. And no, you didn't outdo yourself (you always had it in you), you were caught up with being a 'typical' Indian woman blogger, like Q suggests. Te-hee. I guess some of my cursed bold-ness rubbed off on you. :P

GettingThereNow said...

oh hey, sure! Call me Cee Kay.

Your bold-ness is indeed rubbing off on me :D Every time I read one of your posts, I get charged up and feel like just going out there and expressing my frank opinion on everything and anything :P But the "Typical Indian woman blogger" in me shies at the thought. **SIGH** Guess I'll need "deep issues" before I can blog like you do. He he he...

I love Lucy said...

I could not help going Tsk Tsk when I read some of the comments.Either people don;t understand whats being said or they just need a reason to vent!
About to your post itself,like I always say,one is free to make allegations/pass comments but only as long as one has a valid and plausible reason for doing so.Just shooting off one's mouth is just plain idiotic.How else do you explain the slut/lesbian/sex hater charges?!!Just plain idiocy.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Z: Punk certainly has the rights to publish or not any comment she likes. But thats not the point. She is quiet intolerent to someone who disagrees (right or wrong). Well this blog space is her own banana republic. There is no doubt about it.

Oh wow, I explained to Q earlier that I don’t delete any kind of dissenting opinions, but I guess I'll just have to go through the whole rigmarole again. I do draw the line at personal attacks. And if someone who expresses their opinion do so offensively or incoherently or make random/false/hateful assumptions, I'll call them out on it. I'm not here to mollycoddle anyone. I am nice to folks who are respectful and can express their opinion without resorting to ad hominem attacks. But obviously if you have made up your mind to jump to conclusions about me and make false hyperbolic assumptions, then well, that’s your prerogative.

Lest why have moderation ? There existed a punk without moderation once upon a time. Something happened which scared the hell out of her.

Here we go with the ridiculous and false assumptions again. It tickles my funny bone to note that some random person like you seems to claim that you know more about me than I do! If you must know, I enabled moderation mainly because, not only was I getting personal attacks (which I could actually handle) but the said troll(s) started attacking other bloggers who visited here, which I simply could not allow. It’s not fair or decent on my part to allow other people visiting here to be nastily attacked.

And if you don’t like what I write, nobody is forcing you to visit. It’s funny that you take all this trouble to type out a mile long comment, just to pour out your viciousness on this blog.

@ Cee Kay: Don’t forget, "deep issues" with "loneliness", ha ha.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ I love lucy: Heh, you actually went through the comments, eh? But seriously though, I really dont know. The hate is just so random, it's irritating.

cerebral non-matter said...

Hey Megha! Sorry for my silence! I've been crawling under a pile of books and gre work. I loved the previous post, and particularly enjoyed the exchange between yourself and falstaff. It beats me too, why people buy into a certain shallow idea of perfection and then slam the very same thing later. And yes! Nobody has any business commenting about Britney's aptitude as a parent and what not. I mean, what good is commenting? It's not like anyone is willing to help or anything. It's so easy to just sit and bitch.

As for the haters you mentioned in this post, God they're as stupid as ever, aren't they? I come back here after almost a year and they're still there whining about how you must be a lesbian divorcee slut mutant of some sort, just because you say things that make sense but are hard (or impossible) for them to swallow. Whatever, ignore the douchebags!

And keep writing! *HUG*

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Cerebral non-matter (I could call you by your name but I don’t know if you want to maintain your privacy, in which case I'd understand :D): Heh, they still are. Mutant Lesbian man hating divorcee slutty frigid bitch has a nice ring to it, no? Or I could happily don meerkat's (in a comment above) superfreakingcool FFFF branding (frigid feminazi female-loving fornicator), willingly. Heh, we should start a club of some sort, I swear! And thanks, yo. *hug*

cerebral non-matter said...

yes call me by name, you have all the urimai :D

Q said...

Why did I say Indian women dont blog like this? Because they have sharam. they are too mature to behave like a teen. this lady does not have any self respect. she thinks that being a rebel is all hip and cool. Every word she writes shows this. Every topic she picks shows this attitude of hers. Everybody knows that Indian women are much more dignified than this.I dont care if I am called backward or close minded for this.But for what it is worth we have our own culture. Every woman and male blogger knows and their blogs reflect this. Deep down I know that she also knows. But what she does ad how she writes proves that she writes boldly on purpose.
Even if she writes boldly I will jus laugh and call her immature. But she writes boldly and then enables moderation and then she cries. Am sorry but lady, you made your own grave.If you had not tried to be all rebel teen and cool and just decently blogged like the others you will not have this problem. You create a situation you deal with it. Mebbe my opinion is not popular, but you have to accept other pespectives also.
You can think you are being all noncaring with your reply and aloof but I will not stop jus because nobody agrees with me. This is my opinion and I have a right to say it.

GettingThereNow said...

Z: "In any other public forum she would be canned and packed off in a jiffy. But then blogs are created as a sanctuary for those who need protection. "

By definition, a forum is a place of assembly for people and a blog is "a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page". (Refer to dictionary.com, please) A blog is NOT a public forum. It is a PRIVATE space for people to express their own thoughts. Just because it is available for the general population ot see and read and comment, does not mean that it IS their space. Readers and commenter HAVE to respect the owner of this place. If they don't like what they read, they have two options - comment with civility or go to their own space and vent about it.

Megha: Sorry for usurping your space for this discussion. I am taking this to my blog and writing a post about it. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't have the time, but I will try! Oh, but I am having so much fun here. Haven't had a good debate in a loooong while. This is my chance to sharpen my claws - MEOW!!

Q: Your self-conceived notions about Indian women and their "sharam" are too funny - please don't stop airing your views! But do so in your own space - I'll drop in to read them and comment. Anonymously. I promise!

Any more letters from the alphabet care to comment?? :D

Unmana said...

By the way, Megha, for someone who thinks that you are predictable and have no talent at all, doesn't Z spend too much time on your blog? ;-)

anonymouse said...

drunken master, but this blog is as much in the public domain as a restaurant.

Oh, and I think that a lot of people will agree with me that punkster is cool. Any intelligent person willing to speak out their mind is cool.

GettingThereNow said...

Anonymouse: I agree with you that any person willing to speak out their mind is cool.

What I don't agree with is even though this blog is "as much IN a public domain as a restaurant", it is NOT public property. It is not A public domain either - the comment section can be thought of as a public domain, but then comentors have to follow the general rules of ettiquette here too, as they would in any other public place. Which means they have to use civil language even when disagreeing.

Vidya said...

Alright, I just could not resist posting this..

To q/z and other anon alphabets:

Yes,You have a right to an opinion on a topic and to air it in public.But when you say someone does not have self-respect it ceases to be an opinion on a topic.It becomes a direct personal attack.(for which you could be sued in a court of law and that is probably why such comments are made by anonymous cowards!)

Again the point that everyone here are trying to make is this:
- There is no such collective identity as 'Indian woman'.Indian women come in all varieties with all opinions. If someone's doesn't agree with yours you don't go around getting on cultural holier-than-thou bandwagon and worse calling them names.By your own argument..Is insulting someone 'our culture'? And lastly I think the idea behind this post is not to cry but to show to the world the different kind of demented/degenerated folks floating around women's blogs.

GettingThereNow said...

OK. I did a post on my thoughts on the comment-war going on here (and other such blogs). Check it out.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Sirisha: Yay! :D

@ q: My free-speech loving alphabet, you do realize that your slip is finally starting to show?

Everybody knows that Indian women are much more dignified than this.I dont care if I am called backward or close minded for this.But for what it is worth we have our own culture.

Seems to me that you use the word 'dignified' only to unsuccessfully cover-up your discomfort with someone speaking their mind. And all the lame allusions to 'our culture!' does not really work here, but it did help in confirming the fact that you are as close-minded and sexist as they come.

Every woman and male blogger knows and their blogs reflect this. Deep down I know that she also knows. But what she does ad how she writes proves that she writes boldly on purpose.

How? How does it prove anything? If you are going to throw out random statements, at least make an attempt to back them up!

If you had not tried to be all rebel teen and cool and just decently blogged like the others you will not have this problem. You create a situation you deal with it.

Oho, so I finally see where all this anxious hand-wringing on your part comes from. Your loud chest thumping for 'free speech' and the like only applies to you, not to those immoral undignified Indian women who speak their minds come hell or high water.

So q, please go back, use the 0.75 grey cells that you have and read your own comments. Save yourself further embarrassment and leave a comment which does not contradict itself a bajillion times. I'm actually being nice, which is a rarity. So go on, try and leave a comment with some semblance of clarity. I'll wait.

@ Cee kay: Heh, no need to apologize at all! Be my guest! Women who leave their 'sharam' at the door are always welcome here. :P

@ Unmana: I know, eh? I'd like to believe that Z does so out of concern and the goodness in her/his heart. ;)

@ A'mouse: Really? You think I'm cool? *blush*

@ Vidya: Its not insulting when they're only trying to show us besharam women the 'right' and the 'dignified' way to behave. Its concern. Tee-hee.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Cee kay: You did! Awesomeness. I will check it out, pronto.

DotMom said...

delurking. have been a quiet reader of you superwonderful blog for sometime. love, l-o-v-e that language and I am convinced you come from another planet :) Everyone else has said everything that I would have liked to stay on the topic at hand, so just these words for now: Stay strong and write more.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Dotmom: Ohh, another delurker! Hello!

Ha ha, I've always felt like an outsider, looking in. I probably was beamed onto this planet, who knows?


And thank you so much. I cant believe that you dig my regular butchering of the English language, but thanks all the same. :P

Pointless Panda said...

I'm disappointed that there hasn't been an appearance from the alphabets "B" and "D". They are my favoritest.

Oh and before you or someone else starts, I know Pandas are pointless, so I know how pointless the handle I'm using is, much like q and z

z said...


q is a diff person. I guess your comments are meant for q.


And if you don’t like what I write, nobody is forcing you to visit. It’s funny that you take all this trouble to type out a mile long comment, just to pour out your viciousness on this blog.

Well you know... we arent all that different. Chip of the same "pour your vicious" block. Perhaps I am inspired by your highness's way of life. Frank, honest and calling a spade a spade.

Well I cant figure out why you are such a great writing talent ? Someone said that. A writer is a lot different from a typist. A writer comes with a little imagination in his content. Yours is the same old shit.

Lets see how much of what you say are words and how much action. Maybe at the end of the day its all fart and no shit.

Z (quiet diff argument than q)

Q said...

gettingthere-Why is it funny? People like you are jus afraid of this lady and her blog. So when you come here you feel like to look cool, you should support her. Cant ypu understand that what this lady is sayin here is not clever or rebel as she shows? On a blog it is very easy to say what you want. Nobody will question you and ppl will actually praise you. But let me see this lady doing all she says in real life. She will not do a thing, because she knows. Her culture will kick in and she will think twice before acting like a rebel. She will not want to embarrass other Indians. I can clearly see that from the blog. So when she says people are attacking her, why are they wrong? They are only pointing out her hypocrite nature.
vidya-So now my observation is a personal attack. I know this will happen. I did not think it will happen so soon, but it is good as I see the true colours of this blog. If you think my unbiased observation is personal then what is these lines by the lady, punkster?
//// My free-speech loving alphabet, you do realize that your slip is finally starting to show?////
//// So q, please go back, use the 0.75 grey cells that you have and read your own comments. Save yourself further embarrassment and leave a comment which does not contradict itself a bajillion times. I'm actually being nice, which is a rarity. So go on, try and leave a comment with some semblance of clarity. I'll wait./////
Not all Indian women are the same. I know that. But all Indians are taught how our culture is. Indian women are taught our culture even more. Infact Indian women are the ones who are strict about maintainence of culture and rules etc So dont you think that I am not wrong is saying that all Indian women have an idea of what their culture is? I think that ppl here immediately want to say that our whole culture itself is bad and horrible. I dont know if it is influence of this punkster lady or mebbe you ppl are also like her. That is why I have a problem with her saying that people are attacking her. Because SHE first attacks her culture, spits on it. When people get angry, then she cries and says that she does not deserve it. If you tell a whole room of Americans that America sucks will they not get angry? Will you call them stupid for getting angry? Or will you call the person stupid for sayin “America sucks” .
punkster- I will not answer ur personal attacks. What a hypocrite action.this is the proof you asked. In youre own comment.

Drunken Master said...

With all the comments on this post, you might end up needing a stiff drink to get you in with the swing at Happy Hour. Have one on me - a couple of "Three Wise Men" shots should do the trick. Or maybe a Firestorm, an Irish Car Bomb or a Jager Bomb. Hell, now I wait till tomorrow for my drinks! Dang it!!!

Pointless Panda said...

"Z (quiet diff argument than q)"

So z is asking q to be quiet if there is a diff argument? Is this diff the same as windiff which may be used to compare files?

Inquisitive pandas like to know.

And "q"

Egads!! That formatting is just WAY too horrible.

And just to take you seriously for a moment (since Pandas are pointless.. ergo I am also pointless as shown by the use of the word "Ergo" when not needed, but meh.)

"Not all Indian women are the same. I know that. But all Indians are taught how our culture is. Indian women are taught our culture even more. Infact Indian women are the ones who are strict about maintainence of culture and rules etc So dont you think that I am not wrong is saying that all Indian women have an idea of what their culture is?"

EH?? Dude. Seriously. No.

Take up a dictionary and look for : Preconceived notions, patriarchy, chauvninism.

"If you tell a whole room of Americans that America sucks will they not get angry? Will you call them stupid for getting angry? Or will you call the person stupid for sayin “America sucks” ."

* passes out in laughter *

Anonymous said...

Megha: I'm sorry you get rape threats. It takes a lot of courage to be angry about things when (a) it is seen as so gender-deviant (b) when you are threatened for expressing that anger.

Q: Funny, as an Indian, I was brought up to believe that one should be polite and respectful to other people. Do unto others etc etc. Accusing Megha of "lacking self-respect" and calling her a hypocrite doesn't exactly fit into Indian culture either. If you do have an issue with specific points that she raises in her blogposts, feel free to cogently argue in the commentspace why you disagree, providing a solid chain of logic and evidence to buttress your claims.

Further, I believe that while this is a free space and by putting her writings on a public domain Megha is inviting comment, I also believe that we, as commenters, should fight fair. Q, I'm sure you adhere to rules in any public domain (no spitting, yaha pe peshaab karna mana hai, please do not yell in the casino etc etc). Why is a blogspace any different? because you are anonymous? Because no one makes you pay fines or jails you or throws you off the premises because you disobey?


Megha: sorry to be another alphabet!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ n!: Good alphabets who can leave comments coherently, I like.

So don't worry about it. You wont be penalized for being an alphabet. I promise. :P

And thanks a ton, for having my back.

Silvara said...

Seriously...I don't get it. What makes you think that Megha here has no sense of culture at all? Because she actually stands up and asks questions about the more dubious aspects of our great culture?? What gives you the right to make that judgement in the first place?? Or wait, is she meant to show some "sharam" like a good Indian woman and shut up??

Tell me, Q, What exactly is "our" culture?? Seems to me that you expect Indian women to abide by whole different set of rules.

Indian women are taught our culture even more. Infact Indian women are the ones who are strict about maintainence of culture and rules etc So dont you think that I am not wrong is saying that all Indian women have an idea of what their culture is?"


Actually read back on what you have written and you will see that it is in fact, YOU that has been exposed.

As PP (heheh pee pee...I mean pointless Panda) has pointed out -

Take up a dictionary and look for : Preconceived notions, patriarchy, chauvninism.

In the meantime, I'm gonna wait for my culture to kick in. :P

Nainy Sahani said...

Nice Megha. Dont let 'em get to you. You write awesome! :)

Junta just wants to vent out their silly shit from the work day - on to someplace they cant be tracked down. Or they might be just plain dim. Howsoever, doesnt matter.

??! said...

When I got here, and saw 82 comments, I went "Is this thing still going on"?

And then I met Q.
Oh Q, Q, Q! You are so funny.

Dude, understand this -
1) The concept of 'India', and 'Indian culture' is a myth. There is no single homogenous entity as such.

2) Free speech does NOT equate to abuse. You can talk to anyone you want, but if you abuse them, you are liable to be arrested (If you don't believe me, go find a police officer and call him a few names). The same applies to the blog - the fact that Megha's printed your comments shows she allows speech, but rape threats?? Come on, man. If you believe that is free speech - then you're an idiot. A funny idiot, but an idiot nevertheless.

3) Dissent is not the same as disrespect. If there's a problem in society, it behooves all of us to point it out. There is a problem with respects to male/female attitudes in India, and Megha's just pointing them out.

In other words....you're so funny, dude!

anonymouse said...

gettingtherenow, but a restaurant isn't public domain.

pointless panda, diff has been there on Unix for ages.

silvara, I suspect q and z occupy a different India than we do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Megha!!

Been reading your blog for a couple of months now...delurking now...only complaint...write more often woman!!

And please to all the trolls: all of you take a huge march somewhere off the edge of the earth...if you find this blog so uncool then why pray are u wasting so much time and energy on it??

At Q, the self appointed custodian of Indian culture: "Indian women are taught our culture even more. Infact Indian women are the ones who are strict about maintainence of culture and rules etc So dont you think that I am not wrong is saying that all Indian women have an idea of what their culture is? I think that ppl here immediately want to say that our whole culture itself is bad and horrible. I dont know if it is influence of this punkster lady or mebbe you ppl are also like her."...where the hell does Indian culture coming into this and why are you here amongst all the culture devoid women??


GettingThereNow said...

Anonymouse: NOW I get your point!! Duh!


Q said...

I know that people will not understand my point. But I do not care if anyone agrees or not, this is my opinion. I will stand by it. After all the personal attacks you people have throawn at me, I will not sit quietly. Let me write all my points again, so that you people can understand me.
-I think people are not understanding why am talking about culture and free speech at the same time. Let me say why am talking about culture. In our culture ppl may be bold in actions, but not too much in speech. They do things and then talk or not talk bout it at all. That is why I say “sharam”. Becos ppl in our culture have sharam and izzat. They do not blare bout them to the whole world.everybody draws a line somewhere. But my problem with this punkster lady is, she has NO LINE.
-You can be bold,but you are being bold in a culture where ppl do things quietly and with dignity. So if other people get angry at what this punkster lady says then why is that wrong? She is kicking our culture where izzat and sharam are important. Mebbe they are not perfect or modern, but maintaining a bit of izzat and sharam and representing our culture is not bad or evil. So if ppl get angry at a lady who spits on the culture which brought her to where she is, why wont ppl get angry?
- Now if you are bold, and you curse your own culture you better be strong to deal with angry people. But if you use free speech and say what you want and then control others voices, then lady that is a double standard. Jus like before if you cannot take heat then don’t stand in the kitchen.
-if you ppl laugh at me for saying that having sharam or izzat is wrong, then mebbe I am just not westernized enough like you people. I am still proud of our culture and I will say ethat openly and loudly.

Renovatio said...

Look asswipe, if she wanted to control your bullshit, she wouldn't display any of your god damn comments here. The culture you speak of is one that's definitely worth upholding in what we do in life, but if we want to change our thinking, it starts here, by writing.

the mad momma said...

ah megha: the 'fuck you trolls' post. i've done a dozen and am running out of patience. seriously girl.. why dont you write about your babies like the rest of us docile indian women? oh wait.. thats because you are a selfish man hating lesbian bitch.. so obviously no man or babies.

what do we do? do we track the trolls? do we move to a forum where they are forced to get a spine and leave an email id?

who are these ppl? why are they so jobless as to come back again and again despite claiming to hate your blog and your shamlessness? who are these masochists who hate but must get their fix of you?

i say more power to you girl. they can love you or hate you but they cant ignore you. fricking q's and p's and every letter of the alphabet talking abt sharam and izzat - what abt good old fashioned gurda? guts?

to hell with them... keep blogging you bright, amazng, articulate woman... and no matter what anyone else says... I think you do truly represent the Indian woman = brave, strong and with a mind of her own.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Mad Momma: Amen, And thank you, but you deserve way more praise than I do! I think these people (alphabets, whatever) are deathly afraid of losing their privilege. They can't stand the thought that women belong to the same species as they do, that we aren't fucking doormats. That, I think, is the main cause of their sharam and izzat chest thumping and hand-wringing.

cerebral non-matter said...

I finally emailed you!! Did you get it?!

the mad momma said...

oh by the way.. you are awarded... do collect.

bendinggender said...

goodness! these are stunning comments/accusations. your brains must really bother them 'critters' woman. good for you:) and more power to people like you.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaa..is this "q" for real???! his/her/its comments make hilarious reading on a pointless monday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Q, which Indian culture are you talking about, exactly? The culture of Kamasutra and Khajuraho or the heavily Victorian influenced idea of morality, that much of the West has finally managed to get rid of? Ancient India had a freer, more tolerant society (albeit not perfect, what with the caste system) than you seem to think. Would you like to argue that?


Anonymous said...

"asswipe".. hmmm.. interesting abuse. Thanks to Megha who would not want her forum to be made a stge for abuse.. abuse of all who agree with her. Maybe "asswipe" isnt an abuse, its a professional objective criticism.

For those who donot agree with megha, its an open house of getting abused. My only request to q would be. either agree or be banned. How come you cant agree with such a kind soul (megha) ? her lofty thoughts and noble values ? you deserve to be abused vermin. And dare you not abuse gentle toungued agreers of megha. You will be banned by "amma" herself.

We live with these double standards all over the place isnt it ? Why should a blog be not one of them.

Lage Raho megha... Am curious if you have the same, what do you call that ?, gurda ? guts ? in real life ?

So much for bravado.

Now I know why you moderate. Cos you need time to form your thoughts and reply. Without moderation, you cant survive.


Krish Ashok said...

I deem thee the Q-magnet, an archetype of a thought provoking, free-spirited blogger who always manages to get most of the "sharam" police to comment and embarrass themselves (without realizing it themselves ofcourse), and provide all of us with a healthy dose of laughter we so badly need.

GettingThereNow said...

Interesting comments, these. Would love to parttake but work beckons.

BTW, do you need another **prod** girl?

Consider yourself prodded!

cerebral non-matter said...

haha yes, eagerly awaiting new post! and reply to email :P !

First Rain said...

When will people understand the concept of choice - if one doesn't like anything, why is one reading it.

Gah! Too much unemployment in the world, I say! :D

Anyway, I hope this is not a bad time to drop in here for the first time...


Mahogany said...

Wow, punk, you really set the cat among the pigeons this time! For what it's worth, there are at least a few people who are merely interested in reading what you have to write, and curious to see what the world looks like through your eyes. I'm glad that you've decided to get pissed off instead of holding back. More power to you.

What I find both fascinating and disturbing is the idea that an individual thinks they have the right - or even the ability - to interpret a culture, decide that you have to belong in it, and then declare that you need to trim off your personality to fit into their view of who you should be. And they don't even know you!

I think I can hear the sound of jackboots goosestepping on cobblestones, as windowpanes shatter and a mob roars "Sieg heil"!

Spunky Monkey said...

What the frikk! How long has this been going on! May be the force be with you and all that. More importantly, ignore ma. Naat worth eet I am thinking.

Besides, I'd like to be the one writing in

Spunky Monkey said...

...the hundredth comment.

(With comment moderation one never knows)

(But if it is a century, congratulations beta, varry cool)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Raindrop: Get back to blogging!

@ Krish Ashok: We are honored at the label! Q-magnet it shall be, then. :D

@ Cee Kay: Ack I know, I have a few projects due, hence the delay, will post shortly. And thanks for the prod!

@ Sirisha: A reply is in the works! Praaamise! And whee, you emailed! :D

@ First Rain: Hee, theres no 'bad' time to drop in here! Hello!

@ Mahogany: And not to forget, cry hoarse about 'free speech' when their personal attacks are curtailed! The world is a strange place.

@ Spunky Monkey: Not the 100th. You caught the 102nd & 103rd. :)

rayshma said...

wow! was blog-hopping & dropped by... i LOVE ur style of writing and the way u manage to put across ur opinion. also love the way u lash out at the critters!
everybody has the right to their opinion, nobody has the right to influence yours! or even attempt to. but wot to do.. d world's full of ppl hallucinating!
wl make it a point to drop by more often.

The Bride said...

I have a protest to make. Pandas are not pointless. Just because something eats shoots and leaves doesn't make it pointless. :)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Rayshma: Thank you!

@ The Bride: Oh yes! Tell that to a certain panda-hater. ;)

Anonymous said...

Alright, so, I'm commenting anon - but this is just too good to pass up!
Punkster - your blog, the way you write, your posts - AWESOME girl!
I read the comments - all 107 of them! I do have to admit a LOT of people have nothing better to do than spew nonsense... I love "Q" and "Z" so far!!
Indian Women, Sharam etc etc - ROTFL!!!
Q needs to check out some of the "Indian" Woment writers and their work!!!
The comments are much more interesting than the said post this time! But, aren't people actually deviating from the actual issue here?
Keep writing Megha! I wish I could write as well as you do...

- Malini

Primalsoup said...

I didn't want to be left out.

Primalsoup said...

I propose a movie - Tamil Punkster Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai. Where she plays a psychotic type serial killer who kills all tofu lovers. We can figure out the actual script later. We will make a lot of money and split it even. I will let you find a producer.

DaisyDeadhead said...

However, once they discover you are older than their mom, they don't quite know WHAT to say... hahaha!

Wonderful post, and thank you for writing it!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

@ Daisydeadhead: Hello! And thanks, I just felt it had to be said, you know? :)