The 49th Carnival of Feminists: Call for submissions

(postdated to make this sticky)

I am going to be hosting the 49th Carnival of Feminists on December 5th and before I launch into a hyperactive version of my customary happy dance, I must extend a call for submissions. You can send your own posts if you want, as this is a great opportunity to get your writing linked to this large carnival, or you could tip me off to other fantastic posts by following the instructions below. I do not want to constrict the flexibility of this carnival by attaching a theme to it, but I would love it if you could send me or tip off posts related to privilege and the politics of gender roles or both, but please, other posts are equally welcome! This is in no way an official theme, but more like a guide if you find yourself having a brain aneurysm or something.

How do I submit posts? Is there a deadline?

You can send me your posts to wannabe[dot]punkster[at]gmail[dot]com


You can use the Blog Carnival submission form here.

The deadline for submitting posts is December 4th. Please make sure that the posts you submit are written after November 21st, as they have to be fairly recent.

The carnival should go up on December 5th.

If you need more information, please visit the Carnival of Feminists blog, where you can sift through all the previous carnivals and get a better idea of what this is all about.

And frankly, I am seriously ecstatic that I have this opportunity to showcase great big globs of awesome feminist writing on my blog. I would love to see all kinds of posts on issues affecting women’s lives, so get a move on and start sending!

Post Script: In the meantime, please check out the fantastic 48th Carnival of Feminists put together by Debs at Feminist Fire. Go on, you know you want to!