49th Carnival of Feminists: Final call and updates

Attention denizens, as of 12:00 am EST, I will stop accepting submissions for the carnival. You have about an hour and a half, so chop chop!

When do you plan to put up the carnival?

The carnival will be up at 9:00 pm EST on December 5th. I have a final presentation and a fifteen page final paper which I should be diligently working on (ahem), that are both due tomorrow. So once I'm done wrangling with that, I'll post the carnival.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (December 5th):

I have just finished my final presentation, and I have slept for a total of say, two hours in three days. Yeah, you read that right. I said two hours in three days.

So my patient readers, I will have to implore you to wait a bit longer. I really don't want to put up a sleep-deprived, half assed, shoddy excuse for a carnival, just because I said it'll be up by 9:00 pm. I don't think thats fair on you, or me.

So please wait a bit longer and it will be up. I do promise that it'll be up before 12:00 am EST today. You can hold me to that.

Many many apologies for the delay.